Joseph Prince should be Held Fully Accountable for Leading People to their Sinful Living and Eventual Destruction (Dated 18 September 2020)


“Half-truths is the hallmark of Joseph Prince’s Pseudo-grace teaching. His so-called exposition of the scriptures with Hebrew and Greek texts is often done to deceive the gullible and distract people from the whole truths of the scriptures. His messages are a deliberate and systematic attempt to direct his audience to a particular erroneous persuasion – that of posturing his grace theology as representing the whole of Christianity. To support his grace theology, fundamental doctrines such as repentance and obedience to biblical commandments are misinterpreted and distorted beyond recognition. Common scriptures are twisted beyond belief. When scriptures contradict or do not support his grace theology, he would conveniently explain them away – that those verses in the Old Testament are superseded. However, when he teaches on the Prosperity Gospel, the same Old Testament is used generously to validate his Wealth and Health doctrine.


When one boils it down, his preaching is done to appeal to the flesh. His “all-your-future-sins-are-forgiven-without-confession” teaching is tantamount to giving believers the license to sin. This would inevitably result in careless living, leading to destruction instead of salvation. This is contrary to promoting godly and holy living which every Bible-believing church and her followers aim to do. Visualise a church filled with people convinced by his false repentance theology that they only need to change their minds but not their lives. The church will be filled with pretenders. Believers would go wayward as they are no longer responsible and accountable for how they live their lives. Joseph Prince should be held fully accountable for leading people to their sinful living and eventual destruction. He must not be allowed to get away with his usual copout response that, “If you keep on sinning, then you are not a Christian in the first place.”


Rev George Ong’s effort to expose Joseph Prince’s deceptive teachings seems to be a lone voice in the wilderness. Strangely, those who consider his approach dogmatic have themselves chosen to remain cowardly silent and nonchalant at Joseph Prince’s blatant heresies. I would like to affirm Rev George’s courage and his consistent efforts at countering Joseph Prince’s deviant teaching. May God give him strength and protect him and his family as he endeavours to fulfill this difficult calling.”


Wong Sung Ho

Attending Hinghwa Methodist Church, Singapore