Tragically, Joseph Prince’s Heresies have not only Penetrated the Singapore Churches but also around the World (Dated 27 July 2020)


“Since the earliest days of the Church in the 1st century, there were already false prophets and teachers. The Lord Jesus and the Apostles had warned us to beware of them (Matt 7:15; 24:11; 24:24; Lk 6:26; 2 Pet 2:1; 1 Jn 4:1). But the sad thing is the contemporary church somehow does not take such a warning seriously and have allowed false teachings to seep into the church, such as the heresies perpetrated by Joseph Prince. Tragically, his heresies have not only penetrated the Singapore churches but also around the world.


I am very grateful to God that from my early childhood, the teaching in the church I grew up in, were securely solid and sound. This enabled a sort of immunity or defense mechanism against such compromised teachings and heresies. It provided me a spiritual ‘antenna’ to sieve and detect even the worst and subtle form of deviation from the truth.


I am also thankful to Rev George Ong for his laborious study and exhaustive research to uncover the heresies of Joseph Prince. It must have taken him a humongous amount of time and energy to write the thousands of pages of notes on his website. The video presentations provide a good summary of each aspect of Joseph Prince’s heresies and are an effective way of exposing them. The meticulous work of Rev George, with detailed references and explanations is extremely helpful, not just for myself, but also fellow sojourners in the faith.


It would be a shame if we have walked this far as followers of Christ, only to be distracted, or worse still, led astray into destruction by false prophets and teachers. I earnestly pray for those who have been deceived by false teachings that God would intervene and deliver them from such destructive heresies.”


Wong Kae Chee

Attending St Andrew’s Cathedral (Anglican), Singapore