If Joseph Prince Doesn’t Repent from such a Serious Sin of Twisting the Word of God habitually before his death, the Fiery Lake of Burning Sulphur is Where He would End up in (Dated 20 August 2020)


“Would you call the shell of an egg alone an egg? I believe your answer would be – no, because eggs are made up of eggshell, egg white and egg yolk. To say that the shell by itself is representative of the whole egg will be very far from the truth. By that illustration, if one tells you that you are saved by grace alone (justification) and does not emphasise about your obedience to Christ (sanctification), you can straightaway conclude that it is false. Yet, that is what Joseph Prince teaches. He preaches a lot on what the gracious Christ has done for you, but he hardly emphasises on what you need to effortfully and responsibly do in response to that Grace. Joseph Prince only emphasises that you are saved by God’s grace by quoting Ephesians 2:8-9, but he never teaches what James stresses that our faith has to be proven by our works to be genuine (Jas 2:14-26). If there are no works to back up our faith, then Joseph Prince’s grace-alone and faith-without-works theology is only a farce as it is useless, dead and cannot save (Jas 2:14,17,20,26). 


Joseph Prince teaches on doctrines that are clearly false. His effortless Christianity is so easily disproven in the scriptures. The Apostle Paul and Peter didn’t teach that Christianity is effortless. On the contrary, they were emphatic that as believers we must ‘Make every effort’ (Rom 14:19; Eph 4:3; 2 Pet 1:5,10,15; 2 Pet 3:14). Not only that, Joseph Prince also has the frequent habit of twisting God’s word to suit his own theology. Twisting God’s word can never be the work of a true prophet but a heretic. If Joseph Prince doesn’t repent from such a serious sin of twisting the word of God habitually before his death, the fiery lake of burning sulphur is where he would end up in.


There are plenty of other instances where Joseph Prince’s teachings can be proven to be false too. To have a deeper understanding of the heresies of Joseph Prince, you should read Rev George’s website and view his YouTube videos. My deepest gratitude to Rev George’s hard work for exposing the false teacher in Joseph Prince. Joseph Prince teaches what the people want to hear, but Rev George teaches what God wants you to listen to. What impacted me most is Rev George’s boldness to stand up against the popular views of Joseph Prince that endears him to millions. Though Joseph Prince doctrines are clearly unscriptural, most in the church do not dare to stick out their necks to challenge and debunk these doctrines. But there is one man who dares – Rev George Ong. His courage to expose Joseph Prince’s heresies publicly is truly an excellent example for us to follow.”


Wilson Kwan

Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore