Ex New Creation Church member Janice Lee shares her Testimony about her 10-Year Journey (2003-2013) with New Creation Church and under Joseph Prince’s teachings (Dated 31 Jan 2024)


Excerpt from Janice Lee’s Testimony:


“6. Strange that a Pastor from New Creation Church would share that God had miraculously written or erased off his debts from the Bank System


I recalled a testimony shared


by one of Joseph Prince’s Pastors


in one of the services.


He said that his bad record of debts


were miraculously written off by God


and disappeared from the bank system.


My husband found this unbelievable


and sensed something was not quite right.”


Announcement No 1:


Joyce Liew wrote her testimony


that was featured on my website


about 2 months ago.


But there are many other comments


that Joyce Liew has publicly written


on my YouTube channel,


which are not included in her Testimony.


May I encourage you to read them


in the Appendix.


Announcement No 2:


This is probably my last article


before Chinese New Year.


Blessed Chinese New Year to one and all.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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Janice Lee’s Testimony


1. Introduction


“I joined New Creation Church


at the invitation from my sister in 2003.


The service was held at Suntec City.


2. I was Easily Deceived by Joseph Prince because I was Ignorant of God’s word


I did not find anything wrong with the teaching


as whatever was preached and taught by Joseph Prince,


we believe 100%


because many of us do not read the Bible.


Due to my ignorance of the Bible,


I was easily deceived by the grace doctrine


that Joseph Prince preached every Sunday.


I stopped attending New Creation Church


when they moved to The Star Vista (Buona Vista) in 2012.


3. Speaking or Praying in Tongues


In 2014, my sister invited my husband and I again to Star Vista,


and my husband rededicated his life to Jesus.


After “accepting Christ”,


new believers were ushered into a private room


by volunteers of New Creation Church.


My husband said he and a few new believers


were forced to speak in tongues.


My husband said by forcing him to speak in tongues


really made him look stupid.


The Leader who led the prayer


just told them to follow what he babbled.


After that, the Leader proclaimed,


“Praise God, Hallelujah,


you all have received the gift of speaking in tongues.”


My husband argued with the Leader


and insisted he did not receive the gift of tongues.


But the Leader tried to convince him


by pointing him to other new believers


and said they had received it.


I started to sense that something was not right


after this incident.


I received the gift of speaking in tongues many years back


in another church (Calvary Charismatic Church),


and the whole church prayed for us.


We just need to praise God,


and I just suddenly broke and spoke in another language.


In other words, I spoke in tongues.


So, I do not agree


with their way of helping new believers speak in tongues


like what my husband experienced.


I myself pray in tongues as I am led by the Holy Spirit.


I believe in speaking in tongues.


I know the benefits of praying in tongues.


But to me, I believe there’s no such thing as


babbling a few words,


and then for someone (Leader) to falsely proclaim


that another (my husband) has received it, when he hasn’t.


To me, it’s like forcing this speaking in tongues on others.


4. Holy Communion is not to be taken for Healing


Next, I want to bring out this important point


and false teaching of Joseph Prince.


He teaches that taking the Holy Communion


can heal a person.


I strongly disagree.


Christians take the Holy Communion


to remember Christ’s death for us,


but it is not to be used for healing a person.


Of course, God can use anything,


including the Holy Communion to heal a person.


But the Holy Communion must not be used


as a standard formula for healing,


and strictly speaking, it is not to be taken for healing.


God can and has healed me


without me taking the Holy Communion.


When I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Colon Cancer in 2022,


I had an obstruction in the intestine one day after my surgery.


It was through prayers that helped me through this crisis.


My sister, who attends New Creation Church for many years,


did suggest that I take the Holy Communion


after my surgery to speed up the recovery.


But I had to tell her many times


that Holy Communion is not for healing.


God has healed me


even though I didn’t take the Holy Communion.


I also learned more about the Holy Communion


from other reliable sources (Sean Christie – Revealing Truth)


in the Internet as follows:


First, there is no text or passage in the Bible


that supports healing through the Holy Communion.

Second, there was not a single time that Jesus gave instructions


that the Holy Communion is to be taken or used for healing.

Third, the Apostles and early church


never took the Holy Communion for healing.

Fourth, Jesus only said,


“Do this in remembrance of me!”


If Jesus wanted us to take the Holy Communion for healing,


He would have mentioned it.

Fifth, instead of healing,


Paul teaches that an irreverent practice of the Holy Communion


could lead to sickness, weakness and even physical death.


Hence, I appealed to believers


not to be deceived by Joseph Prince


who teaches that the Holy Communion is taken for healing.


5. Why the giving of money to the church is a criterion before one can qualify to serve in New Creation Church.


I did apply to serve as an Usher at New Creation Church.


I presumed they did not contact me


because I didn’t tithe regularly for 6 months.


I gave to New Creation Church, but not regularly. 


I wondered why money would be a criterion to serve God. 


Later, I found out from someone


who attends the church for a long time,


and she told me that giving 10 percent of my income


is a requirement of serving in the church.


6. Strange that a Pastor from New Creation Church would share that God had miraculously written or erased off his debts from the Bank System


I recalled a testimony


shared by one of Joseph Prince’s Pastors


in one of the services.


He said that his bad record of debts


were miraculously written off by God


and disappeared from the bank system.


My husband found this unbelievable


and sensed something was not quite right.


7. Why a New Creation Church member say that God was the one who answered her prayers?


There is a true story about this person ‘A’ – unbeliever (I know this person)


who was in financial problem.


He went to a temple of other gods in another country to pray for help,


and he struck a lottery and won a big sum of money.


Another person ‘B’ – believer (I also know this person) from New Creation Church,


also knows ‘A’ who struck lottery.


This person ‘B’ from New Creation Church


said that God had answered her prayer


that ‘A’ had struck lottery and won a big sum of money.


I find it really strange


that someone from New Creation Church


would come to the conclusion


that the Christian God had anything to do with another god,


who was actually the one who had helped ‘A’ strike the lottery.  


This also reminds me of when Joseph Prince announced


that a member of New Creation Church


had won the $2.8 million Toto prize.


This was also featured in Rev George Ong’s website.


I concurred with what Rev George wrote


as I was there in the worship service,


when Joseph Prince made the announcement


about the $2.8 million Toto prize.


Joseph Prince said that


God was the one who answered her prayer


to win the Top Toto prize.


Back then, because I was quite ignorant,


I didn’t think that there was anything wrong with that.


But because now that I have been delivered


from Joseph Prince’s heretical teachings


and came out of New Creation Church,


and I am more mature in my Christian Faith


and know more about God’s word,


I thought, why would Joseph Prince


say the Christian God has anything to do


with helping someone win the top Toto prize.


Something is not quite right.


More so, this is about gambling.


By saying that it was God


who answered her prayer to win the top Toto prize,


does it mean that God permits


and even encourages us to gamble?


What would the people


sitting there in the worship service be thinking?


I am sure many would think that maybe,


there’s nothing wrong with gambling,


as Joseph Prince himself had announced that


it was God who answered her prayer


to win the top Toto prize.


And what if they did


and get themselves involved in other forms of gambling


and found themselves in heavy debt.


Would Joseph Prince be held responsible?


8. I Stumbled Upon Rev George Ong’s Website


In 2017, I came across videos from the Internet


about Joseph Prince being exposed as a false prophet.


I started to google about him,


and realised people were commenting


about his change of name,


and even his surname that he inherited from his father,


was changed.


I have heard of people changing their names,


but find it strange that people like Joseph Prince


would go to the extent of changing his surname,


that he inherited from his father.


I also saw videos portraying the demonic signs


that Joseph Prince liked to use


when preaching in the pulpit.


The more I started to google


“Joseph Prince false Prophets” on YouTube,


more videos began to appear


that exposed Joseph Prince as a false prophet.


Among the websites I stumbled upon,


was Rev George Ong’s website.


I started to view the videos and articles on his website


and learn more about the heresies of Joseph Prince.


I subscribed to his YouTube Channel.


I also sent and forwarded his videos to others. 


Recently, I wrote to comment


on Rev George Ong’s YouTube channel.


He then wrote to me asking me to contact him.


I did and that’s how we got connected to each other.


I believe it’s a divine appointment for us to meet


and for this testimony to be written.


This is because this was the first time and only time so far,


that I had commented on his YouTube channel,


and Rev George Ong spotted it.


I thank Rev George Ong for being so diligent


in exposing Joseph Prince’s heresies.


This is not an easy task.


It requires lots of commitment and courage.


Not many would like to do such a difficult and unpleasant task.


If Rev George didn’t do what he did,


starting the website and writing articles against Joseph Prince,


I would not have got in touch with him,


and this testimony may not have been written.


I thank God for the faithfulness of Rev George


to obey God’s calling


to contend against Joseph Prince’s heresies.


9. My Plea to You is Flee from Joseph Prince


So, brothers and sisters in Christ,


please flee from Joseph Prince.


You must also pray and read the Bible.


Don’t be ignorant.


I was deceived because I was ignorant


as I don’t read the Bible.


Please ask God to give you wisdom


to understand His word.


If you do not have a good knowledge of the Bible,


you become an easy target of Joseph Prince,


and you are likely to be deceived


by Joseph Prince’s heretical teachings.


Those who are deceived by his teachings


and hold to what Joseph Prince believes


would be headed for hell.


May God have mercy on those


who are deceived by Joseph Prince


that they would come out of his


evil and demonic teachings


before it is too late.”  


Janice Lee

Attending St. John’s – St. Margaret’s Church

(Anglican), Singapore



George Ong’s comments:


1. Pseudo-Tongue-Speaking


First, regarding speaking in tongues that Janice brought up,


it seems that Joseph Prince


is not only preaching Pseudo-grace,


as opposed to true grace


– but he is also into Pseudo-tongue-speaking,


as opposed to true-tongue-speaking.


2. Thank God that Janice has the strength to reject the temptation of taking the Holy Communion for Healing


Face with a health issue,


Janice could have succumbed to the temptation


of taking the Holy Communion for healing


as suggested by a New Creation Church member.


Thank God that she didn’t.


And God healed her nevertheless.


This is so different from many stories


that I have personally heard.


One was a particular person,


who followed Joseph Prince’s advice


to take the Communion for healing,


and perhaps she was also into the faith-healing thing,


that resulted in her tragic end.


3. Giving of Money as a Requirement for Leadership & Service


Joseph Prince, the super grace teacher,


preaches grace all the way,


but when it comes to giving and money,


he becomes “so law” in his approach.


Can you reconcile that?


Oh yes, one more thing,


when it comes to his critics,


he becomes “so law” too


in his ingenious way of making fun of them,


and wowing his audience to join in the mockery, too.


4. Pastor from New Creation Church shared that God had miraculously written off his debts and they disappeared from the Bank System


Janice shared about


one of Joseph Prince’s Pastors,


who shared in his testimony


that God had miraculously written off


his debts he owed to the bank,


and they disappeared from the bank system.


As I was not there at the worship service to hear him testify,


if this Pastor actually said that in his Testimony


any sensible and thinking Christian


would sense that there is something really wrong


with this Pastor’s testimony.


Even if it is true that his debts


disappeared from the bank system,


can this Pastor attribute this to God?


If this Pastor is an honest person,


he would have informed the bank


that his debts had disappeared from the bank system.


Can God perform a so-called miracle


that would make Him dishonest?


Or, more likely, it is the devil,


who performed the miracle,


as he is also capable


to perform signs and wonders, too.


5. New Creation Church member attributing the striking of lottery to her prayers and Joseph Prince attributing the win of Top Toto prize to God.


When the New Creation Church member


attributed the striking of the lottery of her friend


to her prayer answered,


when it was the foreign god who had helped him,


and when Joseph Prince publicly said that


it was God who had answered one of his members’ prayers


to win the Top Toto prize of $2.8 million,


is it any wonder that many in New Creation Church


are buying Toto and 4-D?


And if they were to win in a lottery or Toto,


they would rejoice and say that


Joseph Prince’s Prosperity Gospel teaching


that they would be very wealthy as Abraham was


is fulfilled. 


This is nauseating!


6. Janice’s Plea that People Flee from Joseph Prince


Let me reiterate the final point of Janice’s Testimony:


“So, brothers and sisters in Christ,


please flee from Joseph Prince.


… and you are likely to be deceived


by Joseph Prince’s heretical teachings.


Those who are deceived by his teachings


and hold to what Joseph Prince believes


would be headed for hell.


May God have mercy on those


who are deceived by Joseph Prince


that they would come out of his


evil and demonic teachings


before it is too late.”  


Like Janice, may I also lovingly warn you


to flee from Joseph Prince.


For anyone who is involved with the heretical


and evil and demonic teachings of Joseph Prince,


it would hard for you to explain to God on judgement day


that you are a true believer. 


This is because the Apostle John had said


that to associate with heretics,


is to participate in their evil and wicked work (2 Jn 1:9-11).


So, flee from Joseph Prince before it is too late.


Rev George Ong





Besides Janice Lee,


the last Ex New Creation Church member,


who wrote her Testimony about 2 months ago


was Joyce Liew.


But there are many other comments


that Joyce Liew has publicly written on my YouTube channel,


which are not included in her Testimony.


You can read them as follows.


Hope that will fire you up


to contend against Joseph Prince’s heresies


and pray and snatch as many as possible,


those who are influenced


by Joseph Prince’s false gospel


from the furnace of fire:




“Yes, I, too, was being deceived


simply because I put my trust


upon Joseph Prince’s teachings for years.


My eyes and ears just couldn’t see and hear the sound doctrines


because my heart was hard and stubborn.


I like to hear smooth and comfortable teachings.


I believe the above Bible verses were given to Joseph Prince,


he would use all his might and strength


to twist it in order to make it sound good doctrine,


and then feed them to the lost sheep.


God is still seated on The Throne.


He is watching and hearing everything Joseph Prince preaches.


We could only pray for God’s grace


to cause Joseph Prince to repent


and others able to see and hear The Truth.”




“I, once too, would go against those


who was trying to warn me about Joseph Prince’s teachings.


I see them as sour grapes


trying to discourage me from accepting the grace gospel.


I kept thanking God for blessing me


with someone so anointed as Joseph Prince.


Everything is about Joseph Prince.


Joseph Prince saying this, and Joseph Prince saying that


– I will all believe.


All my eyes and ears are about him.


Other than Joseph Prince,


I hardly listen to other preachers


because no one is as good as Joseph Prince to me.


Yet God’s faithfulness never fails,


He kept sending people to warn me


until I began to realise something was amiss.


I am very grateful to them


or else I will eternally perish if I die.


I asked God to forgive me


and I also went to those whom I have mocked for forgiveness.


Therefore, let us be strong & courageous in the Lord,


not easily to give up on praying for our loved ones


who are still in darkness


because God has not given them up as well.


Our God Is Faithful.”




“I’ve been in New Creation Church for more than 10 years as well,


and met many kingdom friends.


They are not bad people.


If they are, then I would be the far worst!


Sounding the alarm to warn those who are Jesus’ sheep


is the primary thing,


even if there’s only a remnant who will return.


As for my kingdom friends in New Creation Church,


most of them stopped connecting with me after I left.


Of all the many kingdom friends,


only 4 of them still stay in contact, and I am very grateful.


What Rev George did was relevant.


He is indeed an elder.


He did the right thing by sounding the alarm.


Ephesians 5:10-11 (readers, please do read)


If New Creation Church goers


think Rev George is wrong, then simply ignore him,


and continue to follow Joseph Prince’s teachings.


It is for those like me and those who need it.


I thank God for Rev George


who didn’t give up warning many.


There’s no advantage for him to call out the lost,


but in fact, he lost more than he gained.


I was confused and lost


because I wasn’t willing to read the Bible


the way God ordained.


Therefore, I was being deceived


but thanks be to God for His grace & long-suffering


by sending watchmen to warn me.


I am now also attending a traditional church


where the Bible, The Word of God teachings


are being taken seriously rather than men’s idea.


I am very thankful and grateful to God for waking me up.


1 John 4:1-6 (readers may read it on your own)


God blessed.”




“Thank you, Rev George


for showing us Bible scripture in full context.


This was the reason I was blinded


by just taking 1 verse instead of the full context.


I kept claiming it and thinking that it was faith


to get God to bless me.


As long I meditate long enough,


take Holy Communion as often enough


and keep speaking enough,


then surely, I will have what I am wishing for


just as Joseph Prince had taught us for many years.


Until I read The Bible for myself


to realise there were actually ‘unfinished’ Word of God


from that context.


If I keep taking The Word out of context


and try to force it to make it happen in my life,


I see myself as denying Christ or rejecting Christ.


If I continue to take whatever verse I want from The Bible


and reject those I don’t want,


then it is like chopping part of Christ’s body away.


I have sinned against God


by going back to my evil ways


after accepting Christ as my Saviour.


I was not being faithful to God


because I only want what He could give me


but I wasn’t willing to walk in His counsel.


Grateful unto God for being so merciful


to send watchmen to wake us up


before our destruction.


Sin cannot have a hold on us


if we are willing to admit and repent from it.


Having faith and turning from our wrongs back to God’s counsel.


But sin will surely destroy us


when we harden our hearts,


rejecting corrections from God’s counsel.


Praying for those who are His sheep


will be able to recognise His voice


and come out from among the goats.”




“I am curious why Joseph Prince


was judging those who didn’t come to New Creation Church in person


and were watching online back home?


Saying how others had criticised him and tarnished his image,


yet he himself could give such strong remarks to others.


They could be attending other churches, right?


Being blessed and actively serving God as well.


New Creation Church is not the only church in Singapore.”




“Joseph Prince said:


“… and anyone preaches that we don’t understand,


so we assassinate him, his character, I mean…”


We, the watchmen


have no interest in assassinating anyone in character. 


We were pointing out what he preaches


wasn’t aligned with The Bible.


We hear what Joseph Prince preached,


yet it wasn’t the whole truth.


Why need to be offended?


Is Joseph Prince seated so high on the big platform


that no one can correct him?


It was he himself kept turning away from corrections


and now used that to accuse


that others have assassinated his character?


Obviously, Joseph Prince himself


has done a much better job by assassinating himself


through manipulating The Bible.


Now, I can understand why King Saul


couldn’t come to complete repentance


because he was a king and he loved his kingly authority


more than God’s gracious rebuke.


So, was Samuel (sent by God)


also trying to assassinate King Saul’s character


when he rebuked him?


Well, if one, such as Joseph Prince,


refuses to admit one’s own wrongs,


he definitely will play the most outstanding role:


is to be a crywolf.


Instead of self-examining himself


as he might accidentally teach wrongly,


he turned it around


saying others are trying to assassinate him.


Therefore, is this the way a pastor should lead his congregation?


Only pastors can rebuke,


but congregation keeps silent, is it?


If so, then pastors are like god already?


Is Joseph Prince


making a path for Christ


or for the Antichrist?


Joseph Prince has taught another gospel


just as Apostle Paul mentioned in the Bible.


Slowly replacing God’s Bible little by little


by his own doctrines. (A type of Antichrist)


Apostle Paul did warn us!”




“No wonder Joseph Prince told off those who came to him


with The Bible verses because it is the truth


and he has to turn it down


by accusing that we are the ones


trying to complicate the gospel.


I feel so sorry for this man, Joseph Prince.


A man like Joseph Prince,


so proud without an inch to consider to repent.”




“We were told by Joseph Prince that when the Law was given,


3000 people died…


without telling us how did they actually end up dead.


Please go and read Exodus 32


(entire chapter and not out of the context)


about the Golden Calf.


Moses was pleading to God not to destroy the people


who has worshipped the golden calf


and God did because of his love and mercy in verse 14.


These 3,000 need not to perish


but they died because they refused to repent


and return to God’s side.


God didn’t immediately put them to death


just like Joseph Prince taught


because Prince wants us all to think


the law is very merciless command to follow,


but Joseph Prince failed to realise WHO wrote the Law.


The same God who judges also Saves!


Full of compassion, always lead us to the Truth


and never lie to us


not like these wicked false teachers,


such as Joseph Prince.”




“Church, please ask ourselves honestly:


Who were the ones in The Bible


who refuse to admit they have sinned?


Who were the ones who were proud


and refuse to accept Repentance


when Jesus and other Apostles teach them?


Was it the children of God


or The arrogant, rich and famous Pharisees and The Sadducees?


Let me be the first one to admit that I was that Pharisee


because I was full of pride and stubbornness


when my dear brothers and sisters came to me


with the Bible opened to heal my blindness.


I turned them away with scoffing


because I only believe all Joseph Prince taught


and that’s enough for me.


I skipped those that are not my favourite Bible chapters and verses


and claimed those that are happy and nice to read


(what a stupid fool I was).


I thank God He waited for me patiently


for all these years, or else,


if I happened to die before I woke up,


I will eternally perish!


I will keep praying for all my brothers and sisters


who still reject The Truths of God’s Word


that God will soften their hearts and return to Him.”




“Pastor Kong Hee explained it well


(precise and straightforward


what it meant to be under the law).


I felt sorry for Joseph Prince


because of his pride.


He kept thinking of those who want to obey God’s Law


are the self-righteous.


The Bible says Salvation can be done by grace through faith,


not by our works, correct.


But after we are saved,


God wants us to obey His Law


through our hearts and souls, not flesh!


If we still use our flesh to keep the law,


we will fall back under the law!


God already told us He will write the law on our hearts,


no longer on the tablets


so that we can obey Him


by the works of The Holy Spirit that dwells in us.


Ah yoh… Joseph Prince, you mean you don’t know?”




“Yes, we did voice up but were told off


because we who voiced up were just so, so few


compared to the vast majority.


The vast majority think we were the bad Pharisees


trying to put their anointed pastor, Joseph Prince, down


who taught the Bible so well


and with many good testimonies proven.


We could only pray for our lost brothers & sisters


that God will touch their hearts and open up their eyes.


Hope they will wake up from these lies of Joseph Prince


while there’s still time!”




“My family and I also was blinded for more than 10 years


under Joseph Prince’s ministry.


Yes, it is our responsibility to read and study the Bible,


or else we will surely be deceived.


Sharing Luke 11:14-28,


where Jesus was accused of being a Prince of Demons.


In verse 19, where Jesus Himself rebuked the crowd


that their own “exorcists” cast out demons too.


I was awakened by what Jesus said


and now I have learned to discern


how to recognise whether it is God who heals,


or it was the exorcists working through pastors,


such as Joseph Prince!


Knowing demons have the power to perform miracles too


but they are false miracles that won’t last.


Praise God for opening our blind eyes.”




“I fear… truly fear …


because Jesus has warned us about these false teachers.


He even told us how to recognise them.


If John The Baptist were called to prepare The Way for Jesus to come


then the devil is also called his own to prepare the way for him to come!


When that day happens,


all will think the devil is actually The Messiah (like Bible said).”






Joseph Prince said there is NO Condition


in entering into God’s Promised Land (Deut 6).


This is heresy!


So, daring of him (Joseph Prince)


to remove God’s Words from His mouth!


So clearly written in Deuteronomy 6:1-9,


where God told Moses to instruct the people


to follow His statutes and ordinance in the land


that they are about to enter and possess.


Does Joseph Prince have a different Bible?


Joseph Prince twisted God’s Words,


saying God is the one who brings,


therefore, no conditions!” 




“Yes, that’s true.


Shocked to hear Joseph Prince


having such audacity, telling the congregation


that 1 John 1:9 was not written for the believer!


He manipulated by saying this verse


was written to the Gnostics!


Nowhere to be found in that verse that said so,


but Joseph Prince insisted it was,


and many believed him.


Well, there are sheep and goats in New Creation Church.


Those who recognise Jesus’s voice


will wake up and come to Him,


while the goats will remain together with Joseph Prince.


Let’s continue to pray for the lost sheep


to come out from this great deception!”




“Joseph Prince confidently said Balaam couldn’t curse God’s people


because they have been blessed by God (Numbers 22:12)


But the whole story didn’t stop at Numbers 22, 23 & 24!


Joseph Prince dared not touch Numbers 25


where the Moabites seduced Israel


by having sexual relations with the local Moabite women.


These women invited them to attend sacrifices to their gods,


so the Israelites feasted with them and worshipped the god of Moab.


These caused the Lord’s anger to blaze against His people.


The Lord issued the following command to Moses:


“Seize all the ringleaders and execute them before the LORD in broad daylight,


so his fierce anger will turn away from the people of Israel.” (Numbers 25:4)


Readers, please continue to read the entire Numbers 25,


then we will understand the whole truth of God’s Word!


I myself was deceived too for so many years


until I read The Bible myself


and found out all of Joseph Prince and his pastors had taught


was only half of the complete Word of God.


Worst was they would take one verse from one book


then paste into another verse of another book


to make their teachings sound right and true.


Today, I will do what the Berean did in Acts 17


so that I will not be deceived and end up depressed.


Depression is caused by deceptions!


Joseph Prince teaches “grace,”


but he leaves out the “Truth”,


just like the thief, the devil,


removed God’s Word here and there!


Mind you, this Balaam story


is just one of the many half-truths


that Joseph Prince has hidden from his congregation.


I honestly believe his pastors and leaders knew about it


but they refused to see it as sins


because they are “the righteousness of God in Christ!”




“I believe there are many brothers and sisters


who are sincerely seeking God in New Creation Church,


begin to realise something indeed is amiss!


Whenever we want to ask questions because of confusion,


we would get the “trademark” answers, which was


“Pastor Prince said so about this and that,


you need to keep listening to his sermons again and again.


Read his books.


Keep hearing The Word being preached


and faith will increase!”


The thing was, we are not hearing God’s Word but man!


I listened for the longest time,


yet I still cannot understand until I myself read The Bible.


I read all the verses Joseph Prince put on the screen


but this time, the entire chapter


and I was so shocked!


When I hear Joseph Prince


takes one or few verses out from the entire chapter,


it sounded logical when he presented it.


But when I read the entire chapter,


his teaching simply cannot hold The Truth!


That was when I realised I needed to read and study The Word,


precepts upon precepts, line upon line.


Today, I am being set free from such scary heresy.


Thank God for sending warnings through faithful men of God.


Brothers and sisters, please read The Bible.


Study them. It is very crucial! 


Or else it will be too late to turn back.


‘Regret is the one thing


we definitely don’t want to experience!’”


For those who missed Joyce Liew’s Testimony


that was featured about 2 months ago on this website,


Ex New Creation Church member Joyce Liew shares her Testimony about her 14-Year Journey (2005-2019) with New Creation Church and under Joseph Prince’s teachings (Dated 8 Dec 2023)


Please click on the link below: