Urgency of Exposing False Teachers (Dated 2 June 2020)

“There are many reasons why people are influenced by false teachings. But whatever the reasons, false teachings will have serious consequences. It will lead to spiritual destruction, and people can lose their salvation and end up in hell.

If we really love our flock and care for those around us, we need to speak up and warn people about it. We need to expose false teachers and their false teachings. We are our brother’s keeper whether we like it or not. For those who are spiritual leaders, we are God’s watchmen and we need to do our part. Otherwise, the blood of God’s people will, in a sense, be on our hands.

There needs to be a sense of urgency. The devil knows his time is short and is going all out to deceive the millions through false teachers such as Joseph Prince. 

Rev George Ong has done us a tremendously great service in sacrificially investing thousands of man-hours and his own resources to study, research and painstakingly document down all the evidence for our benefit. He has done an excellent job in soundly refuting Joseph Prince’s heretical teachings.

I’ve read through almost 100% of his 4,800 pages of notes on his website. Don’t take my word for it. Use the Word of God and go check out Rev George Ong’s humongous resources at his website which he has made freely available to all as his labour of love and contribution towards the Kingdom of God.

After going through all the solid evidence presented, I’m sure we can only come to one conclusion, that Joseph Prince is really a deadly wolf in sheepskin.”

Rev David Liew

Retired Pastor, The Methodist Church in Singapore