How Could I Have Been So Stupid To Be Charmed By Joseph Prince? by Tony Wong-Jensen (Dated 16 October 2020)

How Could I Have Been So Stupid To Be Charmed By Joseph Prince? by Tony Wong-Jensen (Dated 16 October 2020)

“I was born and raised an Anglican. My father who was British came from Liverpool, England, and my mother from Fukien, China. Both parents come from Anglican families. My maternal grandparents were some of the earlier Christians trained by Hudson Taylor to be missionaries and sent to Singapore. As I grew up serving my country in the Singapore Armed Forces, I worshipped at St Andrew’s Cathedral, St James’ Church and St George’s Church as a licensed lay reader. The longest tenure was at St George’s for over twenty years.

I left St George’s Church for personal reasons. It was about that time that an acquaintance invited me to attend his church, New Creation Church. It was then located at Suntec City. I only attended a few services as I felt it was ridiculous having to queue for hours to get a seat. I must confess that when I first heard Joseph Prince preach, I was hooked. Here was a senior pastor who was charismatic and preached what I thought at the time made sense on grace Christianity. I bought all his books, printed and eBooks, CDs/DVDs and read all his books several times over. I was on a high. Little did I know that if I had checked everything that Joseph Prince spoke and wrote, against the Holy Scriptures, I would not have wasted my money and time.

It was in March 2020, during the COVID-19 that I felt the need to study some biblical courses, so I rang the staff of New Creation Church to enquire what biblical courses they had to offer but was stunned when told there was none. How could a megachurch not have any training is beyond me? Disappointed, I turned to the internet where I chanced upon Precept Ministries and their courses. I immediately purchased all the books by Kay Arthur on how to study the Bible and the New Inductive Study Series and the Precept Upon Precept study series.

It was not until just a few weeks ago (from 14 Oct 2020) that I dined with a retired Anglican Bishop, Bishop Kuan Kim Seng, who is a close friend whom I had not seen in decades and he was an ex-colleague in the Singapore Armed Forces. We spent hours catching up on things and when he asked me where I worshipped, I told him New Creation Church. Then he told me something about Joseph Prince which made me fall off my chair. He told me that Joseph Prince is not a true pastor and that he is a heretic who spouts nothing but heresies in his sermons and books. Boy, that was a great eye-opener and great surprise to me! I can now understand why New Creation Church doesn’t conduct any biblical studies. It is to prevent people from knowing the truth of the scriptures and be dependent just on Joseph Prince’s Sunday preaching. I still cannot believe how I was charmed and taken in by Joseph Prince. It must have been the satanic powers of charm that he exercises on people.

Bishop Kuan then referred me to Revd George Ong’s website and YouTube channel and his crusade against Joseph Prince’s heresies. I watched all his YouTube videos up to date, then (now, 43 videos in all), and started reading his 10 volumes of eBooks on his website. After viewing all his videos and reading a portion of his eBooks, I was convinced beyond any doubt by what Revd George Ong had said and written – that Joseph Prince, is indeed, a wolf in sheepskin. Later that day, I went home angry and threw away and deleted all of Joseph Prince’s books, CDs/DVDs in printed and electronic form.

I am indebted to my friend, Bishop Kuan, who alerted me to the heresies of Joseph Prince and for putting me in contact with Revd George Ong, and ever so grateful to the ‘lonely’ and difficult work to which God has called Revd George Ong to do. Telling the truth is a difficult thing to do. You either make good Christian friends or you lose some. Revd George Ong has had it all. My prayer is that Revd George Ong will be strengthened and protected by God on his ‘lonely’ crusade against the evil heresies of Joseph Prince.”


Tony Wong-Jensen

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