The Sober Testimony of Melissa Thangavellu (Dated 10 Mar 2021)


Rev George Ong’s Comments:


You mustn’t miss Melissa Thangavellu’s sober testimony – about how one of her family members who was influenced by Joseph Prince’s teachings, sank into emotional toxicity, unforgiveness and bitterness in the lead-up to her demise.


If this testimony doesn’t move you to warn others about Joseph Prince’s teachings, and for others to repent and come out of New Creation Church, nothing else would.


Melissa’s Testimony:


A member of my family attended New Creation Church (NCC) for many years. As she sat under the teachings of NCC, I began to notice a great negative difference in her character. All she knew about the Christian Faith was what she heard preached from the pulpit. She never bothered to read her Bible personally and relied heavily on the teachings of Joseph Prince. She only talked about grace and grace only.


I often talked to her about the other aspects of the Christian Faith, such as true repentance with the evidence of a changed life, bearing the fruits of the Spirit, to which she will always reply that there was no necessity to ‘do’ or ‘prove’ anything as that would be practising the law, and she often accused me of trying to attain my salvation by works. She told me that repentance means just changing your mind. There’s no need to do anything else. She didn’t see the need to repent for her daily sins even the sins of omission as she had been taught by Joseph Prince that Jesus has already paid the price for all her sins – past, present and future. And every of her sins has been forgiven at the cross, without the need to confess them.


So, she went about doing whatever she thought was right and she will then justify her actions with the fact that Jesus understands her perfectly and loves her unconditionally. She often bought 4D, Toto and big sweep and claimed God’s blessings on her. She asked Jesus for 4D numbers and referred to the numbers as Jesus’ numbers. She had a magical genie Jesus who understood her needs and wants, and according to her, whatever she did, God loves her unconditionally. The reverential fear of the Lord was missing in her life. She professed that God will never be angry with her (as taught by Joseph Prince) because Jesus has forgiven all her past, present and future sins at the cross. She did not believe in the warning of Hebrews 10:26 (NIV), “If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left.”


Her erroneous beliefs led her to cling onto unforgiveness, bitterness and all kinds of negative emotions. When I told her that we have to release forgiveness to others and let God handle our injustices, she replied that she was justified to feel the way she did, and that Jesus understood her feelings. I even shared with her Matthew 6:15 (NIV), “But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins,” but she simply was too brainwashed by the teachings of Joseph Prince, believing that nothing she did could bring about God’s judgement on her. The fact that judgement begins at the house of God (1 Peter 4:17 NKJV) was alien to her as all she knew was the grace of God. When I brought out the subject of fasting, she didn’t have a clue about it nor found it necessary.


As time went on, her health greatly deteriorated to the point where she had many sicknesses such as breast cancer, heart attacks, pulmonary hypertension and other bodily afflictions. These toxic emotions had led her to open many doors and eventually sicknesses invaded her body.


To make matters worse, in her unrepentant sinful condition, she went on taking the Holy Communion claiming the blessings of God, health, wealth and prosperity. She went on to take the Holy Communion, still clinging to her bitterness, unforgiveness and various other emotional baggage. Instead of receiving healing and life, all she received was a greater deterioration in her health.


One day, whilst in prayer, I explicitly heard the Holy Spirit tell me to tell her not to take the Holy Communion because she was unwilling to deal with so much of her sinful baggage. I was trembling because to tell someone not to take the Holy Communion is a serious matter, and I had to really wait on the Lord to reaffirm whether I should be telling her so. Finally, after being certain, I told her. She turned around and accused me of being the devil’s advocate. She really believed that it was the devil working through me to stop her from taking the Holy Communion. I shared with her 1 Corinthians 11:27-32. She refused to believe verse 28, that everyone ought to examine himself before partaking the Holy Communion and that you could bring judgement on yourself. In 1 Corinthians 11:30, it states “That is why many among you are weak and sick, and a number of you have fallen asleep.” Even though verse 32 states that we can be judged by the Lord, she simply was too brainwashed by Joseph Prince’s teachings to receive any light of the truth. She had been taught by Joseph Prince that to examine herself is engaging in sin-consciousness and she believed the lie of Joseph Prince that the Lord will not judge her.


Sadly, as she turned a deaf ear to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and went ahead in taking the Holy Communion, her health took a turn for the worse. One day, she held my hand and admitted that she noticed that every time she took the Holy Communion, her health became worse. She confided in my relative (also from NCC) who encouraged her to take the Holy Communion and not to listen to me. I came to know that she started to take the Holy Communion behind my back through our maid. Finally, her health came to the point of no return, and she passed away.


Over the years, I had to sadly watch her make excuses for the unforgiveness and bitterness, etc that she clung to – all with the excuses that God understands and loves her unconditionally. All the negative emotions that she clung to eventually led to a great decline in her health and eventually to her death – still entrenched in Joseph Prince’s teachings.


What was really appalling was that I personally witnessed a degradation in her character, all because she was totally brainwashed by the false grace teachings of Joseph Prince. Nothing I warned her ever got through.


Joseph Prince’s teachings are both dangerous and lethal. If you sincerely seek the TRUTH and not what appeals to your flesh and itching ears, you will come to discern the serious errors in Joseph Prince teachings. The grace teachings of Joseph Prince may appear to be ‘correct’ on the surface, but they are all heresies and cunningly crafted lies, and sting you like a poison in the end. May God deliver all of Lord Jesus’ sincere disciples from such heretical teachings.


Melissa Thangavellu