Testimony of Dr Chan Kai Lok (Dated 9 Apr 2021)


Dear Pastor George Ong, I was very happy to attend your seminar on 11 July 2015.


I am thoroughly familiar with the subject of eschatology.


So I have understood everything you have written in your book.  


I have myself written some 5 books on eschatology.


Like you, I am a Post-tribber.


I have been teaching Post-trib for many years, roughly since the mid-1960s.


You have succeeded very well to carry across very important truths about the timings of the Tribulation and the Rapture.


They must occur in exactly this biblical order: Tribulation before Rapture ─ the Bible says so repeatedly in many places.


Unfortunately, Pre-tribbers are blind to this truth.


They cannot see (perhaps more accurately they refuse to see) the numerous Bible verses that say so, ie Tribulation before Rapture.


Either it is because they fear suffering (ie persecution and martyrdom) or it is because they do not know the Bible well. Or both.


It is a fact that many so-called theologians (with DDs, ThDs, PhDs) do not really know the Bible well. 


Even the top Pre-trib teachers like Dr John F Walvoord, Dr Dwight J Pentecost, Frederick A Tatford, Hal Lindsey, Salem Kirban, and Dr Tim Lahaye, in my opinion, are not true bible scholars, specifically in their interpretation and teaching on the Pre-trib doctrine.


They do not know the word of God well. 


Otherwise they would not make such blunders as to believe in a whole lot of errors (rubbish) associated with the Pre-trib doctrine.


Although I’ve never been to any theological seminary, I dare say I know the Bible better than these Pre-tribbers.


I do not want to boast. But I must say this.


From a child I have been reading and studying the Bible daily.


Before I became a teenager, I’ve completed the UK Landsdown Bible Course.


By the time I was an undergrad at NUS (in the late 1950s and early 1960s), I had already read through Dr Sidlow Baxter’s ‘Explore The Book’ (note: the Book = Bible) and his other great works.


I have also read the works (books) of Dr Gordon Lindsay, founder of Christ For The Nations, Dr Brian Bailey and Dr Derek Prince which I continued reading even after I had obtained my PhD degree as a Colombo Plan scholar.


By the time when I was an undergrad, I had already studied Dr Finis Jennings Dake’s works like ‘God’s Plan for Man’, and ‘Annotated Reference Bible’ (which has many very detailed cross references and explanations of ‘difficult’ scripture texts).


Also, I had read Dr Kevin J Conner’s works which appealed to me because I was baptised in the Holy Spirit and became a charismatic like Dr Conner.


During my NUS undergrad vacations (six months usually), I would spend some 16 hours a day, everyday, studying the word of God.


It is also my habit (‘discipline’ to be more exact), since a child, to read (and study) the bible daily until now (I’m 78-years-old).


Like David (see Psa 119), I love the word of God and always enjoy reading, studying and meditating on it.


I also used to read about two Christian books each month.


So I’m not ashamed to say that I know God’s word better than most theologians, at least much better than all the Pre-trib theologians.


The fact that Pre-trib theologians can hold such an unbiblical position (ie that the Church will be raptured before the Great Tribulation) simply shows that they do not know the Bible well, despite their DDs, ThDs & PhDs.


Finally, I must encourage you (George) most strongly to do what God has called you to do – to teach the truth of the Post-trib and denounce the falsity of the Pre-trib.


We are all beholden to God, not to men, because Jesus is our judge, not men.


There will always be those who will disagree with and even oppose you. Never mind.


You are serving God, not men.


The Church needs many more pastors like you who are also teachers of the word of Truth.


This is because there is very little time left to preach the Gospel to the lost and to be prepared for persecution.


To me, the most important aspect of preparation is for Christians to be spiritually and mentally prepared to die as martyrs for Jesus (Matt 16:25).


It is therefore very necessary that the Church everywhere should come together to pray, pray and pray.


Needless to say, Christians must live consecrated, holy lives because the Bridegroom is coming for a Bride that is spotless and blameless (1 Thess 5:23; 2 Pet 3:14) and who is “arrayed in fine linen, clean and white” (Rev 19:8).


I shall pray for you and your ministry ‘while it is yet day for the night cometh (soon) when no man can work’.


Dr Chan Kai Lok

Theologian & Bible Teacher

Attending Church of Our Saviour, Singapore