Testimonies of Rev Victor Leong, Jolene Lee, Sairah I Lim, Priscilla Loke, Jasmine Yap, Anne Khoo, Ang Chwee Peng & Dorothy Voon (Dated 20 June 2021)



Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 8 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Rev Victor Leong, Jolene Lee, Sairah I Lim, Priscilla Loke, Jasmine Yap, Anne Khoo, Ang Chwee Peng & Dorothy Voon who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Rev Victor Leong


Thank you George for your thorough, well thought through and excellently presented seminar on the ‘Rapture & Great Tribulation’.


Although you were teaching a heavy topic and it took many hours, wonderfully, I found that time seemed to pass by so fast.


I was able to pay full attention and was kept fully awake by your engaging teaching as you unpacked for us the many insightful truths about the rapture issue.


Your teaching is undoubtedly and strongly anchored on the word of God.


It came at a time when the authenticity of the Christian Faith is under challenge and also many Christians in many parts of the world, especially the Middle East are being persecuted and even martyred.


Your seminar is truly a wake-up call to all genuine believers to rise up to exercise radical faith, and at the same time to purposefully prepare, especially the next generation for the Great Tribulation and be ready to go through the difficult times of suffering and be counted as overcomers.


You have also shared with us your struggles and challenges as you responded to God’s call to walk in radical faith and to teach on this unpopular and tough subject about the truth of the Post-trib and the falsity of the Pre-trib which all of us need to hear and obey.


Thank you for your courage and faith by living up to what you teach.


I will strongly recommend those who missed the seminar this round to look out for the same seminar to be conducted in the future.


It is definitely worth the time invested and the money that one pays for.


Rev Victor Leong

All Saints’ Cathedral (Anglican), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Jolene Lee


I am extremely blessed by Rev George Ong’s Rapture seminar that was conducted on 14th and 15th November at Upper Room Fellowship.


It was a very impactful seminar and I enjoyed it thoroughly.


I have always adopted Pre-tribulation teaching in the past due to my previous church teaching.


The seminar was an eye-opener and it tore down the false teachings of Pre-tribulation beliefs that I had held on to in the past.


I am very grateful to be able to learn the truths of the Post-tribulation teaching from Rev George.


His teaching is systematic and very doctrinally sound, as his presentation was backed by multiple Bible passages.


I am tremendously encouraged by his obedience to God’s call and his radical faith.


I think it is possible for someone to be so radical in taking up this colossal task of teaching against Pre-tribulation only because God has called him.


The seminar was also a wake-up call to me, that I am indeed living in the last days and there is a great need to remain obedient, to persevere and be faithful to the end.


With all the recent happenings concerning the ISIS, I now realise the importance of Post-tribulation doctrine.


I strongly encourage everyone to go for the seminar.


It is a must-go, as we are really living in the last days.


Thank you for the great work you are doing.


To God be the glory!


Jolene Lee

Attending Adam Road Presbyterian Church, Singapore



Testimony of Sairah I Lim 


Dear Rev George Ong, the Rapture and Great Tribulation seminar has really impacted me.


I have been a believer for a long time, but have never really grasped the Rapture subject fully.


Without clear teaching and conflicting interpretation of the end-time related scriptures, I had given up on it and never bothered to find out the truth.


I had also resigned to the idea that ‘only God knows what will happen, and I will know what, when end-time comes.’


But I truly thank the Lord, that through this seminar and teaching by Rev George Ong, I am fully convinced that the Post-tribulation doctrine is biblical.


The truth of the Post-trib as expounded by Rev George Ong is based upon the indisputable Bible verses that he has thoroughly and thoughtfully provided to support his conviction.


This Post-trib doctrine has also spurred me to get myself fully equipped for the difficult times, and at the same time, to urgently ensure that my children are spiritually ready to face the Antichrist and stand true to their faith to the end.


As Rev 12:11 put it, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death,” this verse clearly indicates that believers are going to suffer and some die for their faith, and not raptured before trouble comes as Pre-trib believes.


Your teaching is very enlightening and I appreciate your boldness to teach the honest and hard truth.


I pray that God will give you supernatural strength and anointing to bring the light of the truth to enlighten every believer.


Sairah I Lim 

Zone Leader, Skyline SIB Church, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Priscilla Loke


Pastor George Ong’s seminar on Rapture and Great Tribulation has been an eye-opener for many of us in High Praise Assembly.


It is so crucial for Christians in every church to understand the truth regarding the Rapture and Great Tribulation issue, particularly when we are living so close to the end-times so that the Church is well-prepared for what is coming.


While I thank God that I am not being exposed to the wrong doctrine of Pre-trib, I found Pastor George Ong’s arguments on the Post-trib Rapture to be the most logical and valid.


Most importantly, what he taught was all supported by the scriptures.


He merely taught what the Bible says nothing more and nothing less.


And yet, he is able to break the complex issues down in so simple a way that is easy for us to comprehend.


I love his energy and the enthusiastic and vigorous way he delivered his teachings.


Pastor George Ong’s sense of humour has captured the hearts of the audience and he has certainly made the ‘meaty stuff’ teaching materials a lot easier to digest.


Thank God for Pastor George Ong who has responded faithfully to his calling and he has become a tremendous blessing to every one of us.


Priscilla Loke

Attending High Praise Assembly Church, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia



Testimony of Jasmine Yap


Before I attended the ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ teaching conducted by Rev George Ong, I had accepted and held on to the church’s position of Pre-tribulation doctrine.


I had done so without much questioning as I have always thought that it was a controversial topic, subject to various interpretations and hence there is no clear and firm answer and conclusion as to whether the truth is Pre, Mid or Post-tribulation.


I had thought that nobody has a concrete answer to the Pre and Post trib debate but from Rev George’s teaching, it has given me a clear understanding.


What I found most helpful about Rev George’s teaching is that, through his extensive study of the Bible, he has highlighted many verses that support the Post-trib view and he has clearly explained the shortcomings and contradictions of the Pre-trib view.


He has also opened my mind to the belief that Christians will go through the great tribulation.


Before Rev George’s teaching, I had thought that what matters most is that we live our life right with God and that the view we hold, whether Pre, Mid or Post-trib is independent of how we live our Christian lives.


However, from Pastor George’s teaching, I realised that the view we hold will strongly influence the way we live out our Christian lives.


The Post-trib view emphasises the need to be prepared for the challenges and persecution during the great tribulation days.


Having held on to the Pre-tribulation view for many years now, it will take time for me to further study in order to reconcile and re-align the mind with the word.


But personally, it is clear to me that the Post tribulation view is not to be disregarded or discounted, but that I should be open or accept the fact that I will go through the great tribulation (should the day arrive in my time here on earth).


Though Rev George Ong’s teaching is fast paced, it is very organised, clear and understandable.


Most of all, I thank him for his bold and honest sharing.


Jasmine Yap

Attending an Assembly of God Church, Singapore



Testimony of Anne Khoo


I have had the opportunity to listen to Rev George Ong in the Rapture and Great Tribulation seminar held at Reservoir Garden Baptist Church, Penang, from 24-25 April, 2015.


Rev George spoke with great passion and with great depth to bring out the truth of the Post-trib doctrine.


I can see that he has done an enormous job on this subject, substantiating the position of the Post-trib rapture systematically through his thorough teaching and based on a concrete foundation of the scriptures.


His seminar has also reminded me to imitate the Bereans to search the scriptures with an open heart and mind with a meticulous study of all scriptural texts.


I believe this seminar is a wake-up call to the churches to know the times that we are living in and to be awakened from complacency.


Looking at the happenings around the world in the present time, it is about time that the Church must prepare and gear herself for what is to come.


His sharing that if ever our children were to be held at gunpoint by the Antichrist and that the Antichrist will blast their head off, if we do not deny Christ, brings home the point how unprepared the Church can be.


If such a scenario should happen and has already happened, are we strong enough to be able to overcome?


May God have mercy on us!


Anne Khoo

Antioch Missions

Attending an Assembly of God Church, Penang, Malaysia



Testimony of Ang Chwee Peng


Rev George Ong teaches with conviction to show both the errors of Pre-tribulation teaching and the correctness of Post-tribulation teaching by relying completely on the scriptures as the basis of his arguments.


With the skill of a critical thinker, he did a comprehensive examination of this provocative subject of Rapture and the Great Tribulation to prove the truth of Post-tribulation.


After the seminar, I am convinced by the truth of the Post-trib because of the cogency and clarity of his arguments.


The Pre-trib and Post-trib are not alternatives to the Rapture issue.


One is true and the other is false.


The Post-trib doctrine is plainly taught by both the Lord Jesus and the Apostles.  


On the other hand, the Pre-trib has no explicit biblical basis and is self-contradictory on several counts.


What impacted me is that Rev George dares to stand on the truth of God’s word because he fears God more than he fears men.


And I am thankful to Rev George Ong for the illumination as this gives me the urgency to be spiritually prepared to face the end-times.


Ang Chwee Peng

Attending Hinghwa Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Dorothy Voon


Before the seminar, I’ve been much influenced by films like, ‘Thief In The Night’ or ‘Left Behind’.


So I really thought, as depicted by these movies, that Christians will escape the Great Tribulation.


Even though I’ve been a Christian for over 40 years, I didn’t take the time to really search God’s word in relation to this important doctrine for myself.


I’m so glad that I have attended Rev George Ong’s seminar.


He opened my spiritual eyes and overhauled the false Pre-trib doctrine that I have mistakenly held on to all these years.


He cleared two misconceptions that I had.


First is that Jesus will come back suddenly, any time, any day so I have to be on my toes.


Second, is that I will be raptured to escape the Great Tribulation.


There is no doubt that as far as I can tell everything that Rev George Ong taught is from God’s word.


And from the word of God, he proved solidly and explicitly that indeed these two misconceptions that I had held on to were totally unfounded.


As such, they are false doctrines that need to be exposed without compromise.


How these false doctrines have blinded so many people from God’s truth and for so long is just mind boggling and inconceivable!


I really hope that teachers who teach this false Pre-trib teaching will realise the seriousness of their actions.


They will give believers the false hope that they will be raptured out of trouble.


And when these believers find themselves in the Great Tribulation, they will be totally shocked and disappointed.


In their grave disappointment, they may deny Christ and lose their soul.


Hence, the consequences of false belief in the Pre-trib rapture on believers are unimaginable.


That is why I totally understand why it is so urgent for Rev George to teach on this subject to free believers from such false belief.


I’m so thankful that God has raised up Rev George Ong with the strong prophetic anointing to proclaim God’s truth about the Post-trib teaching and to direct Christians back on track to prepare for Jesus’ Second Coming.


Rev George Ong was ostracised by some sections of the Church for his total obedience to answer God’s call to sound the alarm.


We should commend God’s servant who has the courage and passion to stand up for the truth against the odds.


We should also, therefore lift up the banner of God’s truth and share with fellow believers who are still deceived by the false Pre-trib doctrine.


Through Rev George Ong’s teachings, I have gained a clearer understanding of the Book of Revelation.


Specifically, I have learnt from him that there is a distinction between the wrath of God and the Great Tribulation.


These two issues are not the same as the Pre-trib teachers have erroneously taught that they happen concurrently.


The wrath of God is to be poured out on the ungodly.


On the other hand, the Great Tribulation has to do with Christians.


So, Christians will have to be around for the Antichrist to persecute.


Though the Rapture and Great Tribulation issue is a very difficult and complex subject, Rev George Ong has succeeded in making it so clear and stark to us.


After having gone through Rev George Ong’s seminar, I have the responsibility to first better equip myself for the Great Tribulation that will confront me one day if I’m still alive.


Second, I am responsible to teach others so that they will not be led astray by the false Pre-trib doctrine that has blinded their minds from knowing God’s truth.


May God continue to open doors for you to preach His truth without fear, just like Apostle Paul who would venture to preach the Gospel where others have not tread.


Thank you for changing my perception from Pre-trib to Post-trib.


Thank you so much once again for your unique ministry.


God’s blessings and protection and provision be upon you and your family.


Dorothy Voon

Attending BEM (SIB) Canada Hill Church, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia