Testimonies of Rev Louis Chai, Andrew Kiong, Peter Tan, Winson Phuah & Anna Chang (Dated 18 Apr 2021)



Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 5 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Rev Louis Chai, Andrew Kiong, Peter Tan, Winson Phuah & Anna Chang who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Rev Louis Chai


I attended George Ong’s seminar on 15 & 29 Aug 2015 at Hinghwa Methodist Church and have also read through his book.


I have learnt much from his teaching about the Rapture and the Great Tribulation.


Being a pastor and a missions worker for more than 17 years, I strongly agree with George’s stance on the doctrine of the Rapture – the Post-tribulation interpretation is the right interpretation of the Bible.


The Pre-tribulation doctrine is a mistaken teaching which only came into existence about 180 years ago in UK, US and Europe.


It was not the teaching of the early church or the Church Fathers.


The Church has been willing to suffer for Christ since the beginning of her birth and should always be willing to do so till the end of time.


Our Lord Jesus Christ will surely be with His Church through the worst of persecutions and the great tribulation.


We should not accept the Pre-tribulation teaching – that the Church will experience the rapture before the tribulation – just to make the Gospel more appealing and attractive to new believers.


Unfortunately, many pastors and churches avoid this topic altogether due to the perceived controversy surrounding this issue.


George has explained in his book and seminar that it can be unambiguously proven from the scriptures that the Post-tribulation Rapture doctrine is true.


Therefore, as we live in these times of darkness, turmoil and suffering, let us shine for Him!


We will see that this is also a time of the Greatest Harvest.


Let us remain faithful until we see Christ returning in His final glory! Amen!


Rev Louis Chai

The Methodist Church in Singapore



Testimony of Andrew Kiong


It’s indeed an honour and a privilege to attend Rev George Ong’s Rapture and Great Tribulation seminar on 11 July ─ a Saturday that was truly well spent indeed.


As a teenager reading through the Gospels and Revelation in the 1980s, the descriptive verses were very clear to me that many Christians will be targeted, pursued and killed by THE final end-time Antichrist.


However, as I got to adulthood, some pastors and Christians, when evangelising to the unbelievers, will say, ‘You should accept Jesus Christ today before it’s too late as Jesus Christ can return anytime, even tomorrow.’


I was shocked.


Though their intention was good, it’s totally unscriptural.


The danger is that if an error is repeated enough times and allowed to go unchallenged, it WILL eventually appear as the truth to the uninformed masses.


This was exactly what happened as more and more Christians began to loosely echo the “What if Jesus returns tomorrow?” error, and it snowballed.


In 2005, a read of Dr Paul Tan’s ‘Revelation Unveiled’ book shows Post-tribulation to be the ONLY position the Bible talks about.


However, Rev George Ong takes it a few steps further by not only showing Post-tribulation as the truth, but also exposing the falsity of Pre-tribulation.


I am speechlessly impressed by Rev George Ong’s inspired research which culminated in his 350-page book which shows so many more Post-tribulation verses than I have not noticed, and also scripturally debunking the error of the Pre-tribulation rapture.


To those who are still uncertain, or still hold on to Pre-tribulation rapture, please do attend Rev George Ong’s seminar to examine for yourself how did we even come to this point of confusion. Our God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor 14:33).


We cannot comfort ourselves by saying, “I was taught Pre-tribulation by a SCHOLAR, so that’s good enough”.


We need to keep in mind that each of the positions of Pre, Mid and Post trib rapture are themselves taught by scholars.


And since ONLY 1 view is true, therefore, with all due respect, 2/3 of scholars are wrong on this topic.


We need to examine it for ourselves and not rely on a scholar’s word, just because he is a scholar.


Another erroneous teaching is that when Jesus Christ returns, or, even after His 1,000-year millennial Kingdom on Earth has passed, we will all ascend to ‘Heaven’ and live there.


This is not Biblical.


We will not go to Heaven, rather, a new Earth; and a new Jerusalem will descend and GOD Himself will live amongst His people ON EARTH.


Rev George Ong’s teaching shows all these very clearly.


Rev George Ong has opened an invitation that if anyone can explicitly show just one single verse that clearly says the Rapture is before the Great Tribulation, he or she can claim from him a free return-trip air ticket to anywhere in the world.


He has told us that he has offered this free-trip award to thousands of people: to participants who attend his Rapture seminars and to those who receive his Ministry Updates.


But up to today, no one has come forward to claim the free-trip award.


So if you are a Pre or Mid-tribulation believer, do come and take up his invitation.


Rev George’s teaching is very in-depth and is scripturally backed up with numerous verses.


Through his life and testimonies, he has also modelled for us how radical faith and living in the end time should be lived.


Andrew Kiong

Attending St Andrew’s Cathedral (Anglican), Singapore



Testimony of Peter Tan


Your teaching on Rapture and Great Tribulation is hardly taught by pastors and preachers.


I salute your fearlessness in teaching against the Pre-trib doctrine which you are well aware that will offend many pastors and they will close their doors of ministry on you.


Yet, you have shared that you will rather offend men rather than offend God.


You will rather preach once and obey God rather than preach 1,000 times and disobey Him, because it is God, not men, that you will have to ultimately account to.


Today, there are not many pastors and preachers that I know who have the guts to approach the ministry in the same courageous manner as you have.


Peter Tan

Attending an Assembly of God church, Singapore



Testimony of Winson Phuah


I have always held the view that Pre and Post-tribulation doctrine is a never-ending argument, and that there is no need to waste time in deliberating on this since each party has their strong stand and evidence.


My approach has always been to keep calm and respect each other’s view.


That was before I attended Rev George’s teaching.


Now, I am totally sold-out on the Post-tribulation doctrine as it is entirely biblical.


Furthermore, I am convinced that we should ‘fight’ and contend for this Post-tribulation truth.


We need to resolve this issue of whether Post-tribulation or Pre-tribulation represents the truth of the scriptures immediately.


There is no grey area.


Let’s not kid ourselves that there is a win-win situation – if Post-tribulation is true, then Pre-tribulation must be false.


We need to confront this issue seriously as it will affect how we live.


One thing that shocked me the most was when I realised that the Pre-tribulation does not have any explicit and strong evidence to support their view.


They have basically twisted some Bible verses or taken a verse or passage out of context to support their doctrine.


Rev George had done a good job in going through all the verses which the Pre-tribulation teachers employ and pointed out the flaws and the inconsistencies in their doctrine.


The consequences of the Pre-trib stand are dangerous and should not be taken lightly.


Believers of the Pre-trib will not be prepared for the great tribulation that is coming and in their spiritual unpreparedness they will be deceived to turn away from God.


That is why it is our responsibility as a follower of Christ to preach the truth and prepare the Church for what is coming.


I felt shameful after the seminar because I realised how lazy was I in studying the word of God and allowing others to lead me blindly into the Pre-trib teaching without checking it for myself.


I really appreciate Rev George’s passion and determination in finding out the truth and his thorough study and enormous research on this topic – a very important topic indeed.


He has shown a good example on how a disciple of Christ should take His word seriously.


I will always remember what Rev George has said that one thing that stopped us from studying the Bible is that we thought it is a book that we can never understand.


He said we have to bear in mind that the Bible was written to ordinary laymen like you and me; not just to prophets or any super-human being.


Anyone can understand the Bible if they really wanted to.


The key as it was pointed out by him is that it requires diligent effort from us and that if we are serious and hungry enough, we will find the truth!


I love the way Rev George Ong presented the seminar – with passion and conviction.


He has indeed inspired me with his teaching.


Winson Phuah

Attending Business & Professional (B&P) Ministries, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Testimony of Anna Chang


Rev George, thank you for your time and effort in teaching us.


In my early Christian life, I attended a church which was very strong in the word but strangely, they kept rather silent on this topic of Rapture and the Great Tribulation.


The most I could recall was they said it is up to our conviction to believe either in the Pre-tribulation or Post-tribulation doctrine.


My last contact with the church was about four years ago, when they invited a team from USA to conduct a 2-day conference on this subject.


One of the church sisters encouraged me to sign up.


Throughout the talk, the team from USA upheld the Pre-tribulation teachings.


They taught that the church will be raptured before the great tribulation.


They argued that since the Holy Spirit dwells in us, God will not allow the Holy Spirit to suffer through the tribulation.


According to them, Israel and the Jews will suffer the most.


I still remember at that time, all my heart went out to the nation of Israel as I felt so sorry for them.


Honestly, I also felt relieved because they said the church will be spared from the tribulation, or so I thought!


When Pastor Philip Lyn encouraged us to sign up for your seminar, I said to myself, ‘let’s hear from the other side’.


The day when I received your 350-page of materials, I started to read and I started to search through the scriptures.


The further I read and searched, my belief in the Pre-tribulation doctrine came tumbling down.


I then realised that all this while I’d been standing on the wrong and dangerous foundation. 


Right after your seminar, I even started to read the book of Revelation.


It is always a difficult book to read or to understand, but after listening to your teaching, this book became so relevant.


The passages of Matthew 10:24-26 and Philippians 1:29 also came alive.


A big thank you, Rev George.


I thank God for His calling upon you and your wife to confront the false and popular Pre-tribulation teaching.


I believe this journey of faith definitely will not be easy for both of you.


But I also firmly believe that our God is strong enough to see both of you through, so that you may be able to declare as Paul does, “For though He was crucified in weakness, yet He lives by the power of God. For we also are weak in Him, but we shall live with Him by the power of God toward you.” (2 Cor 13:4).”


Anna Chang

Attending Skyline SIB, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia