Testimonies of Rev Daniel Fan, Jenny How, Stephanie Tan, Carolyn Lee, Leo Stanley & Tan Tack Nee (Dated 15 July 2021)


Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 6 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Rev Daniel Fan, Jenny How, Stephanie Tan, Carolyn Lee, Leo Stanley & Tan Tack Nee who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Rev Daniel Fan


To believe in Pre-trib is not holding just another of the various views about the Lord’s return; it is dangerous because it gives the wrong impression that we would be escaping the great tribulation when we would have to face it. Are we ready for it?


Part of the reason is we see the great tribulation and God’s wrath as the same – and hence believers who would not face God’s wrath will be raptured and spared.


This is the reason why Rev George has painstakingly showed us that the great tribulation and God’s wrath are not the same.


The great tribulation is Satan’s wrath on the believers whereas God’s wrath is upon the world.


Since I may go through tribulation, I must be prepared for suffering in the tribulation – myself, my family and my church especially in our world where persecution is often viewed as “not for us”!


George’s teaching is systematic, thorough and clear.


He touched on key issues involved and showed from extensive references to scriptures why the Pre-tribulation view is untenable and why Post-tribulation doctrine is biblical.


For one associated with funny laughter and jokes, what he shared is no laughing matter – and he showed it by the way he shared – with passion, conviction, courage and with tears – even being prepared to be ‘persecuted’ by what he shared.


I commend him for that.


Rev Daniel Fan

Senior Pastor, The People’s Bible Church, Singapore



Testimony of Jenny How


I read about 80% of your book before attending the seminar and so it was not difficult for me to follow your fast presentation at all.


What I particularly liked was your thought-provoking questions posed that when a gun is pointed at our heads, and worse, at the head of a loved one, will we deny Christ?


You have conclusively debunked the theology of the silent and secret coming in the Pre-trib rapture.


The scriptural details and biblical references that you have used to counter each and every Pre-trib assertion in their teaching are commendable.


I really appreciate your struggle in your calling to expose the Pre-trib rapture as a false teaching.

I admire your conviction and commitment to stand your ground, and you have not wavered a single bit despite the criticisms and opposition.


I can only encourage you to persevere and count it as God’s special blessing for you to do this for Him.


Only you have been found to be worthy to take this up.


God searched the whole world and chose to call YOU!


The journey is tough, lonely and often, painful and even costly.


BUT you are not alone!


I’m sure that with every seminar, many brothers and sisters have included you in their prayer list.

So your mission is very inspiring and I believe the message of your calling must reach more and more people.


I will inform other friends about your next Rapture seminar in Aug.


I am also looking forward to your next end-time seminar in 2016.


Lastly, in the light of the impending coming of Christ, we as believers need to wake up and repent of our pride and laziness to prepare ourselves for the battle ahead.

Jenny How

Attending St Andrew’s Cathedral (Anglican), Singapore



Testimony of Stephanie Tan


The Book of Revelation is the only book I tried to avoid reading thoroughly when I am doing my bible study, not until I had learnt it from George’s seminar on Rapture and Great Tribulation.


I was always trying to avoid the difficult and unpleasant truth that believers will have to go through great tribulation.


Not every preacher will be bold enough to teach the truth that the Church will go through tribulation.


Why? – Because there is a big price to pay as the sheep who are not ready for such a hard message may leave the Church.


Many a times, I have proudly proclaimed that I will do anything for God.


It is easier said than done and I ask myself, if I am next to a terrorist and asked to deny Jesus in front of the media with a gun pointed to my head, what would I do?


George is a true disciple who does not selfishly hold on to what he had learnt.


But he has generously and freely shared everything in his 350-page seminar materials to those who qualify for the notes.


His bold approach in teaching the seminar and speaking the tough truth which I admire is what pastors and leaders of churches need to be imbued with and model after.


Stephanie Tan

Attending Wesley Methodist Church, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia



Testimony of Carolyn Lee


I was introduced to the above talk by two church members when they visited our cell in September.


According to them, the talk which they attended was good, interesting and is a great help to understanding more about the Post-tribulation rapture perspective.


Thus, I signed up for the talk in October as I was keen to hear about Pastor George Ong’s views from his research, wisdom and understanding.


I was glad that I went for the talk as I had truly benefitted from it.


Pastor George reminded us, and I agree too, that for some topics, we need to unlearn, not just to learn.


Sometimes, we have to do the negatives: to uproot, tear down, destroy and overthrow …. (Jer 1:10).


I was intrigued by a quote on the cover page of the book, “If we continue believing in a wrong doctrine, we will effectively erect a stronghold in our mind that cannot be penetrated by truth.” (Ron Poch)


The focus of his message is to uphold Post-trib rapture as a true doctrine and to expose Pre-trib rapture as a false doctrine.


At first, I was thinking that it doesn’t really matter whether one believes in the Pre or Post-trib rapture as long as we are ready.


Pastor George understands what his listeners are thinking and reminded us, “Don’t say flippantly that it doesn’t matter whether it is Pre or Post-trib rapture as long as we are ready” – but ready for what?


If we believe in Pre-trib rapture, what if Post-trib rapture turns out to be true, then we will not be ready or prepared for it (he cautioned us with Bible verses).


He shows us the consistencies of the Post-trib doctrine versus the inconsistencies of the Pre-trib doctrine.


I’m glad that God has given this ‘revelation’ about the end times to Pastor George to edify and strengthen His people.


George’s teaching was very forthright and he spoke with great conviction, sincerity, honesty and boldness.


Most of all, I was impressed and touched by the support of his conviction on Post-trib rapture of his wife and his son who were present at the seminar.


Carolyn Lee

Attending an Assembly of God Church, Singapore



Testimony of Leo Stanley


First of all, my utmost salute to Pastor George for his obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ in taking up this heavy and awesome burden of teaching this difficult yet essential topic especially since the end times is almost at hand.


Not many Pastors would like to teach on this topic as it is viewed as unpopular and a very uncomfortable subject to many.


Pastor George was spot on in expounding on the truth of Post-trib, and with great courage, he exposed the false teachings of Pre-trib at the same time.


With his teaching, my understanding of the Rapture issue has been challenged.


Instead of preparing myself for the Pre-trib rapture, I should be preparing for the Great Tribulation that must come before the Post-trib rapture.


While this thought can be both unnerving and unsettling, one must not reject it as the doctrine of the Post-trib rapture is conclusively based on the word of God.


During the seminar, I was constantly reminded of a passage taken from Matthew 7:13-14, ‘Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.’


Thank you Pastor George for your willingness to walk the narrow gate.


Thank you for the wake-up call and your help in putting things into the right perspective.


Though it is a no-holds-barred teaching, it is nevertheless very word-based and it would be difficult to find fault in your doctrinally tight teaching.


I highly recommend this seminar to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ so that we can encourage one another like iron sharpens iron as the Day approaches.


Leo Stanley

Attending BEM (SIB) Pelita Church, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia



Testimony of Tan Tack Nee


When I became a Christian, I read Tim LaHaye’s books and came to believe in Pre-tribulation as the correct doctrine.


Since the second coming of Christ is seldom preached in the pulpit and taught in the Church, I held on to the more popular Pre-tribulation doctrine until I came to George Ong’s seminar.


Your teaching about Post-tribulation turned my understanding about end-times upside down.


My concept about the rapture issue was overhauled!


I never knew that I have been holding on to the wrong Pre-trib teaching till the seminar.


Your teaching was crystal clear, logical, solid, systematic, Bible-based and simple to understand that the Church has to go through the Tribulation.


I hope we have the special strength from above to go through it.


I had learnt that Christ cannot come anytime (as opposed to the Pre-trib doctrine that teaches He can come anytime).


He can only come when the four specific events spoken by Jesus in Matthew 24 first take place.


It is God’s nature and ability to reveal events in advance so that we are warned beforehand and not be caught by surprise.


I have also learnt the important difference between the Day of the Lord which is the wrath of God and the Great tribulation which is the wrath of Satan.


I am very impressed by George Ong’s passion and conviction in his teaching!


Thank you for teaching us on the Post-tribulation and exposing the flaws of Pre-tribulation doctrine.


My daughter and I were blessed by your teaching.


In fact, I continue to read your 350-page book almost daily to complement my morning devotion.


Tan Tack Nee

Attending a Baptist Church, Perlis, Malaysia