Testimonies of Rev Daniel Chong, Elder Hosea Wong, Catherine Wong, Yeoh Kit Koon, Liew Yin Sze & Vincent Beh (Dated 3 Apr 2021)



Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 6 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Rev Daniel Chong, Elder Hosea Wong, Catherine Wong, Yeoh Kit Koon, Liew Yin Sze & Vincent Beh who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Rev Daniel Chong


Dear Pastor George, thank you for coming to Lahad Datu, Sabah in March 2015.


The 3-day seminar on ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ has brought 5 churches in Lahad Datu together with more than 250 people attending this seminar.


My church, Calvary Charismatic Church, has always taught our people to be prepared for the great tribulation and we must be ready to go through the difficult times as overcomers.


“Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days. BE FAITHFUL UNTIL DEATH, and I will give you the crown of life.” (Rev 2:10)


Your teaching on why Pre-tribulation rapture is a false teaching with strong scriptural support and clear explanation has further strengthened and united us as a church to face the coming days with COURAGE and not with FEAR or being IGNORANT…Let me quote Hosea 4:6, “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”


Feedback from members about the seminar has been very encouraging.


I am glad to know that they are able to grasp much of this ‘solid food and not milk’ teaching.


Many have confessed that they need to be serious with God, now they understand what it means to be a ‘Berean’ “to receive the word with all readiness, and search the scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.” (Acts 17:11)


Pastor George, your life testimony on how God dealt with you through all the stages of trials and testing, one after another in the last 15 years, is itself a foreshadow of the ‘Tribulation’.


The fact that you have remained obedient and faithful to His calling, despite the difficulties, is an encouragement to many of us.


May you continue to bring this URGENT message of ‘Rapture & Great Tribulation’ to the body of Christ in Malaysia and beyond.


“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches… Maranatha…come, Lord Jesus!”


Rev Daniel Chong

Calvary Charismatic Church (Assembly of God), Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Elder Hosea Wong


Attending your teaching on ‘Rapture and the Great Tribulation’ has confirmed my own conviction that believers must go through the great tribulation.


Thank you for courageously taking your stand to speak the truth without fear or favour in the face of strong opposition.


Who doesn’t want to escape the great tribulation?


After what I have learnt about the truth from you, I now realise that Pre-tribulation teaching is the most dangerous doctrine of the Church especially for believers living in the last days.


The Bible repeatedly warns us about the signs of the times, specifically about the rise of the Antichrist to forewarn the Church that he is the arch-enemy that she will face.


To teach that the Church will disappear from earth to heaven and will not have to face the Antichrist, even though the Bible has devoted so much space warning us about the Antichrist, is downright illogical.


The scriptural details and biblical references that you have used to counter each and every Pre-tribulation assertion in their teaching are commendable.


I really appreciate your struggle in your calling to expose the Pre-tribulation rapture as a false teaching.


I admire your conviction and commitment.


We need to return to basics to examine the word for ourselves and not be fooled into the wrong belief.


We need to inform the body of Christ to prepare to face trials and tribulations.


There is no fear as the Holy Spirit will be poured out in great measures to empower His people.


Reading the book before the seminar had helped me tremendously to follow your teaching, which was conducted at a fast speed. Looking back, I am really glad that I did.


Yes! I am convinced that not only is Pre-tribulation a false doctrine but Post-tribulation is entirely biblical.


May God’s grace continue to be with you wherever you go to proclaim the message that He has deposited in you.


Elder Hosea Wong

Board Member, High Praise Assembly Church, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia



Testimony of Catherine Wong


If it is not because of your big-heartedness and willingness to come all the way to our church in Ipoh to teach on the truth of the Post-tribulation and the falsity of the Pre-tribulation doctrine, we would forever be in the ‘dark’ and caught unprepared for the great tribulation before the Lord returns to establish His Kingdom on earth.


Your teaching, I believe, has awakened many believers from their great slumber and complacency to live life more seriously, be alert and vigilant to be prepared for the soon and coming events ahead.


I am truly convinced by your explicit, logical, skillful and insightful knowledge to link, expound and relate the many hidden mysteries of the Bible passages in support of the Post-tribulation doctrine.


Thank you for bringing these mysteries to light to our shallowness in the word of God.


We truly appreciate and are grateful to you for sacrificing your time, energy, and finance in your research and painstaking study of the Bible about the issue.


The churches need more anointed, dedicated, genuine servants of God like you who would dare to take the risk to put things right even though it has dearly cost you to take such a stand.


You are not just a prophetic voice, but you are an arrowhead God will continue to use to bring believers out of deceptiveness of the Pre-tribulation doctrine into the truth which is so essential and timely in this last-day era.


May God open more doors of opportunities for you to share this truth of the Post-tribulation doctrine to other churches in different parts of the world.


It is such a joy and privilege to be part of this teaching of yours.


I pray God will bless you and your family richly and His favour be upon you in every area of your life.


Catherine Wong (wife of Elder Hosea Wong)

Attending High Praise Assembly Church, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia



Testimony of Yeoh Kit Koon


I was one of those who attended the Seminar on ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ at St Peter’s (Anglican) Church (Ipoh, Perak) on 10 and 11 Mar 2017.


A friend who had attended another seminar of his, recommended that I should attend this Seminar not so much because of the topic of the seminar but more because of George Ong.


My friend could only say that George was going to keep me awake throughout the 11-hour seminar.


What I was pleasantly surprised was that I was given not only quantity input for 11 hours but was also given quality input as well.


I would say George gave us 36 hours of quality input squeezed into 11 ‘gruesome’ hours.


His teaching is well-researched, well-organised and systematic, and he teaches with authority and confidence.


His presentation is interesting, informative and energetic.


The audience was kept on their toes wanting more.


I am confident that his anointed teaching will result in the transformation of many.


I was truly blessed with a better understanding of the Rapture issue which George unfurled with the Bible to give light to our understanding.


He has proven beyond any shadow of doubt that Christians will go through the great tribulation and will not be raptured to escape it.


I have also learnt a crucial lesson that Jesus will never come like a thief to surprise genuine believers as is falsely taught in Pre-tribulation doctrine.


Genuine believers will never be surprised as they are living their lives in the light of Christ’s second coming and they are constantly looking for the signs of Christ’s coming.


Christ will come to surprise unbelievers and believers who are living on the edge; believers who are living in such wilful and unrepentant sins that they’re about to tip over. 


At the end of the seminar, I suffered ‘brain-cramp’ due to overloading.


Yet, I was kept awake throughout the 11-hour ‘gruesome onslaught’ due to George’s enthusiasm and his lively spirit.


I am looking forward to the next opportunity to attend another of his seminars.


Yeoh Kit Koon

Attending Canning Gardens Methodist Church, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia



Testimony of Liew Yin Sze


I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Pastor George Ong for having the courage and conviction to publicly refute and correct the widespread false Pre-tribulation belief. 


Because it is still a doctrine that is wrongfully held by a large segment of the church, I think Pastor George is justified in adopting a direct, no-nonsense and perhaps even confrontational approach necessary to correct the years of misguided thinking. 


The Bible itself contains many warnings about the need to guard against false teachings and false prophets, whether intentional or not. As the end-times draw nearer, I believe there has been an increase in false teachings. 


Thus, we must seek to know the truth, for only the truth will set us free.


It is therefore important to reject all forms of false teachings, however inconvenient or painful it may be.


The weight of the evidence in the Bible, as George has so carefully and systematically documented, has convinced myself and many others that the Post-tribulation doctrine is correct. 


Further, it fits in a lot more readily and seamlessly with the general thrust of scripture. 


Jesus has consistently exhorted believers (Jn 16:33; Matt 16:25) that they must deny themselves, take up the cross and follow Him.


Apostles Paul and James wrote about the benefits of suffering or why believers must be refined by suffering, even as Jesus Himself was described by Isaiah as a man familiar with sorrows (Rom 5:3-5; Jas 1:2-4).


Some proponents of Pre-tribulation have suggested that our God loves us so much that He will not subject the saints to the terrible period of tribulation when the world will be controlled by the Antichrist. And so they wrongfully pointed to some verses that seem to suggest that God will spare believers (Lk 21:36). 


This sleight of hand is mere wishful thinking, as it actually goes against the character of the Almighty.


If God did not spare his prophets and priests over the generations, including Jesus’ own disciples, and even His own Son, why would He turn from His own ways just to spare the church in the end-times (Pre-trib rapture) when it is most needed to resist the devil?


The above verses demonstrate that God does not believe in sparing His people from pain and suffering. Indeed, it is necessary for our growth. 


The early church endured extreme persecution, but also grew exponentially and eventually turned the world upside down. 


Indeed, as Pastor George said, the church was built upon by the blood of the martyrs. 


Therefore, God’s warnings about the end-times and the book of Revelation are an exhortation that we must be prepared when we face severe persecution not to deny Christ even unto death.


We need to heed this warning seriously. Our true convictions are only revealed under extreme duress. 


If we are not adequately prepared, we may end up foolishly seeking to keep our own lives, deny Christ, and then lose our lives for eternity.


Liew Yin Sze

Attending Faith Community Baptist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Vincent Beh


Before I attended your seminar, Pre-tribulation doctrine was deeply ingrained in me as part of my doctrinal beliefs.


It was an eye-opener to me when you taught on Post-tribulation.


It was like a scale of deception had fallen off my eyes.


It demolished my ignorance, misconception and previous beliefs on the false Pre-tribulation doctrine that I have held on to, even just before your teaching on 28 Mar, 2015.


Your teaching is solidly anchored on scriptures.


The many passages that support the Post-tribulation doctrine are so crystal clear.


You have done a thorough biblical research to search for the truth.


Your systematic teachings have demolished every concoction of lies in the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


Pastor Ong, you are a man of strong conviction and you have demonstrated and modelled for us a fine example of what spiritual leadership means.


As a true spiritual leader, you have courageously stood for the truth against the tide of the majority and fearlessly imparted the truth to us so that we can be set free from deceit.


More so, this was done at your own personal expense of being criticised and opposed.


With your Bible-based teaching, I am now fully convinced of the Post-tribulation doctrine.


Vincent Beh

Attending Glory Presbyterian Church, Singapore