Testimonies of Elder Tony Ng, Irene Choo, Richard Tan, Paramjit Singh & Grace Sim-Au (Dated 30 Mar 2021)


Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 5 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Elder Tony Ng, Irene Choo, Richard Tan, Paramjit Singh & Grace Sim-Au who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Elder Tony Ng


Rev George Ong is a passionate preacher, a gifted communicator, and an effective expositor of God’s word.


He is also able to use humour effectively in his messages. His humour books are a powerful tool to effectively connect, engage and reach out to people from all walks of life in the marketplace.

Whenever he preaches in our church, our hearts will be challenged to a deeper relationship with God.


And we are very impressed by this man who walks by faith as an itinerant minister and who never grows weary ministering to those who need the touch of Jesus.

In 2 Aug 2014, I attended his teaching on ‘Rapture and the Great Tribulation’. This was a new lesson to me though I’ve been a Christian since 1978.


Through this seminar, I gained new insights to the meaning of the end-times and thus, a greater understanding of rapture and tribulation.


Knowing that Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to be with us till the end of the age, we should not fear going through the great tribulation.


George’s explanations of the Post-tribulation view are solidly anchored on scriptures as opposed to the Pre-tribulation teachers.


I was awakened to the fact that the false teachings of the Pre-tribulation doctrine have subtlely crept into our Christian lives without us even being consciously aware of it.


It’s an ‘awakening’ to me, and now that I have been awakened, I wish to appeal to all church’s pastors and leaders to open their hearts and minds to seriously consider and receive the truth about the Post-tribulation rapture doctrine and the Lord’s message to us during this end-times.


After all, we preachers of God’s word have a heavy responsibility and calling not only to teach the scriptures but to guard the flock from being deceived by false teachings.


We are to stand up boldly against false doctrines and continue to teach the truth to the body of Christ and to our children.


Not only is Rev George gifted to teach and preach, his humility and his servant’s heart are exemplary.


I wish him God’s very best for his future.


Elder Tony Ng

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Singapore



Testimony of Irene Choo


George, it was a pleasure to hear you preach about Rapture and the Great Tribulation.


Actually, no; it was kind of scary since I have always thought that I believed in the doctrine of Pre-tribulation.


There are just too many lessons that I have learnt from your teaching but the most significant is that there is no biblical basis for the Pre-tribulation rapture doctrine.


I have always just accepted the Pre-tribulation view. So the whole session is an eye-opener.


You were definitely going faster than a train, but at the same time, you were very clear and succinct in your presentation, and I actually became convinced as you preached that the Post-tribulation doctrine is the true doctrine.


I realised that my beliefs have all along been based on what I have been taught and what I have read without any firm scriptural backing. I just took the words of the preachers and writers as Gospel truth.


Your clear and succinct teaching along with the many scriptures quoted have made me realised that I have accepted a teaching that is without scriptural backing.


I am so grateful that I had the privilege of listening to you, not just because you are a great preacher (Of course, you are) but because I have learnt the TRUTH and THE TRUTH SHALL SET ME FREE.


The most important lesson I have learnt is not that I need to prepare for the great tribulation but that I need have no fear because the Holy Spirit will be with me till the end of age and I will be a victor because Christ has already overcome the evil one.


Thank you for your courage at addressing such a controversial topic and for your boldness at going against the grain of conventional teaching that is prevalent in most churches.


Irene Choo

Attending an Assembly of God Church, Singapore



Testimony of Richard Tan


Honestly, I was reluctant to attend the teaching session as I felt Pre-tribulation, Mid-tribulation or Post-tribulation teachings are divisive and non-conclusive.


I could not think of a good reason to give to Rev George and I do not wish to lie for not going too, so I went and intended to leave during lunch break. 


Thank God I went.


I was listening intently to Rev George as he referred to the word of God throughout the teaching session.


I heard God through Rev George’s passionate teaching of God’s word and he articulated very well his biblical position on Post-tribulation as opposed to Pre-tribulation.


I am now more convinced of Post-tribulation and will share this biblical teaching amongst Christian friends with the ultimate agenda of encouraging and warning them to prepare themselves, their children and children’s children for the Antichrist’s wrath during the tribulation and not to fall away from the Christian Faith.


The takeaway good news is that Christ is with His people to the end of the age. We do not need to live in fear of the Antichrist’s wrath but to rejoice and remain in Christ.


For the record, I stayed throughout the session. The Holy Spirit made me captive to His words.


I did quietly slip out though during the lunch break, but to display more parking coupons.


I thank God for Rev George’s ministry.


Richard Tan

Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Paramjit Singh


From the many previous seminars that I had attended, I was bombarded with the Pre-tribulation doctrine. Almost every preacher that teaches on end-times, dwells on the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


Many books that I have read about the second coming of Christ emphasise on the Pre-tribulation. So, naturally, I became a believer in Pre-tribulation.


But NOT ANYMORE since I attended the seminar by Rev George Ong on 11 July.


Rev George Ong’s seminar is one of the best I’ve ever attended.


In the seminar, I have learnt that Pre-tribulation doctrine is totally false and contradicts many passages in the Bible, whilst Post-tribulation consistently harmonises with the many passages of the scriptures.


Through Rev George Ong’s exposition on the passages from Matthew 24, Mark 13 and 2 Thessalonians 2, and many other passages, it is crystal clear that Christ’s second coming and rapture will happen only after the great tribulation.


Throughout the history of the Church, many Christians went through their tribulation by being persecuted and martyred, and yet Pre-tribbers have the daringness to teach that Christians will escape the great tribulation by being raptured.


History has proven that suffering and persecution always strengthens the Church but the absence always weakens it.


Who is going to ‘fight’ against the Antichrist when the bulk of mature Christians are already up in heaven before the great tribulation, leaving only young Christians who are left to defend for themselves against the tyranny of the Antichrist on earth? 


This is totally absurd and unacceptable.


Just as any military commander will never leave the task of fighting the most difficult battle to raw recruits, do you think that Jesus will ever leave the great tribulation battle to young Christians?


As Rev George Ong has said, “How could the Pre-tribulation Church comprising many mature Christians truly be able to enjoy their 7 years of safety and celebration in heaven, when their friends and relatives who are new believers are suffering under the cruelty of the Antichrist?”


We are now living during the end-times and it is very timely that we attend the seminar by Rev George Ong who has clearly and unmistakably proven that Pre-tribulation is totally unbiblical and false.   


I sincerely hope that every believer will make time to urgently attend the Rapture and Great Tribulation talk by Rev George Ong to better understand the end-time scenario.


You will not be disappointed as Rev George Ong’s teaching is exceptionally thorough, very well presented and very informative.


Paramjit Singh

Attending Bedok Lutheran Church, Singapore



Testimony of Grace Sim-Au


I thoroughly enjoyed and felt truly blessed to have this golden opportunity to attend your seminar at Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church from 6-7 May 2016.


One new lesson I have picked up from Rev George Ong is that courage and not knowledge is the key to unlearning.


There are many, who after the falsity of Pre-tribulation is pointed out to them, may still not be willing to unlearn because the cost is too high for them to pay.


Unless they have the courage to pay the price, no amount of knowledge will help, and hence, the unlearning of the false Pre-tribulation theology is only a dream.


I am glad that I followed through till the end of the session.


As a practising Catholic, I must admit that I have no idea about Rapture and Great Tribulation even though I believed in the second coming of Jesus.


I attended mass and fulfilled my obligations as a Catholic, observing all the Holy Days of Obligation faithfully.


To me, Rev Pastor George is truly God-sent and Christians are so fortunate to have him teaching us and imparting his knowledge unselfishly.


It is never easy for Rev Pastor George, after having to go through many trials and tribulations to be still faithfully serving and preaching on what God has laid on his heart.


It is so clear that Satan is trying his absolute best to stop Rev Pastor George from doing what God has tasked him to do. 


I really admire him for boldly answering God’s call and to face the challenges with the total courage to share with all Christians the truth and nothing but the truth.


I certainly salute him for his exceptional courage.


May I encourage all Christians to grab the opportunity to attend Rev Pastor George’s ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ seminar. 


I hope to attend another of your end-time seminar in the future too.


I personally feel that it is a must for every Christian so that they can be well prepared for the toughest days that Christians will ever face – even to the extent that when a gun is pointed at us, we would never deny but stand up for our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


You deserved everyone’s praises, as indeed, you are doing a great job, all for the Glory of God!


May God’s abundant blessings be upon Rev Pastor George Ong and all his loved ones always.


Grace Sim-Au

Attending St Joseph’s Cathedral, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Grateful Participant