Testimonies of Rev Arnold Rajan, Rev Seet Keng Tat, Elder Florence Chua, Dr Thian Thau Min, James Lo & Peter Chong (Dated 27 Mar 2021)


Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 6 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Rev Arnold Rajan, Rev Seet Keng Tat, Elder Florence Chua, Dr Thian Thau Min, James Lo & Peter Chong, who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Rev Arnold Rajan


We had such a time of intensive and extensive teaching by Rev George Ong at our church, City Tabernacle Kuala Lumpur, on the topic ‘Rapture and the Great Tribulation.’


For years, I have been teaching on the Biblical truth that the church must be prepared to face the Antichrist and endure the great tribulation and that the so-called secret coming before the great tribulation is a ‘recent’ invention.


I have met a number of pastors who used to teach the Pre-tribulation error but have upon further study of the Bible rejected it.


But very few have the courage and boldness and the forthright attitude that Rev George Ong has in teaching the truth of the Post-tribulation and dismantling the Pre-tribulation myth.


What our congregation and I personally like is how thorough Rev George was in handling and dismantling every passage that is used by the Pre-tribulation promoters to justify their doctrine.


It is virtually impossible for anyone to justify a secret Pre-tribulation doctrine after hearing what Rev George expounds unless one does not want to change his/her view no matter what.


Rev George is humorous when he needs to be and passionately serious when it is a serious matter.


His teaching was thoroughly Bible-based and I have indicated that we would invite him again to teach us on the other subjects he has prepared.


For those who want a complete check on the question of ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’, I absolutely recommend Rev George Ong. I pray God will open many doors for this truth to be explained.


Rev Arnold Rajan

Senior Pastor, City Tabernacle KL, Malaysia

Principal, LifeNet Bible College & Logos Academy



Testimony of Rev Seet Keng Tat


Pastor George Ong conducted a one-day seminar on ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ at our Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church on 12 Aug 2017.


The church members who attended the seminar found the teaching on the subject enlightening and helped to strengthen their faith and understanding of the Second Coming of Christ.


I personally found George Ong’s teaching on the doctrine of Post-tribulation Rapture to be clear and based on a solid Biblical exegesis of scriptures.


His refutation of the key teachings and positions of the Pre-tribulation Rapture proponents was fair and honest.


George did not misrepresent their views but dealt with them point-by-point to refute their arguments.


I would commend Pastor George Ong’s seminar on ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ to believers who want to understand clearly what the Bible teaches about Christ’s Second Coming.


Rev Seet Keng Tat

Associate Pastor, Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Elder Florence Chua


Pastor George Ong had been invited to speak at our Church, True Way Presbyterian Church for several times and also once at our Church camp.


On 18 Oct, I attended his teaching on ‘Rapture & Great Tribulation’, and personally, I had benefitted much from it.


The lesson that impacted me was that I was convinced by Pastor George from the scriptures to see that the Pre-tribulation rapture is a false teaching. 


I believe that this is the appointed time of God in this end-time period that God used Pastor George to bring out the spiritual truths and revelations of Post-tribulation Rapture.


His teaching of Post-tribulation Rapture was supported by many scriptures. His teaching had caused a spiritual awakening to many of us.


Although it was particularly challenging for Pastor George to respond to this difficult calling, nevertheless, he was obedient. 


Thank you, Pastor George for the clarity and deep insight in your teaching.

Elder Florence Chua

True Way Presbyterian Church, Singapore



Testimony of Dr Thian Thau Min


Rev George Ong is an itinerant minister of God from Singapore. He travels to teach and preach with great zeal, pouring his heart out for God’s word to be heard and to be listened to with great intent.


His teaching and preaching are solidly based on the Bible, thoroughly thought out and well-prepared.


His presentation is clear, stimulating and thought provocative.


The take home message is crystal clear with life transforming impact.


Just being an itinerant minister who moves by faith speaks volume of him and his supportive wife always accompanies him in his travelling.


It speaks of his great faith and persevering trust in a sovereign God for His providence.


God in his faithfulness has gifted him with great talent, combined with resourcefulness and perseverance that enable him, besides his busy schedule, to churn out 56 volumes of humour books with insightful comments and moral teachings that not only bring joy and laughter to thousands (including my patients) but also as a means of economic support for him and his family.


Over the years, I’ve listened to his teaching and preaching at The Church of the Good Shepherd Sandakan, Sabah.


I can vouch that he’s an anointed speaker who is worth listening to.


Not only is his teaching biblical and well researched but his style of delivery is engaging, stimulating and entertaining.


He is able to talk and entertain at the same time. He laces his talk with humours, puns and songs.

His recent
3-night seminar on Rapture and Great Tribulation at Church of the Good Shepherd was well attended.


His message is clear: There will be only one Rapture that is Post-tribulational.


There will be no Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Rapture will be preceded by great tribulation.


He has clearly and convincingly substantiated it by citing 3 relevant Bible passages.


He has taken great pains in making the distinction between Pre-tribulation Rapture and Post-tribulation Rapture because of the great consequences of wrong belief.


The Pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine is not only unbiblical but tends to produce a complacent Church that is ill-prepared for life calamities that may lead to apostasy.


The Post-tribulation Rapture doctrine on the other hand, is biblical and equips the Church to live through this treacherous suffering world with perseverance.


This Post-tribulation doctrine rings loud and true with what Jesus had always reminded us that suffering and persecution is an integral part of discipleship.


Do not hesitate to hear him out especially his teaching on “Rapture and Great Tribulation”.


I assure you your spiritual life will be enriched.


The Lord Jesus will be with you till the very end.


Dr Thian Thau Min

Rector Warden, Church of the Good Shepherd, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia

(Dr Thian, a 70-year-old man, is a highly competent medical doctor who is very influential in Sandakan, and he is using his influence to impact lives and bring many souls into the Kingdom of God and for His glory. Praise God!)



Testimony of James Lo 


I have always been leaning to the Post-tribulation side of doctrine.


First, it can be directly and easily derived from the scriptures.


Second, I read Paul Tan’s book, ‘In Power and Glory’ and attended his end-time seminars.


I also attended some of Dr Chan Kai Lok’s teaching during my schooling days.


I was thinking to myself that if I am prepared as a Post-tribber, and if Pre-tribulation turns out to be the right doctrine, it is a bonus.


However, if the reverse happens, it can be disastrous to Pre-tribbers who are not prepared to handle the great tribulation.


I had not much understanding about the Pre-tribulation theology prior to your seminar.


Some time during the period of your seminar, I was prompted to read up and find out more about the Pre-tribulation theology.


I went through several well-known international speakers who teach on the subject and I went through the arguments between the two camps to find out how each side presented their stand. 

Indeed, I discovered that the Pre-tribulation theology is exactly the same way in which you have described.


There is no explicit verse or passage that undergirds that doctrine.


There are no direct scriptures that support the theory.


It is mainly based on inference and it even resorts to using the weak argument from silence.


To agree with Pre-tribulation, one has to first make the presumption that Pre-tribulation is true.


Then, one would try and dig out all the seemingly supportive scriptures and re-interpret them to suit the argument.


Pre-tribulation theology also goes against the main core of the biblical principle of Christian suffering and martyrdom.


Further, there are too many internal contradictions to its doctrine.

In the past, though my stand is Post-tribulation and because this topic is ‘controversial’, I felt that I should not speak against Pre-tribulation as a wrong doctrine. I have never viewed Pre-tribulation as a deception.


But from your seminar, I have learnt that I need to make a stand to speak out against the deceptiveness of it.


Pre-tribulation Theology is sugar-coated with the false hope that the Church will escape the tribulation.


Such escapist mentality will serve to dull the mind of the believers and make them complacent.


You have taught us to sacrifice, not to be a coward, and that we need to stand up for the truth and be prepared to pay the price for doing it.


Not many ministers and Christians are interested in taking the tough road of discipleship and to travel along the suffering route. 


Thank you for your example of sacrifice.


Thank you for making a tough stand and for highlighting the hard truth that we must face.


If we dare not take a stand over simpler issues, we will never be able to stand up against persecution and pressure to deny Christ in the great tribulation.

James Lo 

Attending Hinghwa Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Peter K H Chong


Rev George Ong, it is indeed a privilege and an opportunity to be able to attend your seminar on ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’.


Your task is a difficult one as the subject matter is not a simple and easy task to teach.


From the in-depth manner in which the seminar was conducted, it is evident that you have done an enormous amount of research into the topic to be able to expound on this scriptural truth.


Knowing that I will face persecution as well as martyrdom during the great tribulation, I must be prepared and be ready to face sufferings, rejections, and opposition just like Jesus and His disciples did.


Personally, I have never come across church leaders who have the knowledge and the guts to share and teach on this tough and unpopular topic – that Post-tribulation is true and Pre-tribulation is false. 


As for me, it is so clear that by common sense, logical deduction, and most importantly, by the authority of the scriptures that Pre-tribulation can be quite easily proven to be false.


Generally, most leaders would want to portray themselves as nice and pleasant leaders, and would not dare to teach on such unpalatable truths.


The serious consequence about teaching the false Pre-tribulation doctrine will mean that our innocent sheep are being given the false hope that they will escape tribulation.


I really wonder whether these leaders have ever soberly thought what would that do to the confidence of their sheep in their Christian Faith, if they ever found themselves having to face the Antichrist in the great tribulation.


In their spiritual unpreparedness to handle the persecution and impending martyrdom, will they deny Christ?


If these sheep were to deny Christ, are these leaders who teach the Pre-tribulation doctrine prepared to take the responsibility of having their sheep go to hell?


I pray that you, Rev George will continue with this difficult mission in teaching this topic that few will dare to venture.


Even though you may be ‘alone’, take comfort, God is with you.


Peter K H Chong

Attending All Saints’ Cathedral (Anglican), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia