Testimonies of Pastor William Patrick, Dr Tan Hee Ting, Bro James Lee, Clarence Yeung & Derlin Ang (Dated 12 Apr 2021)



Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 5 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Pastor William Patrick, Dr Tan Hee Ting, Bro James Lee, Clarence Yeung & Derlin Ang who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Pastor William Patrick


I thank the Lord for moving my heart to attend this seminar at City Tabernacle, Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia) at such a time as this.


It was a timely seminar for all Christians to attend and prepare for the coming of the Lord.


Personally, for me, I believe in Post-tribulationism by reading the scripture verses especially Matthew 24.


In the past, this subject has fascinated me so much that l ended up buying and reading a few books on the subject, but I was not satisfied or convinced fully by their arguments and claims.


In fact, I became more confused and unclear on this subject.


So, I came to take a stand saying that it doesn’t matter when the Lord is coming – whether it is Pre-tribulation rapture, Mid-tribulation rapture or Post-tribulation rapture, it doesn’t really matter.


But in this seminar conducted by Pastor George Ong, I’m thoroughly convinced of the truth of Post-tribulation rapture and came to the stark realisation and deep conviction that the position one holds on the Rapture issue really matters.


As in the words of Rev George Ong, “This is not merely a matter of life and death but a heaven and hell issue.”


Wonderfully, all the questions I had on the issue, have been answered so clearly and precisely by Rev George Ong using the revelation of God’s word.


I’m so blessed to have a very clear understanding and grasp on this subject and as Pastor of a church, I am now able to confidently teach and challenge my congregation on the topic, which I was not able to before.


Pastor George, your excellent teaching, though fast, was full of clarity.


You have the gifting and anointing to defuse any doubt on a controversial issue and the conviction to uphold what is true and the courage to demolish what is false.


Thank you, Pastor George, and may God use you to bring this important teaching to as many churches and people as possible.


Pastor William Patrick

Pastor of Abundant Life Centre, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia



Testimony of Dr Tan Hee Ting


As someone who is brought up in the Assembly of God churches, I am no stranger to Pre-tribulation teaching.


Teachings like, Jesus may come like a thief in the night and rapture us in the blink of an eye really gives me the jitters (or perspiration).


The book, ‘Left Behind’ by Tim LaHaye also plays a very prominent role in my worldview of eschatology.


In short, I was indoctrinated.


My personal fear of being left behind alone here on earth while others are taken away is very real.


As I grew in the Lord and began to read the Bible, I started to realise that my belief in Pre-tribulation has little scriptural basis.


In fact, it is a false doctrine.


This crucial message of Post-tribulationism taught by Rev George is a timely reminder to everyone, and it is most pertinent at the present time.


Please listen to him with an open heart and you will not regret.


Many Christians nowadays are living their life assuming that they will not be tested in the coming days.


How wrong they can be. 


Just by looking at the present world is enough to remind us of the harbinger of things to come.


The barbaric killing of Christians at the hands of ISIS is enough to put fear in the hearts of many.


If Christians are not prepared for this coming tribulation, there is a real possibility, as the Bible tells us, that many will fall away.


This is a real and present danger to all Christians.


Therefore to be forewarned is to be forearmed.


Get ready for the tribulation ahead, but fear not, because God will give you the grace and the peace to endure till the end.


Rev George, your point-by-point rebuttal of the Pre-tribulation doctrine is spot on.


With the authority of the scriptures, you have conclusively demolished the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


I would like to thank you for the boldness to teach the truth regardless of the price you had to pay.


I commend you for your frankness and forthrightness in defending the truth and revealing the false in the face of opposition from fellow men and women of the cloth.


Your steadfastness to stay focussed on this very difficult mission that God has given you and your guts to go against the conventional but erroneous tide is a real encouragement to me.


Dr Tan Hee Ting

Director of Lahad Datu Hospital & Key leader in the Church

Attending Calvary Charismatic Church (Assembly of God), Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Bro James Lee


“After reading Pastor George Ong’s book on ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ and attending his seminar on the same topic, I am convinced that Post-tribulation doctrine is the correct teaching based on the scriptures, and Pre-tribulation teaching is unbiblical.


He has done extensive research into the topic and the teaching is very thorough, covering all aspects and difficult terminology in the book of Revelation.


He explained the concept of Rapture and Great Tribulation very clearly and convincingly with relevant scriptures.


He gave concrete and insightful evidence about the truth of Post-tribulation and the false teachings of Pre-tribulation.


Though several arguments that he put forward to the topic are new to me, they are entirely biblical.


The Church is called to be prepared for the tribulation that is going to take place, and Christians must remain strong and faithful to face the challenges and persecution and even martyrdom that is ahead of us.


It is a wake-up call to churches and nominal Christians.


Many of my church members have benefited from the seminar, and have their doubts clarified on the subject of Rapture and Tribulation.


Before attending the seminar, many of them believe in Pre-tribulation doctrine or are neutral regarding their stand on Rapture and Tribulation.


After attending Rev George Ong’s seminar, many of them have seen the light and many now say that they believe in Post-tribulation doctrine.


Rev George, thank God for using you to shed light on the truth.


The seminar is truly timely.


Thank you for your conviction and unfailing spirit to obey His word and calling despite the detrimental circumstances you are facing.


Thank you for speaking up and standing up for the truth.


The seminar has really encouraged me spiritually.


May God continue to use you and bless you as you faithfully obey Him.


Bro James Lee

Chairman of Church Council, Bethel Bandar, Brunei



Testimony of Clarence Yeung


My understanding about the end-times from a Christian perspective was fragmented.


Most churches hardly preach or teach on this subject, deeming it unnecessary with no benefit for daily Christian living.


To them, it is a subject that only gives rise to controversies.


Others mention it vaguely with full tentativeness and disclaimers about their views and positions.


The lack of attention on this subject by the churches created in me a void such that my knowledge on this subject was naively and erroneously based on the popular book series, ‘Left Behind’ by the Pre-trib theologian, Tim Lahaye.


As a result, my knowledge about ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ was confusing and full of inconsistencies.


It was hard to make plausible sense of the Pre-tribulation theology to myself and it was even harder to explain it to my fellow brethren.


The seminar by George Ong has first of all, helped me to understand the sources of my confusion, as he meticulously examined point-by-point how the Pre-tribulation view is inherently contradictory and illogical.


Second, he has shown how the Post-tribulation view is far more coherent from the viewpoints of the word of God and human logic.


It is an invaluable seminar to clarify and straighten my thoughts about Rapture and Great Tribulation as mentioned in the Bible.


After the seminar, not only am I more confident to explain to others about the subject, I am more anticipative and better prepared to accept the development of some global events around us. 


I do believe God has given George Ong this awakening ministry at this season of time to alert churches to pay attention to the end-time message in the Bible.


In view of the increasing violence against humanity, deterioration of environment and conflicts among nations to unprecedented scales, it is not the time to be ignorant anymore but to diligently seek God’s message in His word.


God has started the motion; George Ong has done his due diligence and he has been faithful to his calling.


It is time for Christians to do their part.


I am very comfortable with George Ong’s prophetic and forthright style of teaching.


I could empathise with his disappointment why pastors and teachers of God’s word have allowed the false Pre-tribulation teachings to permeate the churches for such a long time.


However, I could also feel why others resist George Ong’s style and the content of his teaching because there is much pride to be swallowed, especially when they had, all these years, been teaching the Pre-tribulation doctrine to their congregation.


Honestly, how many pastors and preachers are prepared to truly humble themselves and penitently acknowledge that what they have been teaching about the Pre-tribulation doctrine is false?


I will encourage George Ong to continue to be courageous and truthful in that prophetic style in order to honour God’s calling on his life.


Clarence Yeung

Deacon, Abundant Life Baptist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Derlin Ang


Dear Rev George Ong, at first, I was very uncertain whether to attend your seminar due to some matters but my heart was looking forward to it.


At last, I thank God for my husband, Remy Wong, who was able to join me and thus solved my transport problem, and we too, were able to send some church members to join the seminar too.


God is good.


I would never regret in my life for giving myself this golden opportunity to attend this powerful seminar conducted by you.


From your seminar, there are many areas I needed to unlearn and relearn.


With the powerful message by you, supported by many explicit biblical references of God’s very words, it has helped me to understand the truth better and clearer about the wrong teaching and deception of the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


I have also learnt the truth of Post-tribulation, the great tribulation, the signs to look out for before the second coming of our Lord and that Christ will reign with us on earth for a thousand years, etc.

Through your great teaching, I am more ready to prepare myself as well as to prepare my children and family and to unlearn what was wrongly taught to them on the Pre-tribulation doctrine. 


I confess and ask God for forgiveness that I have believed in the lie of the Pre-tribulation due to my ignorance.

Now, I shall have no fear to face the great tribulation, and with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, I will not deny His Name but persevere and endure till I meet my Lord face to face one day. 


May the Holy Spirit guide me, strengthen my faith and my family to fight the good fight and finish our race on earth in triumph and bring glory to Him.

Lastly, I love your fantastic seminar.


You are a great preacher, teacher, singer, musician, entertainer and joker.


Most of all, I am most touched to know that you are a great servant who dares to face persecution and do what God wants you to do.


I want to thank you, Rev George and your wife for all your suffering, endurance, love and obedience to the Lord.


You have become a great role model for us to follow.


May you continue to preach and teach boldly.


May our good Lord grant you and family with His wisdom and understanding, and provide for all your needs, and grant you your heart’s desire to do what pleases the Lord.


Derlin Ang

Attending Emmanuel Harvest Center (Anglican), Penang, Malaysia