Testimonies of Pastor Stephen KYM, Chan Lai Ping, Vun Soon Chong, John Lim Beo Peng & Jerry Ho Chee Yee (Dated 23 Apr 2021)



Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 5 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Pastor Stephen KYM, Chan Lai Ping, Vun Soon Chong, John Lim Beo Peng & Jerry Ho Chee Yee who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Pastor Stephen KYM 


The ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ Seminar which I attended in May at City Tabernacle KL, was conducted in such a simplified and clear manner that I could easily grasp.


All this while we (especially the Indian Christians) were taught that there was a secret coming (Pre-tribulational coming) of Jesus Christ.


After attending this seminar, I realised that there is no such thing as a secret coming because that was not taught in the Bible at all.


I believe Rev George Ong’s teaching because it was 100% based on the Bible.


He asked where in the Bible does it say that Jesus Christ will come secretly?


True enough, I too cannot find any verse to that effect.


Because the truth prevailed through the teachings of Rev George Ong, now I no longer believe or teach about the secret coming of Christ anymore.


I can fully trust Rev George Ong’s teachings because they are all based on the word of God.


Yes, we have studied earlier through our Logos Academy Bible College on the issue but confirmation was given through this seminar by Rev George Ong.


It was fun too attending this Seminar because of Rev George Ong’s humour which was thrown in between the seminar that made everybody laugh.


I also wish Rev George Ong could break this stronghold about the false teaching of the secret Coming of Christ not only in Singapore and Malaysia, but throughout the world, especially India where this teaching is still very much held on to.


Pastor Stephen KYM 

Attending FGA, KL, (Tamil Section), Malaysia



Testimony of Chan Lai Ping


Rev George, once again a big ‘Thank you’ to you for bringing the truth to us in the ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ Seminar.


This is the third time I have attended your seminar in Ipoh over a period of 15 months.


I have no regrets in choosing to spend 11 hours of solid and vibrant Bible teaching with you at St Peter’s (Anglican) Church in Ipoh on 10-11 Mar 2017.


It was indeed an eye-opener for many of us, especially for me as I realised that I have been misguided and misled with the belief that I will be zapped up to heaven before or during the great tribulation.


The Post-tribulation doctrine has not crossed my mind at all because the Pre-tribulation teaching has always been my expectation and it is certainly an easy way of escape from the great tribulation.


However, your intensive research, Biblical teaching and uncompromising arguments in supporting the Post-tribulation Rapture had proven and convicted me that Pre-tribulation Rapture is deceptive, destructive, damaging and is unmistakably a FALSE TEACHING.


It is frightening to know that as Christians, we are not exempted from the great tribulation.


But thanks be to God that our Lord Jesus did not leave us without warning but in many Bible verses He has indeed prepared us for the great tribulation.


Most of all, we have the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to enable us to soar even over the most difficult tribulations of our life.


For those who have been wrongly taught by Pre-tribulationist theologians and preachers, and negatively influenced by Pre-tribulationist die-hards, and hence, have not prepared themselves and naively believed in Pre-tribulation Rapture, will be in for a total shock and disappointment, when they come face to face with the Antichrist or his henchmen in the great tribulation, and many will deny Christ just as our Lord Jesus had warned us of.


Therefore, I fully understand Rev George’s urgency to heed the call of God to debunk the false doctrine of Pre-tribulation Rapture that is evident in our churches today.


What bothers him are not Pre-tribulationist believers who act out of ignorance or naivety, but those who upon being shown the plain, clear and unmistakable truths from the scriptures, still stubbornly hold on to such false teachings and worse, try and influence others to do the same.


Most of all, what irks him most are Pre-tribulationist theologians and preachers, who are still preaching Pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine, even though in their hearts, they know it to be false – because of pride and self-preservation.


Instead of guarding their own self-interest and self-preservation, what these people should be concerned, ought to be the welfare of their flock to guide them in the right beliefs – as to guide them in the false Pre-tribulation beliefs may send them to hell, if ever these unprepared sheep, when coming under unexpected persecution, should deny Christ.


Not many could understand such severity of consequences that can happen, but thank God that He has given me the wisdom to understand as God did to Rev George about the kind of false Pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine that we are contending against. 


Rev George, you are a man of courage, who is not afraid to speak God’s truth, even though people may unfairly criticise and oppose him.


Nevertheless you are always trusting and obeying the Lord.


I commend you, Rev George for responding to God’s call and running your race with perseverance despite the many challenges and obstacles you may face.


Rev George, may God grant you His favour, strength and joy to fulfill your calling.


May God watch over you and your family.


May He prosper and open doors for you to be His prophet to speak His truth and set His people free from false doctrines.


Chan Lai Ping

Attending Wesley Methodist Church, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia



Testimony of Vun Soon Chong


When I first saw in our Church Bulletin that Rev George Ong will be coming to share God’s word with us in our church on 6 July 2014, my heart was full of joy because he is well known for his humorous and swift M16 speed speech.


Surely, this is a shower of blessing for our church.


Furthermore, under the news column, he will be conducting a seminar on “Rapture and the Great Tribulation”, covering also the book of Revelation for 3 consecutive nights at Good Shepherd Church (Sandakan, Sabah) from 9 July to 11 July.


Without hesitation, my wife and I decided to attend.


Deep inside my heart, I knew that Rev George won’t fail us.


Immediately, we registered for it.


As I know from the past, in any similar course that is offered by any seminary, the lecturer will spend at least 12-15 hours covering the materials.


However, I have full confidence that Rev George can do it within half of the normal time because of his eloquent speech and his gifted fast speed of speech from above.


Revelation is a book full of hope and warning.


It is also one of the most difficult books to understand without the assistance of godly men and the Holy Spirit.


Thank God that through Rev George Ong, we have a better grasp on the Pre-Tribulational Rapture teaching, the Post-Tribulation Rapture proof, the Day of the Lord, and the Wrath of God.


We have also learnt that there is only One second coming of Christ as taught by the Post-tribulation and not two second comings (in stages) as taught by the Pre-tribulation.


Surely, he has cleared a lot of our doubts.


His 209-page (1st edition) written notes is also a rare treat as they are very simple to understand, precise and easy to digest.


During the 3 nights, the locomotive of Rev George Ong was moving non-stop for 2 hours plus in a session.


If it was a normal lecturer, I might have fallen into deep slumber.


Thank God that everything turned out perfectly and I now fully understand the full implications of the Key Verse Revelation 1:3 “Blessed is the one who reads the Words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.”


In a nutshell, surely, Rev George has enlightened us to endure and remain faithful to Jesus in the midst of trials and tribulations.


Vun Soon Chong

Chairman, Basel Christian Church, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of John Lim Beo Peng 


Eschatology has always interested me but topics like end-times are seldom taught in church.


Perhaps, due to the controversy surrounding these subjects, pastors would rather avoid them than teach their congregation.


Often times, the truth hurts and rather than tackling them head on, they have unwisely opted for a softer option that is easier for their members to swallow.


And as Pastor George has highlighted…“As a result, members are kept in the dark about the truths of the end-times. The irony is that when such end-times truths are so critical and needful to members, they are being kept from them. The result is that members are ignorant, confused and uncertain and this does not augur well for them. It may even harm them as they are unprepared to respond to the pressures and challenges of end-time testings.”

I remember the times when I started attending church in the 1990s, many churches that taught eschatology would usually take the stand of Pre-tribulation rapture.


Movies like Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series of books and movies further reinforce the teaching of these Pre-tribulation teachers.


It was only in 2002 when I did a part-time study on Eschatology at Theological Centre of Asia (TCA) that I discovered for myself after having done a research paper on the Rapture and Great Tribulation that the Pre-tribulation view is not biblical.

In Phil 3:10, Paul wrote: “that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.”


If the all of Jesus’ 12 disciples were martyred except for John who was imprisoned for life on the island of Patmos, what makes us think that suffering for the gospel is not for the modern-day believers?


If they persecute our Saviour, we will too experience persecution (Jn 15:20).


We are not exempted from the baptism of sufferings that Jesus and His disciples went through.

As believers, we are not destined for wrath and very often preachers would use this verse in Romans 5:9: ‘Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him’, to reinforce their Pre-tribulation view.


In Pastor George Ong’s seminar on the Rapture and Great Tribulation, he makes a clear and correct distinction between the wrath of Satan and the wrath of God.


You must attend his seminar to appreciate the extensive research that he has done on this topic.


If you are someone who holds on to the Pre-tribulation view, this seminar will change your thinking forever.


I don’t remember attending any other teaching on this subject which lays out so systematically and comprehensively its arguments against Pre-tribulation teachers.


Don’t just take my word for it.


Make time to attend the seminar for yourself and like the Bereans search out the scriptures to see if what Pastor George Ong shared contains the truth to the Rapture issue.

John Lim Beo Peng

Attending Christalite Methodist Chapel, Singapore



Testimony of Jerry Ho Chee Yee


It is indeed an honour and privilege to testify of the blessings and impact that your seminar has brought to me and my family.


It has resulted in the removal of our spiritual blindness to deception and it is a wake-up call to us.


Only a few months ago, my family and I saw a movie called, ‘Left Behind’ starring Nicholas Cage, about kids and adults vanishing in thin air (Pre-tribulation rapture).


We got so confused and started asking ourselves questions and seeking answers from the Bible about this Pre-tribulation rapture phenomenon.


However, we could not find any answers to this issue and soon we had forgotten all about it.


Thanks to our Lord for bringing Rev George to teach us in great detail what is Pre-tribulation and Post-tribulation.


We are now aware of the lies of the Pre-tribulation doctrine and the truth of the Post-tribulation doctrine.


I am also reading a book which I borrowed, entitled, ‘Beginning of The End’ written by John Hagee.


I’ve not finished reading the book.


Last night, as I flipped through, I was surprised to discover that Pre-tribulation doctrine is taught in the book.


Rev George, to tell you honestly, I would have been convinced by the doctrine as taught in the book, if I had not attended your seminar.


I believe this is divine intervention to protect me from the lies of the devil.


Your teaching is very detailed and compact.


We are truly blessed by your in-depth explanation, and of course, the humour that goes along with it.


Jerry Ho Chee Yee

Attending Basel Christian Church Malaysia, Canaanland, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia