Testimonies of Pastor Simon Say, Emelda Roukin, Esther Deong, Bong Muk Shin, Chillsie Wong, Theresa Sweetman, Arene Cheok & Samantha Ooi (Dated 28 May 2021)



Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 8 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Pastor Simon Say, Emelda Roukin, Esther Deong, Bong Muk Shin, Chillsie Wong, Theresa Sweetman, Arene Cheok & Samantha Ooi who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Pastor Simon Say


I greatly appreciate the Rapture seminar conducted by Pastor George.


I find the cases that Pastor George Ong built for Post-trib and against Pre-trib to be compelling; they were well researched, biblically sound and straight to the point.


So much so that those who support the doctrine of Pre-trib cannot help but be forced to re-examine the scriptures to see if the doctrine was indeed wrongly interpreted (a case of eisegesis versus exegesis) and hence a false teaching.


I find that Pastor George Ong’s research against Pre-trib was right on the money, yet he taught it in such a way that the judgement (for or against Pre-trib) is ultimately yours, based on the systematic assessment of the cases presented.


At the same time, Pastor George Ong presented a strong case for the doctrine of Post-trib by examining the scriptures, so much so that one cannot help but come to the conclusion that it is the only right doctrine to any evangelical Christian worth his salt.


Pastor George Ong’s teaching is very well presented and done in a systematic manner.


His teaching is much more elaborate than any seminar I have ever come across.


I am certainly impacted by what he taught.


Through his seminar I have come away with a greater understanding of the subject.


I strongly recommend his seminar to every Christian.


Pastor Simon Say

Kum Yan Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Emelda Roukin


Whenever I hear about the Rapture topic being taught, I will make time to go and attend the teaching.


Since I was a teenager, the Pre-trib doctrine was the knowledge that I have.


As I grew into my adult years, I studied another view from different churches and teachers.


But I am still not satisfied with what I had learnt.

When my children and family members asked me about the second coming of Christ, I will try my best to explain it to them.


But deep inside me, there was this discontented feeling as I was still confused.


I have this feeling that there is something wrong with the Pre-trib doctrine.


Pastor George’s teaching on the true Post-trib and the false Pre-trib doctrines is systematic, thorough and clear.


He points to the many scriptures that support the Post-trib doctrine.


I cried because, through Pastor George’s seminar, I finally understood clearly the true teachings of scriptures about the second coming of the Lord.


The understanding that I have gained gives me a sense of peace and certainty.


It really opened my eyes to see the truth.


Now I can ‘re-teach’ my children and family confidently what I had wrongfully taught them!


Please continue the good work, Pastor George.


I’m so blessed with your teaching.


I hope you will produce a teaching manual in the Malay language.


For me, it is so vital for us to know the truth.


This is the time!


Emelda Roukin

Attending Skyline SIB, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

(Elly Asok, her daughter’s testimony was featured on 22 May 2021: https://www.revgeorgeong.com/testimonies-of-pastor-anthony-joseph-elly-asok-johnny-teh-ho-phaik-imm-doreen-chieng-lu-ling-ngang-chiew-juay-julie-kho/)



Testimony of Esther Deong


First of all, thank you for obeying the voice of God to embark on teaching this difficult and complex subject of Rapture and Great Tribulation.


You have taught the subject with such conviction and passion.


Despite being ‘blacklisted’ by churches, you have not wavered and have continued to stand up to the truth of Post-tribulation.


As what the Bible said, it is truth that will set us free.


Your book and teachings are very thorough in its coverage, consistent in its arguments and biblically supported.


I am thankful that I attended your class and was rather surprised at the small fee that is paid for the 350-page book plus two Saturdays of teachings.


It must be said that even freewill offering will bring in much more revenue for you.


This goes to show that, and anybody can see, that the reason you are embarking on this calling is not for any selfish material gain.


Rather, it is for the well-being of all believers to know the truth and to be prepared for the Tribulation that we will have to face.


Through your seminar, I have learnt that Post-tribulation is the teaching of Christ, the Apostles and early Church Fathers.


On the other hand, Pre-trib which has no explicit biblical basis is clearly wrong.


Prior to your teaching, I held on to the Post-tribulation position but without much conviction.


After your teaching, which is solidly anchored on the scriptures, my grasp and conviction of the Post-trib doctrine has gone up by many notches.


I am now a fully convicted Post-tribber.


Your teaching is clear and easy to understand.


It is also interesting and entertaining.


I will definitely encourage other believers who had missed the seminar to attend your teaching.


Esther Deong

Attending Hinghwa Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Bong Muk Shin


I salute Rev George Ong for his tireless effort, boldness and steadfastness to obey the call of the Lord even at the expense of his career.


Before the seminar and like most Christians, I was not even aware Pre-tribulationists have been teaching without a single verse or passage of scripture that explicitly supports it.


In the seminar, Rev George Ong has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Post-trib is the biblical truth (backed by key texts in Matt 24:29-31, Mk 13:1-36 and 2 Thess 2:1-12) and Pre-trib is false as the key texts (1 Thess 4:13-18 plus others) and the arguments do not measure up to the truth.


Christians need to embrace the truth of Post-trib and abandon the false teaching of Pre-trib.


The sober truth is that if Christians ever found themselves in the Great Tribulation, they will be unprepared to handle the persecution.


In their unpreparedness, they may even deny and betray their Master Jesus and take the mark of the beast and be lost eternally.


Now, as I have been blessed with the biblical truth of the Post-trib doctrine, I sincerely appeal to all Christians who have not learned about Post-trib to come forward and seek the truth of Post-trib.


Take time to learn and study the scriptures that have been made available by Rev George Ong’s seminar and book and discover for yourself the truth about Post-trib.


Bong Muk Shin

Attending an Assembly of God Church, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia



Testimony of Chillsie Wong


I used to think that Pre-trib and Post-trib are two possibilities, depending on how one interprets scriptures.


Although I had always gravitated towards the latter view, I dared not take a definite stand because I really didn’t know for sure if it was true.


I simply thought it was safer to be prepared for a Post-trib rapture.


I am most grateful to Pastor George Ong for his painstaking efforts in researching the subject.


He has not only provided a firm scriptural basis for believing that Post-trib is the truth but he has also systematically dismantled Pre-trib as a false doctrine.


The reality of Post-trib is sobering…. Okay, actually it’s scary and it has jolted me out of my complacency and forced me to do some deep soul-searching.


Am I truly prepared to stand for Christ in the face of suffering and death?


Even if none goes with me, will I still follow Christ?


Pastor George’s teaching is clear, passionate and candid.


I am very touched by Pastor George’s courage to fulfil God’s calling to preach against Pre-trib.


Though he has paid a high price, I believe his rewards from the Lord will be greater.


His obedience to God’s call is a tremendous encouragement to me that one should stand for the truth even if one has to stand alone.


May God reward his faithfulness and steer others to the truth through him.


Chillsie Wong

Attending Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore



Testimony of Theresa Sweetman 


I must say being a Christian all my life, I really thought that we don’t have to go through the Tribulation.


I really believed that Jesus will come and take us away through the Pre-trib rapture before the Tribulation.


Thank you Rev George, your teaching has indeed removed the deception from my eyes.


I now realise that the Pre-trib theology is entirely false.


Believe me, I have read the book of Revelation 3 times already and I have also checked the internet on such teachings, but no theologian or teacher has made it so clear like you did that the Church will have to go through the Tribulation before the second coming of Christ.


I am eagerly looking forward to your next seminar in 2016.

Theresa Sweetman

Attending an Assembly of God Church, Labuan, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Arene Cheok


I am a new Christian.


Together with my daughter, Samantha Ooi (please see below for Samantha’s testimony), we got baptised last Easter.


Both of us attended your seminar.


On the first night of your seminar, I struggled to understand your teaching.


Perhaps, it was because I was tired after a hard day’s work.


But thank God on the next day, I started to understand your teaching.


I was touched and impressed by your passion and conviction in your teaching and your costly obedience to the call of God.


Honestly, I have a heavy heart when I heard that we will have to go through the tribulation.


But I am thankful to Pastor Palan, the Senior Pastor of Reservoir Garden Baptist Church, for inviting you to our church to wake us up with your unpopular but honest and true teaching.


I am impressed with your courage and the fearlessness you taught the truth and denounce the false.


After your seminar, my daughter, Samantha Ooi told me, ‘Mum, I am ready to be your Isaac.’


When I heard that, I started to tear.


It was not the tears of fear or broken-heartedness but the tears of joy.


God is so wonderful.


She is only a young lady and a new Christian.


Your teaching has touched our hearts.


Because of your teaching, we are ready to bear the cross of Christ.


Praise God!


Your preaching on the next day at the worship service had also fired us up to really prepare ourselves to face the great tribulation.


Arene Cheok

Attending Reservoir Garden Baptist Church, Penang, Malaysia



Testimony of Samantha Ooi


Your teaching on Rapture and Great Tribulation was an eye-opening experience for me as a new Christian.


This is the best conference that I have ever attended.


It has greatly impacted me.


Before I attended your seminar, I have learnt snippets here and there about the Rapture and Great Tribulation but through your book and teaching, you have brought everything together into one coherent whole.


I admire the thoroughness of your research and study, first, as contained in your 350-page book, and second, in the approach of your teaching.


It is sad that so many Christians are blinded by false teachings.


Thank God that you have taught me the truth of the Post-tribulation and uncovered for me the falsity of Pre-tribulation teaching.


As we are living so close to the end of the age, I believe every Christian should thoroughly understand this topic so as to be prepared.


If we are unprepared and if our faith is weak, there is a strong likelihood that we may deny Christ.


As you have encouraged us, I pray that I will be like Abraham and Isaac, and be willing to die for Christ when the time comes.


I love the way you have conducted the session.


I love the humour and the songs that you have thrown in to liven up the teaching.


I especially appreciated your 350-page book as I’m one of those who love reading books.


Your book has become a great reference tool for me.


I plan to share the teaching with my friends and family to get them prepared for the end-times.


Your teaching has inspired me.


It has really stretched my mind, ignited my heart and changed the way I look at life.


There is no doubt that God is with you and has empowered you in this difficult calling of yours.


Your call to unfold the truth and reveal the false takes real courage.


As what you have said in your book, “The true success and the authenticity of one’s call is over the simple truth whether one has obeyed God’s call, regardless of whether there would be results or whether the response would be favourable.”


I hope too that I can obey and glorify God by speaking the truth.


Though your path is rocky, but with God, everything is possible.


Samantha Ooi

Attending Reservoir Garden Baptist Church, Penang, Malaysia