Testimonies of Pastor Ling Bek Sing, Rev Andrew Raman, Pastor Dr Philip Lyn, Elder David Ng, Dick Lum & Phoebe Barrow (Dated 17 Mar 2021)


Rev George Ong’s Comments:


I conducted the seminar, “Rapture & Great Tribulation” in many churches between 2014 and 2017. Of the many who attended the seminar, 834 had written their testimonies. The vast majority of these 834 testimonies have not only affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation rapture but they have also confirmed that Pre-tribulation is false.


These 834 testimonies have been featured, publicly, in many forums and to many people, but this is the first time they are appearing on this website.


Please read 6 of these testimonies by Pastor Ling Bek Sing, Rev Andrew Raman, Pastor Dr Philip Lyn, Elder David Ng, Dick Lum & Phoebe BarrowMany of such testimonies will be featured in the coming days. Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Pastor Ling Bek Sing


Rev George Ong’s teaching on Post-tribulation has brought a fresh awakening to our Church. I was a strong believer in Mid-tribulation before.


But after attending his teaching, and with all the scriptures that Rev George Ong has laid out and uncovered for us as concrete evidence, I now fully agree with him that Post-tribulation is the only true interpretation to the Rapture issue.


I believe he is specially called by God to teach this subject to the churches at such a time as this.


Certainly, our Lord Jesus Christ wants His Church to be prepared when He comes back. I would encourage many more believers to hear him out.


Teaching is one thing but the price that Rev George Ong has to pay for teaching the truth and revealing the false is not cheap. Indeed, it has cost him dearly.


May God continue to bless him and his family richly.


Pastor Ling Bek Sing

Senior PastorHigh Praise Assembly Church, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia



Testimony of Rev Andrew Raman


Thank you for bringing us the message of Rapture and the Great Tribulation.


In the past, I didn’t take a firm position on whether it is Pre-tribulation or Post-tribulation rapture, though I had some nagging thoughts that it couldn’t be a Pre-tribulation rapture (while I wished it was!)


But after reading your 350-page book and attending the seminar on 11 July, I am thoroughly convinced and convicted that Christians will go through tribulation and the rapture happens after the great tribulation. Hence, I must be prepared for the tribulation and teach my church members to be prepared too.


The error in the Pre-tribulation rapture doctrine which you have boldly pointed out is so clear and stark for all to see.


Thank you for your courage to teach the truth of the Post-tribulation and the falsity of the Pre-tribulation even at the expense of hurting your own ministry.


I am encouraged by your faith and trust in God to teach God’s truth when others disagree with and even criticise you.


While your teaching is solid and heavy, it was clear, insightful, and solidly anchored in the scriptures. Your teaching is a robust study of God’s word regarding the tribulation and the best I have heard so far. 


As you peppered the teaching with humour and songs, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.


I will surely encourage people to attend your future seminars, and when the opportunity arises, I will surely consider inviting you to my church to conduct it.


Most seminars of this nature (with 7 to 8 hours of teaching) will charge much more. You have been sacrificial and generous in sharing and giving of your time and energy to us. I am truly blessed.


Rev Andrew Raman

Former Vicar of Chapel of Christ the Redeemer (Anglican), Singapore

Currently on Sabbatical



Testimony of Pastor Dr Philip Lyn


Pastor George Ong has taught admirably at our church in his seminar on The Rapture & Great Tribulation.


He has done extensive research on the subject matter and come to a clear conviction.


I believe the Post-tribulation view is one that is thoroughly anchored in scripture.


The weight of the evidence and the tenor of the New Testament strongly supports it.


The call is for the church to prepare for suffering before Jesus comes again.


In demonstrating this clearly through the seminar, he has shown us we must all prepare ourselves for the days of trials ahead.


In so doing, Pastor George has done the church a huge favour!


Pastor Dr Philip Lyn

Senior Pastor, Skyline SIB, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Elder David Ng


Quite frankly, the subject of Rapture and Tribulation is not something I have given much thought to. My view was, it has to do with end times. I am already passed my mid-50s. In all probability, it is not likely to happen in my lifetime. So whatever will be, will be. I just leave it to God.


But because George invited me to attend his talk, I thought it might be time for me to learn something about it. 


The thing that struck me was the enormous amount of research George has put into the subject. He collated and came out with a 350-page book on the subject.


After reading the book and from the numerous verses he quoted from the Bible through his teaching to support his conviction of a Post-tribulation rapture, I am convinced that Post-tribulation rapture, which is well supported by many Bible verses, is the correct and true doctrine.


And as there is no middle ground, I am also convinced that the Pre-tribulation rapture position is an incorrect and a false doctrine, having no biblical basis, a view George also presented clearly and convincingly, debunking verses used by Pre-tribulation teachers.


One thing George said also struck me. And that is, even though the period of tribulation may not happen in my lifetime, we need to tell and prepare the generations to come, so that the correct theology is taught, and most importantly, future believers will know the truth and are therefore better prepared for it.


George also shared his struggles and challenges as he answered God’s call to teach this highly unpopular and tough subject. 


Once again, as always, I admire his courage and faith to obey God’s call and trust Him, no matter how daunting and intimidating the task may be.


Elder David Ng Tah Wee

True Way Presbyterian Church, Singapore



Testimony of Dick Lum


It was very enriching for me to have attended the seminar on The Rapture and Great Tribulation, delivered by Rev George Ong on 15th and 29th Aug 2015.


In the seminar, he exposed the flaws of the Pre-tribulation belief that for a long time had many believing as doctrinally sound.


Standing up against the false Pre-tribulation doctrine that has been widely accepted in the Christian fraternity doesn’t come easy for Rev George.


His speaking engagements have declined. Along with it, comes a lower income to support his family, etc.


But he has not wavered a single bit. He continues to take to the stand to dispel the falsity of the Pre-tribulation teachings.


He has bravely shared that even if his speaking engagements were to dwindle to zero, he will still stay the course and obey the Lord.


Such is a man of raw courage. Such is a man of true conviction.


Without adulterating any of the scriptural references, Rev George Ong expounded the topic with excellence.


I am heartened by his unswerving pursuit in making known the deceptiveness of the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


His sacrificial effort will go a long way in enlightening Christians with the truth which is ever so essential during this last-day era when deception will abound.


Dick Lum

Attending Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Phoebe Barrow


How blind I was to believe in the Pre-tribulation rapture doctrine.


How unwise I have been for so many years sharing that we will be raptured and be with the Lord before the great tribulation.


By holding on to this false Pre-tribulation teaching, I fail to challenge my Christian friends to be prepared. I fail to encourage believers that God will strengthen us, while we sacrifice our lives for His glory – he who suffers shall reign with Christ.


Thank God that through the seminar by Rev George Ong, I have been converted from a Pre-tribulation believer to a Post-tribulation believer.


It is not just a crucial lesson that I have learnt but I have experienced in my innermost being the spiritual reality and joy of unlearning a false teaching and relearning a scriptural truth.


The words of teaching by Rev George Ong have been imprinted and went deep into my mind, heart and soul.


Thank you Rev George for teaching us the truth of Post-tribulation and for boldly pointing out the falsity of Pre-tribulation.


Your teaching is truly excellent and utterly convincing. The reason is simple – it is based on the scriptures.


Despite criticisms and opposition, you were bold and fearless about carrying out the call of God.


Though you were rejected by many, you are like Jeremiah ‘who sits alone’. But take heart, one and God is a majority.


May God reward you with an eventual ‘Well done, my faithful servant.’”


Phoebe Barrow

Attending All Saints’ Cathedral (Anglican), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia