Testimonies of Pastor Janet Yan, Royston Koh, Alex Kooi, Johnny Ting, Wilson Kwan & Philip Che Weng Fook (Dated 19 July 2021)


Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 6 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Pastor Janet Yan, Royston Koh, Alex Kooi, Johnny Ting, Wilson Kwan & Philip Che Weng Fook who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Pastor Janet Yan


The end-times prophecy is a subject that pastors and leaders should engage in.


I am glad that the ‘Rapture & Great Tribulation’ seminar was conducted for our church and some visitors who had also attended.


George’s presentation was to focus on why Pre-tribulation was not right and that Post-tribulation was biblical.


He did a good job in making the arguments.


His strong and passionate arguments were easy for those who already knew the fundamentals of the Second Coming of Christ such as rapture, tribulation and millennium.


Some of our new and young believers had a harder time to follow through the arguments.


Therefore, the church must teach on essential truths of eschatology (and of course others) so that believers will grow into taking more solid food on such doctrines.


I was holding to the view of Dispensationalism; but I am learning and am being converted to the New Covenant Theology.


Therefore, George’s arguments had helped me to embrace the Post-tribulation position.


It is time that pastors study and teach doctrines to the church.


George’s ministries have stirred my heart to go back to the word and re-examine our theology.


I would encourage pastors and leaders to attend his thought-provoking seminars.


Pastor Janet Yan


Abundant Life Baptist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Royston Koh


I came as a Pre-tribulation believer under the teaching of my seminary.


I will need to re-examine my Pre-tribulation position.


This is because you have given a whole lot of solid scriptures to support the Post-tribulation position.


I believe your Post-tribulation position is credible, scholarly and biblical as it is borne out of the years of serious study of the Bible.


Like the Berean Jews, you have searched the scriptures and found errors in the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


This, to you is a huge disservice to the Body of Christ.


It has got the Church off the track of true sacrificial discipleship without which many believers will be unprepared for the terrible times of the last days.


Your teaching has woken us up from complacency and challenged us to be serious about Christian discipleship and to be strong in the faith.


Church leaders need to start strengthening the spiritual life of their members; ‘… warning them and teaching with all wisdom so that you may present every man perfect in Christ.’  (Col 1:28)


You are one of the most animated speakers I have ever met.


You spoke with absolute conviction and boldness, coupled with a sincere conviction that the Church has misunderstood an important event of the last days.


I admire you for your genuine love for God, total commitment and prophetic boldness.


You are a terrific speaker indeed!


Your teaching is radical, biblical and courageous.


The Church needs courageous and not politically correct preachers.


Keep preaching!


The song you sung to your wife in appreciation of her was another highlight ─ so appropriate and touching.


The people love your family.


Royston Koh

Attending The Bible Church, Singapore



Testimony of Alex Kooi


I bear witness in my spirit that Rev George Ong has a clear and definite call of God to teach on the truth of Post-tribulation and the falsity of Pre-tribulation.


Having being a Christian for more than 20 years, this is the first time I have heard this seminar on Rapture and Great Tribulation being taught in the church.


I was overwhelmed by Rev George’s dedication and fervency in delivering the topic.


His ability to deliver the message in a crystal clear and inspiring manner is an eye-opener to me.


Though a Post-tribulation believer myself, this seminar has given me a deeper understanding of the doctrine and the insightful knowledge to link and relate the many scripture passages in support of this doctrine.


I have learnt not to be complacent in my Christian walk and will make every effort to prepare myself for the coming tribulation.


Holding on to the deceitful Pre-tribulation teaching will give Christians a false hope and certainly cause them to be unprepared for the tribulation.


Being an unprepared Christian is what the Devil wanted all along and Rev George Ong’s message should serve as a wake-up call to all Christians.


May I appeal to those Pre-tribulation pastors and teachers to be very careful about what they are teaching.


If these pastors and teachers are led astray by their own false Pre-tribulation teaching, they, with their spiritual maturity, could still stand a chance to recover from the shock when the truth of the Post-tribulation finally unfolds.


But if they were to lead their innocent sheep astray by their false Pre-tribulation teaching, the spiritual immaturity of the sheep may not be strong enough for them to handle the shock when the truth of the Post-tribulation dawns, and they may turn away from the faith and lose their salvation (Matt 24:9-13, Matt 10:33).


As shepherds of God’s flock, they will be held accountable for every sheep that they are leading.


My regret is not being able to attend Rev George’s previous seminar on Cat & Dog Theology in 2013 when it was conducted at our church.


I am looking forward to his next end-time seminar in 2016.


Alex Kooi

Attending Every Nation Church, Penang, Malaysia



Testimony of Johnny Ting


My wife, my son and I were put on full concentration for almost 7 hours listening and absorbing the solid teachings on Rapture and Great Tribulation by the razor sharp and fully convicted Rev George Ong.


His references to the many Bible verses and his well-researched arguments undoubtedly score the winning point that turned the table on the Pre-tribber’s school of thought.


The key lesson that has impacted me is that the false teachings of Pre-trib will cause believers to be unprepared for the Great Tribulation.


The implications of such a scenario are frightening and worrisome.


After the seminar, I spent many hours flipping through Rev George Ong’s 350-page book and the Bible to chart the sequence of events chronologically on these spine-chilling and mind-boggling biblical revelations.


Rev George taught the seminar with conviction and I am thankful for his ability to explain this rather complex topic in a simple and clear manner.


Johnny Ting

Mission Director

Basel Christian Church Malaysia, Bundusan & English General Council (BCCM), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Wilson Kwan


Throughout the ages, there have been preachers who preach half-truths by quoting the word of God out of context.


Sadly, some of these half-truths laid the foundation for the Church and these so-called Christian doctrines have been propagated through the generations that followed.


On the other hand, Pastor George’s seminar is rooted in the word of God.


While the false doctrines may be preached by some churches, what Pastor George preached (and I have done the research myself and I concur), is true.


This makes him the Jeremiah of our time.


“Do not listen to what the (false) prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.” (Jer 23:16)


There are many who teach what the people want to hear, but Pastor George teaches what God wants you to listen.


We are blessed by God to have you, Pastor.


I would strongly recommend that you attend his seminar and go deep in the word of God.


But it will be good if you can read up Revelation yourself before you go, as you will be able to benefit and appreciate the teaching better.


To be honest, the seminar content did not impact me as much because I was already convinced of the Post-tribulation view before attending.


What impacted me most is your audacity to stand up against the popular views of certain doctrines: for example, Pre-tribulation, Once Saved Always Saved and Hyper Grace.


Though these doctrines are clearly unscriptural, most in the church do not dare to stick out their necks to challenge and debunk these doctrines.


But God has found you to be faithful in the teaching of His word.


Your example of courage and conviction is what impacts me most.


Wilson Kwan

Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Philip Che Weng Fook


I appreciated Rev George Ong who taught on the Pre-trib and Post-trib rapture topic on 2 Aug which I attended.


His teaching has awoken me to the fact that biblically, as a Christian, I will have to go through the tribulation period as opposed to what I have been taught and understood for many years that we will be raptured before tribulation comes.


Up till today, I cannot find a verse so far that explicitly says that believers will escape the tribulation.


It is also important for me to know that I will have to go through the tribulation so that I will be spiritually and mentally prepared for it.


Rev George Ong’s teaching had impacted me in my approach to the study of the Bible.


The impact is that now, I have to learn to study the Bible analytically with the help of the Holy Spirit and be able to understand every passage in its proper context.


In fact, I had started to scrutinize the meaning of each word in a verse or a passage and taken careful note of what is said before and after the verse or passage.


After I had attended Rev George’s teaching on 2 Aug, I have actually looked through in greater detail the supporting verses of what I have been taught or learned about the Pre-trib rapture doctrine and I compare them with the verses presented by Rev George Ong.


I have found out that Rev George Ong’s teaching about the Post-trib rapture doctrine is truly in line with the scriptures.


Rev George Ong has certainly presented the Post-trib Rapture doctrine with the backing of many appropriate verses.


His teaching is also precise, detailed and presented in line and in consonance with the context of the various passages.


I thank Rev George Ong for his teaching and also his passion in presenting the truth from the Bible.


May the Lord continue to bless his ministry.


Philip Che Weng Fook

Attending an Assembly of God Church, Singapore