Testimonies of Pastor Dr Philip Lyn’s Skyline SIB Seminar Attendees: Rev Elizabeth & Rev Vincent Lai, Allen Tong, Kenneth Prakash, Prashad Matthew Koshy, Justin Ng & Christina Tay (Dated 21 Mar 2021)


Rev George Ong’s Comments:


It was my joy to conduct the Rapture & Great Tribulation seminar for Pastor Dr Philip Lyn at Skyline SIB Church several years ago. He encouragingly shared with me that my teaching was very well received by those who attended.


Please read the 6 testimonies of those who attended the seminar at Skyline SIB Church: Rev Elizabeth & Rev Vincent Lai, Allen Tong, Kenneth Prakash, Prashad Matthew Koshy, Justin Ng & Christina Tay, who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Rev Elizabeth & Rev Vincent Lai


Listening to the preaching of Rev George Ong on Rapture and Great Tribulation was like taking on a spiritual tranquilizer.


We found what had been taught on this recognised difficult subject, with so much bountiful and profound materials and in such a short time space of six hours was first a miracle!


We had listened to Rev Ong’s preaching on two previous occasions at Skyline SIB Church during worship services.


We found it most inspiring, uplifting, refreshing and interesting, especially when jokes appeared. Even jokes spoke the truth!


But we were most excited when our speaker encouraged us to dive deep into the scriptures.


We admire Rev Ong for his passion to teach and for his painstaking effort to search the scriptures.


After listening to the above seminar, we are even more convinced now to live under the light of the Post-tribulation view.


The Chinese version of your teaching has yet to be done! Many are waiting… Glory be to God on High!


Rev Elizabeth & Rev Vincent Lai

Korean Exodus Mission Church Hong Kong

Helping out with the Chinese speaking members at Skyline SIB Church, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Allen Tong


It is surely God’s divine intervention for my attending the Rapture and Great Tribulation seminar on 14 March, 2015 at Skyline SIB Church.


When Rev George’s seminar was announced over the pulpit, I had already signed up for a 3-day seminar in Kuala Lumpur over the same dates. That meant I would have to miss the talk.


Jeannette, my wife nudged me to sign up for both of us for the Rapture talk, thinking I can easily skip the Rapture seminar with some excuses when the time comes.


‘Unfortunately’, our Senior Pastor, Dr Philip Lyn said, once you sign up, you cannot withdraw. Hence, I came for the seminar.  


Before the seminar, we were informed that we will be given a 350-page pre-reading material which I had not intended to read. I left it lying there for a few days.


But our God is a ‘humorous’ God. One evening, God prompted me to pick up the book. I picked it up and had intended to flip through the pages.


Not only did I not flip, but I started reading the book as I was especially caught up with the caption on the front cover, originating from Rev George, “The most saddening and damaging thing about flirting with the half truth is that you might end up with having the wrong half.”


I started reading from the first page and couldn’t put it down! Was it a ‘WOW’ moment for me? Yes, indeed.


On the day of the seminar, Rev George Ong, whom I have heard preach twice before in Skyline SIB Church, held me spell bound by his articulation of the subject of Rapture and Tribulation.


What I read in the book was being unfolded brilliantly by his teaching, illuminating every facet of my previously vague understanding of the subject.


Reading the book before the talk had helped me tremendously to follow and flow with his teaching, which was conducted at the speed of a bullet train. Looking back, I am really glad that I did.


Am I better informed now? Am I now convinced that the doctrine of Pre-tribulation rapture is false? And all in just a 6-hour talk!


Yes! I am convinced that not only is Pre-tribulation a false doctrine but Post-tribulation is entirely biblical.


I am convinced because Rev George supported his teaching with the solid word of God. (for eg, Matt 24:29-31; Mk 13:1-36; 2 Thess 2:1-12)


I did not know the intensity of having to be ready for Christ’s coming, and to have my loved ones ready too. Now, I do.


I was so excited that I immediately shared about the seminar with my son over dinner on the same week-end. His message is Awesome, Biblical and Courageous!


Rev George Ong, I enjoyed your jokes, your sense of humour, your stories and testimonies and your singing (My, my, what a melodious and wonderful singing voice you have!).


Most of all, I am impacted by your passion and courage to speak God’s truth, despite the humongous challenges and opposition!


We will fervently pray as a family for the Lord to open many divine doors and opportunities of ministry in your itinerant calling.


Allen Tong

Attending Skyline SIB, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Kenneth Prakash 


Hi, Rev George Ong, I honestly thought your preaching was great. Thank you so much for coming all the way from Singapore to give Skyline SIB Church an excellent seminar.


I truly believe what you said about the Post-tribulation rapture is true and I strongly believe that Jesus is coming soon. By the way, I’m still reading your book.


What Pastor Philip Lyn said is true. I’ve never read a book this interesting before in my life. I usually get extremely bored with books like this because like all typical teenagers, we think it is lame but this is very different.


I’ve read the How to kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Oliver Twist by Charles Dicken, A tale of two cities, Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island… I can actually type all the books that I’ve read that were so intriguing to me but your book, Rev George, is as interesting as the books I’ve read as mentioned above.


I love your singing. I wish I could sing like that to my girlfriend. You’re pretty cool for an old timer. You’re awesome!”


Kenneth Prakash (16-years-old)

Attending Skyline SIB, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Prashad Matthew Koshy


Thank you, Rev George Ong for conducting this marvellous topic of Rapture and the Great Tribulation, which you expounded at great length.


As our Pastor Dr Philip Lyn had stated that to be able to concisely and effectively teach the entire topic within a short time frame of 6 hours is a gift from God.

My dear Rev George Ong, indeed you have spent lots of time to compile your teaching into a 350-page book which was very well presented with sufficient facts to convince the readers of the truth of the Post-tribulation doctrine and the falsity of the Pre-tribulation doctrine.

I am excited about what I have learnt from you that I am already sharing your teachings with friends from other Churches.

There is never a dull moment when you stand behind the pulpit to address the congregation.


You keep the listeners alive and awake with your dynamic humour, which itself is a great gift of God.


Your ability to sing and strum the ukelele is another gift.


God’s grace and love be upon you always.

Prashad Matthew Koshy

Attending Skyline SIB, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Justin Ng


“On 14 March 2015 at Skyline SIB Church, I attended the Rapture and Great Tribulation teaching by Rev George Ong.


His teaching had profoundly impacted my personal belief and view towards this subject.


I became a believer of Christ 40 years ago, and in the 80’s, I had been presented and taught the Rapture and Great Tribulation doctrines by both Pre-tribulation and Post-tribulation preachers.


Naturally, I was made to believe there are always two sides to the issue – that both Pre-tribulation and Post-tribulation are alternative interpretations to the Rapture doctrine.


But, from Rev George’s seminar, I discovered that the Pre-tribulation doctrine, which is not validated by the word of God, is false. It is a false teaching that had unfortunately infested most of the Evangelical churches and has been allowed to last for so long – more than 180 years! 


This gigantic ‘demolition works’ of the Pre-tribulation doctrine is now being carried out by Rev George Ong.


He had sacrificed much of his time and effort to do a meticulous study and thorough research of the topic. They are now contained in the 350-page book, entitled, ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’.


This book is a treasure. I am determined to re-read it. Now, he is presenting the truth of this doctrine to us right at our door step.


May I strongly encourage you to attend his seminar.


If you have a chance to attend his seminar, I would strongly recommend that you read his book before coming for the seminar because it will help you to grasp the ‘meat and not milk’ teaching much better.


Though the topic is ‘heavy’, your teaching is very concise and ‘straight to the point’.


I have learnt from you that we are Post-tribulationist not because we like the label of Post-tribulationism. We are Post-tribulationist because Jesus is a Post-tribulationist (Matt 24:29-31) and the Apostle Paul too is a Post-tribulationist (2 Thess 2:1-12).


At the Sunday worship service the next day, I heard the sermon preached by you. You simply preached to us with love and expensed every ounce of your energy to challenge us to walk the path of radical faith.


I thank God for you and your spouse for making the sacrifices in your ministry.


Without the price you had paid for me, I may never have encountered the true teachings of Rapture and Great tribulation.


Justin Ng

Attending Skyline SIB, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Christina Tay


Attending a day of only the 6-hour Rapture and Tribulation seminar to hear Rev George Ong teach, is indeed very challenging and compressed for both the Speaker and participants to deliver and grasp the whole truth of this controversial topic.


I could only comment, ‘Well done, Rev George!’


You had succeeded to challenge us as Christians to leave our comfort zone, and seriously ponder and research the most often avoided topic of Rapture, Pre or Post-tribulation.


As a matter of fact, the last I heard a teaching on Rapture and Tribulation was a long 40 years ago. I have often asked, why is this topic not taught and preached over the pulpit?


My conclusion is ‘controversial and not favourable, difficult to chew and swallow subject, not many well anchored researches to substantiate the truth’.


I am glad to have attended the seminar.


I observe Rev George is bold to challenge the Pre-tribulation doctrine vs Post-tribulation.


I have learnt that when it comes to truth and falsity, there must be boldness to declare the truth and denounce the false, and there should be no sitting on the fence.


He delivered the teaching in such a compressed time with clarity and substantiated with many scriptures in his book.


At the end of the seminar, one can never forget the following:


First, we ought to take on the spirit of the Bereans to study and research the Bible diligently to find out the truth.


Second, my opinion is that Rev George’s ‘prophetic call’ on Post-tribulation in the end time era before the second coming of the Lord Jesus, is similar to the ‘voice in the wilderness’ by John the Baptist to prepare the coming of the Messiah. Let those who have ears hear and understand, and those who have eyes see and perceive.


Third, the repeated scriptures Rev George expounded in context for eg 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Matthew 24:29-31; Mark 13:24-27 and 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 are well clarified.


Fourth, before a glorious and victorious event takes place, there must be a fierce and tough battle preceding (to me, it is a tribulation we, the Body of Christ have to fight and win over).


Fifth, to prepare myself for the tribulation is not good enough. I must teach, train and equip our next generation to stand firmly in the Faith in the midst of the fiercest battle with the Antichrist.


I could only salute Rev George’s boldness to champion the truth of Post-tribulation to prepare Christians to stand firm and be the victorious army of the Lord.


I exhort Rev George to continue the ‘prophetic call’ boldly to fulfill God’s destiny in his life and ministry.


Tribulation is already here on earth. The worst is yet to come! The question is ‘are we ready’?


Rev George, you know how to keep your audience awake and flow with you. Your body language to get the audience to exercise and participate keep the ‘difficult and tough to chew’ subject more palatable.


Your two love songs dedicated to your wife and daughter in public make you ‘a real down to earth’ exemplary husband and father to be modelled in the Body of Christ. 


Very often, Christians pursue or feel intimidated by the super spirituality of speakers and pastors, and we fail to learn living practically to impact those around us.


Your songs opened our hearts to say ‘O man! George is not only a Reverend, but he is real!’


Not forgetting to commend on your good vocal and humour.


You have a strong and silent pillar with you. Your wife Kwee Siew, with quiet and gentle spirit is a dynamic partner in your ministry. She is the most noble woman and wife to be exemplified. God impressed me strongly with these words ‘Strong Silent Pillar is she’.”


Christina Tay

Attending New Life Church Sabah (Chinese) & Skyline SIB (visitor)