Testimonies of Pastor David Kueh, Doreen Lim, Carol Ng, Alex Tan, Dennys Ng & Khoo Dik Dik (Dated 2 June 2021)



Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 6 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Pastor David Kueh, Doreen Lim, Carol Ng, Alex Tan, Dennys Ng & Khoo Dik Dik who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.


Testimony of Pastor David Kueh


Rev George Ong brings a timely and vital teaching to warn and prepare the believers (especially those living in a comfortable and affluent setting) for the tribulation in the end times.


Still fresh in my mind are the leaders and believers in Nepal who continue to walk faithfully in adverse and trying circumstances (I just came back this evening on 26 Oct from a Mission trip to Nepal).


Many paid a high price for their faith – rejected by families, jailed and martyred.


They certainly do not believe in an ‘escapetology’ theology of the end-times.


A believer and a church unprepared and wrongly taught on tribulation is a sure recipe for disaster.


May the Lord continue to use Rev George Ong as a prophetic voice to the churches in Malaysia and beyond.


Pastor David Kueh

Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia



Testimony of Doreen Lim


There is sincerity, passion and zeal that comes through Rev George when he says he has been given the call of God to declare to the Body of Christ what he terms as “highly unpopular and controversial message” – that of demolishing Pre-tribulation teaching, as well as promoting Post-tribulation teaching.


For no man who has suffered the brokenness of his body parts over the years and survived them by the Grace of God would not be true to God’s call to him.


And the very fact of his preparedness to do so at the risk of offending churches of the Pre-tribulation position which might ostracize him ─ backs this up.


His teaching based on his painstaking research about the truth of the Post-tribulation and the falsity of the Pre-tribulation is thoroughly scriptural and will convince the cynic in most of us.


His arguments are clear and concise and kept me awake throughout the 8 over hours.


The illustrations he uses were vivid to the point.


The ‘revelation’ of the truth that God has revealed through Rev George must be told to every member of the body of Christ!


So do yourself a favour and follow the spirit of the Bereans ─ “to find out if these things were so” (Acts 17:11).


The battle ground is clearly becoming more manifest today by the Christian Holocaust that’s going on in Iraq.


Should we not be prepared to face tribulations in “these last days” (Heb 1:2)?


Who knows ─ you might be in the wrong place at the wrong time and be totally unprepared when you are called to recant your Christian beliefs and faith?


So just listen and be grounded in the truth of scripture and stay true to our Lord.


Doreen Lim

Attending Wesley Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Carol Ng


Pre-tribulation is a false doctrine which clearly contradicted many passages in the word of God.


Post-tribulation is clearly and truly taught again and again in the various books of the Bible.


Churches should not compromise and ought to be bold in teaching the truth of God’s word without fear or favour.


If churches aren’t bold and uncompromising in a non-persecution setting, how can we expect and produce Christians to be bold who dare to stand up for the truth of their faith when they are confronted by the Antichrist or his henchmen?


Your teaching is solid, factual, clear and supported by many references in the word of God.


Preach it, Pastor George!


We need God-fearing and obedient leaders like you.


Not too long ago, my son asked me about the question what he could do if someone were to point a pistol at him and asked him to deny Christ.


Could he lie first and then repent later (and repeat the process of lying then repent over and over again) because God is full of grace and will definitely forgive him?


Thank you for your session because I know how to answer him now.


Even though the answer is the most sober and solemn truth that I will have to give to my son, I will have to be real and dead honest about it (Matt 10:33).


Hence, it is so crucial to prepare our next generation for the great tribulation so that they will stay faithful to Christ and not deny Him.


Carol Ng

Attending an Independent Church, Penang, Malaysia



Testimony of Alex Tan


The new lesson that I have learnt from the seminar is that while Post-trib is true, Pre-trib which is unbiblical, is not an alternative doctrine to the interpretation of the Rapture issue.


What is taught that Jesus could come back any time is a wrong doctrine.


Though the second coming of Jesus will surprise the unbelieving world, it will never surprise genuine believers as the signs of His coming are clearly given in Matthew 24.


What impacted me most is the sober reminder that I do not have to wait until the Great Tribulation to become a martyr.


With what had happened recently in Paris and Brussels where hostages were suddenly taken and people killed as what Rev George had mentioned, this simply means that any Christian can be put in the same situation where he or she must be ready to stand for Christ.


I too must always be watchful and live a life that is ready at all times to stand for Christ.


Though your teaching is done at a fast pace, it is very comprehensive and backed up by biblical truths.


Alex Tan

Deputy Chairman, Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia



Testimony of Dennys Ng


If I had not attended Rev George’s talk on ‘Rapture & the Great Tribulation’, I would have really missed out on a great revelation on this very complicated, controversial and least understood book of the Bible – the Book of Revelation!


Before attending his talk, I belonged to the Pre-trib school of thought for no valid reason other than pure submission to the church authorities.


Rev George showed and convinced me with scriptural verses that explicitly support the Post-trib view as opposed to none that supports the Pre-trib doctrine.


It just goes to show how important sound and biblical teaching is and how we must be like the Bereans and not be naïve and simplistic in our study of the word.


But all praise to the Almighty God who has raised up men of God like Rev George to warn us of false teachings and prepare us for the end times!


I believe God has tasked Rev George with this very purpose and with God’s help, he will prevail and triumph over all who dare to ‘add or subtract’ from the Book of Revelation (Rev 22:18-19)!


All glory and honour to our God who will be with us to the very end of the age, and who will never leave us nor forsake us.


Dennys Ng

Attending an Assembly of God Church, Singapore



Testimony of Khoo Dik Dik


I considered myself very blessed to have attended Pastor George Ong’s Seminar on Rapture and Great Tribulation.


He has done an extensive research on the subject matter, and from the scriptures, he has proven beyond a shadow of doubt about the truth of the Post-trib doctrine.


Not only was I thoroughly convinced but I am now deeply convicted about this Post-trib truth.


Since Post-trib and Pre-trib are at opposing ends, and if Post-trib is thoroughly true, it goes without saying that Pre-trib doctrine has to be definitely false.


Despite the fact that most churches and pastors are known to adhere to the Pre-trib doctrine for ages, I admire Rev George Ong’s courage to go against the grain of conventional teaching.


Pastor George is not fearful of any repercussions from others of the Pre-trib persuasion as long as he is convicted by God’s word, and called by God to speak the truth.


He shouldn’t be fearful at all as his stand on Post-trib after all is solidly anchored on scriptures and thoroughly biblical.


I applaud him for making such a bold stand in this Post-trib doctrine.


Pastor George has made me realise that believers should no longer be complacent in their walk with Christ, instead, one should be fully prepared for the great trials ahead.


He has an incredible teaching technique.


Because of his powerful and non-monotonous voice, apparently, as far as I noticed, none slept in his 8-hour seminar!


I would encourage every believer to attend his seminar.


His biblical research and study on the truth of the Post-trib and the falsity of the Pre-trib doctrine is priceless.


Those who made time to attend the seminar will definitely benefit greatly from it.


Well done, Pastor George!


Khoo Dik Dik

Attending Every Nation Church, Penang, Malaysia