Testimonies of Pastor David Cheng, Ng Keng Tiong, Edmund Chua, Marcus Law, Chung Tze Bing & Millie Fong (Dated 28 June 2021)



Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 6 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Pastor David Cheng, Ng Keng Tiong, Edmund Chua, Marcus Law, Chung Tze Bing & Millie Fong who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Pastor David Cheng


 We are thankful to God for Rev George Ong who conducted the seminar on Rapture and Great Tribulation on 16th and 17th October 2015 at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kuching.


Indeed, it was an eye opener for all who attended the seminar.


Rev George exposed the flaws of the Pre-trib belief that for a long time had many believing as doctrinally sound.


His presentation of the various Bible passages relating to Rapture and the Great Tribulation was thorough, consistent and biblically sound and they proved without a doubt that the Post-trib view is the only one that is thoroughly taught in scripture.


We were encouraged by his example of radical faith in God to teach God’s truth in the face of opposition from the Pre-trib camp.


His testimonies of God’s divine provisions, healings and testings through various trials also encouraged us very much.


His solid biblical teaching on Post-trib is very much needed in the body of Christ today as it is truly a wake-up call to all genuine believers to rise up to exercise radical faith in radical times.


Through his seminar, we have also learnt to purposefully prepare, especially the next generation for the Great Tribulation and be ready to go through the difficult times of suffering and be counted as overcomers.


I strongly recommend his seminar to every church who would like to check out whether the Bible strongly supports the Pre-trib or the Post-trib doctrine.


Pastor David Cheng

Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia



Testimony of Ng Keng Tiong


Most of what is presented in the seminar, particularly about the truth of Post-tribulation, is what I have more or less learnt through my own study of Revelation and Matthew 24.


But it is inspiring and refreshing to hear these reiterated and confirmed through your teaching.


The impact or message to bring home is that we must love Jesus and serve Him wholeheartedly, in the light of the difficult times that we will be facing in the not-too-distant future.


The trials that believers will have to go through paradoxically presents golden opportunities to get to know Jesus at a deeper level, as it is often through suffering that we get bonded to Jesus at its closest level.


You are very passionate about your calling.


Your passion is reflected in what you said at the seminar that you would rather preach one sermon in truth rather than 99 sermons in falsehood.


You have also mentioned that the greatest ingredient to unlearn what was wrongfully learnt is not knowledge but courage.


For many, it may involve the loss of their pastoral jobs or lecturing posts in theological colleges because the official position that is held by many Christian organisations is that of Pre-tribulation.


Sadly, you have pointed out that there are people who lack the courage to let go of the Pre-tribulation belief because of their overriding concern to safeguard their pastoral jobs and lecturing posts at the expense of their conscience and conviction.


Ng Keng Tiong

Attending The Bible Church, Singapore



Testimony of Edmund Chua


Bravo to Rev George Ong for his recent explicit and bold teaching on Rapture and Great Tribulation.


It is a subject which is rarely preached in many churches and avoided by some believers who find the book of Revelation too tough to understand.


Usually, many preachers try to shun the teaching of this subject.


Even when it is being preached, more often than not, the focus will just be on teaching the Pre-trib rapture doctrine.


In the recent seminar, Rev George broke from the norm and taught on Post-trib rapture, a subject which even many end-time preachers would avoid.


He laboriously expounded on the biblical truth of Post-tribulation rapture.


His clear and sound teaching was backed up by many biblical verses as shown in his 350-page book.


In contrast, the arguments of Pre-trib rapture are often based on allegories or unsupported biblical inferences.


His teaching of the Post-trib rapture thus represents a wake-up call to believers, urging them to adopt the correct doctrine.


By adhering to the Pre-trib rapture doctrine, believers tend to take things easy.


These believers are tempted to be complacent as they had held on to the wrong doctrine that they would not have to go through tribulation.


They have been misled to believe that the Pre-trib doctrine is the truth.


Rev George’s preaching impacted me greatly.


To a great extent, I have been awakened from my slumber.


I have to re-examine my faith and reflect deeply where I stand, after which, I will share this invaluable truth with my friends.


I am touched by his boldness to confront the theological giants in the Pre-trib camp and his willingness to sacrifice himself in order to speak the truth and denounce the false.


Edmund Chua

Attending Basel Christian Church Malaysia, Canaanland, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Marcus Law


I would like to thank you for sharing and speaking so openly to us.


I’ve got to admit that I grew up thinking that Pre-trib is the biblical doctrine.


I thought that when Jesus comes again, faithful Christians will be brought to heaven and not have to go through the Tribulation.


I even prayed to God for the opportunity to be raptured when the time comes.


But during your teaching, my spiritual eyes were opened.


And I am now pretty much convinced of the fact that Pre-trib doctrine is an illusion.


You managed to persuade me through the scriptures about the misinterpretation of the many Bible verses by Pre-tribbers.


I must say that your teachings were resoundingly biblical, accurate and true to context and logical in thought.


Why would God take the whole Church away at a momentous time when she is critically needed to evangelise to the world during the last 7 years of history?


It just doesn’t make any logical sense to me.


I’ve always wanted to escape Tribulation.


My fear of persecution and my weak faith in Christ were probably the reasons.


Though my hope of escaping the tribulation was ‘crushed’, I thank you for telling me the honest truth.


Thanks for preparing me for what is to come and I am determined to motivate myself to strengthen my faith in Christ.


Though I had attended only one (first session) out of 3 sessions because I had to travel to Kuala Lumpur for my studies, it was enough to convince me.


Your 350-page book is of course a great help to fill in on the 2 sessions that I had missed.


I wished I could join all three sessions, but one was indeed enough to open my eyes to the truth of the Post-trib and the falsity of the Pre-trib.


Marcus Law

Attending Trinity Baptist Church, Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia



Testimony of Chung Tze Bing


Thanks for coming over to Lahad Datu, Calvary Charismatic Church, to share those precious lessons with us.


I have been exposed to Post-trib teaching because Pastor Susan Tang and Pastor Daniel Chong in my church have been teaching us to prepare to face the end-time tribulation…. especially through their preaching in recent years.


However, your teaching has given me more solid biblical proof to denounce the false Pre-trib doctrine and be fully assured of Post-trib truth.


I heard from some of my friends that they are still believing in the Pre-trib doctrine as they thought that is the true doctrine.


So, pastor, you should keep on teaching the Post-trib doctrine in more churches especially in other denominations, besides the Assemblies of God.


Your teaching is very clear and convincing as they are based on the scriptures.


I truly appreciate what you have been doing for God.


Keep on teaching the truth and tearing down the deception!


God bless you.


Chung Tze Bing

Attending Calvary Charismatic Church (Assembly of God), Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Millie Fong


Dear Pastor George Ong, I thank God that you are always radical in your preaching and teaching and for your boldness and sacrifices for staying true to God and His call.


Surely the Faithful God who has called you for this cause will empower you to fulfil it.


I pray that all theologians and pastors will not take it as a personal attack on their church but to relook and search His word again concerning whether it is supporting Pre or Post-tribulation position.


May this not divide the body but bring a greater unity to prepare the army of the Living God to be ready for battle in the day of His power!


The teaching on Post-tribulation rapture by Pastor George Ong is not only interesting but it is a great help to me at discovering the truth.


Frankly, I find it difficult to understand the topic until I attended his teaching.


There is great clarity in his teaching which is concretely based on scriptures.


He also makes it easy for us to understand without resorting to the jargon of a theologian.


The most important point to bring home is that I need to be mentally and spiritually prepared for the coming tribulation and I do not have to fear even if I have to go through it.


With this understanding, it wakes me up from my complacency and indifference.


Further, I need to share with my two children the right perspective so that they will not be caught unprepared but take the word of God seriously and begin, like the Bereans, to search the scriptures for themselves.


I will strongly recommend to anyone who has little or conflicting understanding of Pre or Post-trib doctrines to attend Pastor George Ong’s teaching to listen for themselves, and then, they can decide for themselves what ought to be the biblical view.


This is not a teaching for the faint-hearted or those wanting their ears to be tickled but for those who are serious about dividing the truth and knowing the whole counsel of His word.


As for myself, I have been blessed and will continue to search the scriptures based on the materials that he has tirelessly spent in producing them.


The book he has produced is very precious as it contains clear and concrete evidence of what ought to be the right interpretation to the issue.


I have been listening to teachings for 45 years about Pre-tribulation doctrine.


Today, I don’t have to live under that lie anymore.


Pastor George, I thank you for sticking your neck out for the truth and for bringing us back to the biblical perspective.


It takes one man like you who is willing to pay the price in order to make a difference in the lives of others!


But be encouraged that you are not alone and may the Lord strengthen you and give you peace.


Millie Fong

Attending an Assembly of God Church, Singapore