Testimonies of Liew Heng San, Goh Boon Hua, Koa Vi Vian & Lavelle Lee (Dated 17 Aug 2021)


Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 4 of these testimonies of Liew Heng San, Goh Boon Hua, Koa Vi Vian & Lavelle Lee who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.


Testimonies of Liew Heng San


When Dr Ben Weatherington III (Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Asbury) was invited by Methodist Bishop Robert Solomon to deliver the 2008 Aldersgate Address, he explained at one of the sessions how for its first 1,800 years, the Church did not have any Pre-tribulation teaching.


This was because Pre-tribulation came into existence only in 1830, and was propagated by the Plymouth Brethren like John Darby who in turn influenced others like Moody and Scofield.


A relatively modern phenomenon, it is not embraced by the great majority of Protestants, and is also not part of Catholic or Orthodox theology. Simply put, Pre-tribulation is not well grounded in exegesis of the Bible by the Church over many centuries.


George Ong goes further by tracing the genesis of the 1830 teaching to a Pre-tribulation vision of a young girl in Edward Irving’s church in Scotland, before meticulously chronicling the clear stance of all the early Church Fathers, including Augustine, Calvin, Edwards.


Above all, George also lists all the verses and exegetes carefully to show where the Pre-tribulation teaching deviated from the historical teaching of the Church which has always been Post-Tribulation.


George also warns us not to be taken in by apocalyptic fiction of writers like Tim LaHaye, which further popularised Pre-trib through Hollywood movies like Left Behind and The Rapture.


Liew Heng San

Ex Permanent Secretary in the Singapore Civil Service

Member of Singapore Bible College Board

Attending Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church, Singapore



Testimony of Goh Boon Hua


Dear Rev George Ong, I want to thank God for your boldness, tenacity and passion to champion the Post-tribulation doctrine.


What I want to thank God even more is your ‘higher and more fervent’ boldness, tenacity and passion to tear-down and destroy the false Pre-tribulation doctrine.


Eschatology, particularly Rapture and Great Tribulation, is sadly one of the least talked about and taught subjects in the Church.


The Church has erroneously seen this as a ‘taboo’ topic.


The sad part is, ‘in order to play it safe and not rock the boat’, the Church has chosen to remain neutral by avoiding the core subject matter as it is taught in Rev George Ong’s seminar, altogether.


The Church tends to side-step this issue by just focussing on and advocating general preparedness; like always remain in God’s love, grace and mercy and always be diligent in obeying the word and walking in the Spirit, etc.


This is so unfortunate because the Church has erroneously seen the Rapture issue as a controversial topic to be avoided.


More so, the truth of the Post-trib doctrine is so clearly and plainly presented in the Bible.


At the same time, the falsity of the Pre-trib doctrine can be easily be proven if one were to study the relevant passages in the Bible.


Rev George Ong, thanks for your never-say-die perseverance to teach the truth of the Post-trib and the falsity of the Pre-trib at great cost to your own well-being.


Thank you for being an ‘Elijah’, calling out to the Church to prepare for the Tribulation.


Your teaching has greatly impacted me.


Goh Boon Hua

Attending Reservoir Garden Baptist Church, Penang, Malaysia



Testimony of Koa Vi Vian


Thinking that I already knew all there is to know about the Rapture and Great tribulation, it was a shock to me when Rev George Ong started to expound on the fact that there is no such thing as the Pre-tribulation rapture.


I had learnt since young that Rapture must happen first before the great tribulation, and I realised that after the seminar, from all the verses that he shared, that this is not the truth.


The ‘new revelation’ of the Post-tribulation truth that I have learnt is crucial as it will impact the way I prepare for the future.


Though I always have the desire to acknowledge Christ and not deny Him before men, will I have that much strength and faith to endure the great tribulation?


Am I ready to die for Christ? What is the extent of my commitment to Him and the gospel?


All these are the questions that stood out while I was pondering over the Post-tribulation verses.


All these warnings from Rev George have indeed woken me up.


My understanding about Pre-tribulation doctrine was faulty from the beginning because I didn’t examine the verses in the Bible regarding this topic.


I am a fan of Tim LaHaye’s books, for eg: ‘The Left Behind Series’.


The recent movie, ‘Left Behind’ and many other rapture and end-time Christian movies also reinforced my belief in the Pre-tribulation doctrine.


All these have led us to learn the wrong doctrine.


Rev George has encouraged us that we should be like the Berean Christians.


We should all be very careful, and in the teaching on any topic, we must verify from the scriptures what we hear or listen from any preacher or even the books that we read.


Thank you, Rev George Ong, for undertaking the daunting task of uprooting our wrong understanding of the Pre-tribulation doctrine and emphasising the importance of being ready for the great tribulation.


Koa Vi Vian

Attending Wesley Methodist Church, Klang, Malaysia



Testimony of Lavelle Lee


When I heard that there is a Pastor in Singapore taking the stand for Post-tribulation, my heart leaped with joy.


Through these 4-5 years as a convicted Post-trib believer, I felt lonely among my peers who either think that God will rapture them out before trouble comes or they don’t even know the existence of an end-time plan or that they simply do not care about end-time events.


It is a rough road out there for all Post-tribbers and you’ll hardly bump into one.


So when I got to know that Pastor George is going to teach this topic, I felt that God answered my prayer to be engaged with like-minded Christians who hold the same view.


It is such a privilege to be seated under Pastor George’s teaching.


I like the way his teaching is structured, refuting every aspect of the Pre-trib doctrine through the very word of God, including those that I can’t answer.


His arguments are so cogent that he has had the Post-trib doctrine air-tight.


He exposed all the false grounds used by the Pre-trib theologians and rebutted them very well.


His research as contained in his book is extensive.


I must also add that his ability to inject humour into such a sober topic is a surprise bonus.


He has also equipped me with rock-solid verses that will enable me to engage in meaningful conversations with Pre-trib believers.


I can only say that if a Pre-trib believer honestly assesses (without deluding himself) what Pastor George has to say regarding God’s position of the rapture, he will come to an inescapable conclusion that he has believed a lethal lie.


Lavelle Lee

Attending a Baptist Church, Singapore