Testimonies of Elder John Chen, Thomas Lum, Nenette Fuentes, Johanna Tan, Sabrina Chan, Lilian Sze, Kok Chin Choon & Ng Wai Vern (Dated 10 June 2021)



Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Please read the 8 testimonies of those who attended the Great Tribulation & Rapture seminar: Elder John Chen, Thomas Lum, Nenette Fuentes, Johanna Tan, Sabrina Chan, Lilian Sze, Kok Chin Choon & Ng Wai Vern who have affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation Rapture and confirmed the falsity of Pre-tribulation Rapture.


Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Elder John Chen


I attended the Rapture & Great Tribulation Seminar and was touched by your passion, conviction and commitment to the latest mission the Lord has given you regarding the preaching of the Post-tribulation doctrine.


The danger of falling away from the faith is indeed great for those who believe in the Pre-tribulation doctrine, who may find themselves caught in the midst of the great tribulation.


Your study of the various Bible passages relating to Rapture and the great tribulation was thorough, consistent and biblically sound.


Your teaching is a robust study of God’s word regarding the relationship of the Church and the Great Tribulation – the best I have heard so far.


While I understand the fear you have as you embark on this calling of teaching against the Pre-tribulation doctrine about believers being raptured before tribulation, I believe your obedience to the Lord will put you in good stead should the great tribulation come in your lifetime.


At any rate, let me state that I am on your side as I believe God is on our side.


Elder John Chen

All Saints Presbyterian Church, Singapore

Former Member of the Singapore Parliament

Former Minister of State for Communications, Information Technology & National Development



Testimony of Thomas Lum


I have learnt that while there are three passages that explicitly support the Post-tribulation doctrine, no verse or passage could be found to explicitly support the Pre-tribulation position.


That settles the issue quite obviously about which should be the true doctrine.


Rev George has a special ‘prophetic unction’ since his earlier days when he was pastoring in Grace Assembly.


That ‘unction’ is with him till this day in which the Lord is leading him as a ‘prophetic voice’ that is much needed in the body of Christ.


He shared the unpopular and tough Post-tribulation position knowing it may cause him his livelihood.


I respect Rev George as a man of God who speaks the truth without fearing man or mammon.


He shared without fear or reservation on what the word of God says.


His teaching is full of conviction delivered with tears and trembling and one that is based solidly on the Bible.


I pray for God’s enablement upon him and Kwee Siew as he brings this truth to the Body of Christ.


Praise God for you both!


Thomas Lum

Attending an Assembly of God Church, Singapore



Testimony of Nenette Fuentes


I have learnt a lot from your seminar.


I thank you for the patient way you went about helping us to understand the teachings in your seminar.


My eyes were really opened to the truth that the church will go through the tribulation.


I wish to thank you for making many sacrifices in order to obey the calling of God to reveal the Pre-tribulation as a false teaching.


Many have misunderstood you, criticised you and even opposed you.


You have nothing to gain but everything to lose.


Yet, you have chosen to obey God.


That is the kind of leader that I really respect.


A leader with the passion and conviction to obey God whatever the cost.


A leader that bends according to the wind and ‘play politics’ will never gain my respect.


We need preachers like you who will not bow down to pressure to compromise on the truth of God’s word.


I pray that God will sustain you in your most challenging task and that your message will be heard around the world.


Nenette Fuentes

Attending Church of Our Holy Saviour (Anglican), Labuan, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Johanna Tan


Dear Pastor George, thank you for your teaching on Rapture and Great Tribulation that was held at Skyline SIB Church in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


Before attending the seminar, I was not really concerned, nor had I understood how this issue was of any importance to me.


After the seminar, I now realise the significance of this issue to my life.


A particular Bible verse you had highlighted which I will always remember is Joel 2:31. “The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.”


As you have mentioned, the great tribulation must come first.


It will be followed by the darkening of the sun and moon.


After the darkening of the sun and moon, the Lord Jesus Christ will come in power and great glory!


I have learnt that the Pre-tribulation doctrine is false as there is no verse or passage that explicitly points to rapture before tribulation.


I had also learnt that there is only one second coming of Christ.


A two-stage second coming of Christ as taught in the Pre-tribulation doctrine is nowhere to be found in the scriptures.


Pastor George, your teaching is excellent and full of humour.


I particularly like your Hokkien jokes.


It is a good and relaxing way to receive a sober message in a joyful atmosphere.


I look forward to your coming to Sabah again.


I love to listen to your singing.


Thank you Pastor George.


Johanna Tan

Attending Skyline SIB, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Testimony of Sabrina Chan


This is the first time I have heard about the Post-tribulation Rapture, as all this while, I was exposed only to the Pre-tribulation Rapture teaching.


The Pre-trib doctrine that teaches that the Church will escape the great and tremendous testing and trying of our Faith, is so comforting to the ears of many, including myself.


But after having listened to your teaching on Post-trib which is so convincingly and strongly backed-up by scriptures, I am very enlightened, convicted and convinced that Post-trib is indeed the correct doctrine.


I now realise that many of those who taught the Pre-trib doctrine are sincerely wrong as there is not even an explicit verse or passage that supports it.


I am very thankful to Heavenly Papa for being so mindful of us and loving us, His Church, to reveal this vital truth to us through you.


Through your teaching, we have unlearned what was wrongly taught in Pre-trib and we now boldly embrace the truth of Post-trib.


It is vital that the Body of Christ be correctly taught the truth of God’s word on Rapture and Great Tribulation so that the Church can be prepared for the perilous times ahead.


To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


One of the good illustrations you shared which enlightens me a lot is this quote by someone and with your own words added in brackets: “It is impossible to effectively train an army (the Church) for a major battle (Great Tribulation) if the soldiers (the Body of Christ) are told they will never have to participate!”


Your teaching serves as a wake-up call to the Body of Christ from her complacency and spiritual slumber.


I am also very touched and challenged by your dedication, love and obedience to God’s call to teach on Post-trib.


Even though you are faced with a lot of misunderstanding and severe challenges to the point of being ostracised by a certain segment of the Body of Christ, you have not wavered a single bit.


I am also encouraged by the fervent and loving support of your beloved wife and family.


I believe all those who have attended your seminar will share this common view with me that your biblical teaching was spiritually refreshing and edifying even though it was meaty.


Undoubtedly, God has endowed you with a special anointing to present it to us so clearly and with a touch of humour in between.  


Listening to your melodious voice as you sang was certainly a blessing indeed.


May you and your family be continually inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit to move boldly forward for God’s Kingdom to be established on earth as it is in heaven.


Sabrina Chan

Attending High Praise Assembly Church, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia



Testimony of Lilian Sze


I have always believed in the Pre-tribulation doctrine and not Post-tribulation.


I decided to sign up for the seminar to go with an open mind to find out more about what the Bible has got to say regarding the great tribulation.


It was really an eye-opening experience for me as I sat through the 7 hours of teaching.


There were so many Bible references supporting the Post-tribulation vis-a-vis the Pre-tribulation.


After attending the seminar, I began to question myself if believing in the Pre-tribulation is right.


After all, there is so much biblical support in the Bible for the Post-tribulation view.


And I reason within myself ─ what I have got to lose if I believe in Post-tribulation and prepare to suffer for Christ in the great tribulation.


If my belief in the Post-tribulation is false and Pre-tribulation turns out to be true, I will still be fine.


However, if my belief in Pre-tribulation eventually turns out to be false, and suddenly I find myself caught in the great tribulation, it will come as a great blow to me.


I may not recover from the shock of banking all my hopes on a false belief.


Further, I will not have prepared myself to suffer for Christ, and in my spiritual unpreparedness, I may turn away from the faith and deny Christ.


When this thought strikes me, I was really very shocked, and I began to wonder – what if all my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ have the same Pre-tribulation belief?


And if Pre-tribulation is proven to be false, what will happen to them?


If my children and the next generation are not given the right teaching and they are not ready for suffering and persecution in the great tribulation, what will happen to them?


Pastor George Ong’s seminar really sets me thinking a lot.


I now see the importance of preparing myself for the Post-tribulation scenario.


In fact, I started sharing with some sisters and brothers in Christ about this Rapture and Great Tribulation seminar that I had attended.


I also encourage them to attend with an open mind and be led by the Holy Spirit to decide for themselves what ought to be the true belief.


One should not believe a doctrine just because the majority subscribes to it.


The onus is on each one of us to find out what the word of God says and what the Holy Spirit is telling us.


The word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit will never be wrong,


We owe it to ourselves and our children to ensure that the right end-time doctrine is being shared using the word of God as the guide.


Thank you Pastor George for teaching us.


Overall, the teaching was good and I have learnt a lot from it.


Lilian Sze

Attending an Assembly of God Church, Singapore



Testimony of Kok Chin Choong


In the seminar, there are many Biblical passages shared to support your teaching that Post-tribulation Rapture doctrine is true and Pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine is false.


It is so sad and strange that evangelical Christians can come up with such seriously erroneous doctrines.


Though the teaching is meaty and heavy, your interesting presentation, effective voice level and humour have helped the audience to follow your teaching and sustain their attention throughout the 11-hour seminar.


You certainly deserve a 9 out of 10 for the clarity of your teaching and a 10 out of 10 for the insights that I have gained.


Kok Chin Choong

Attending St Peter’s (Anglican) Church, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia



Testimony of Ng Wai Vern


During the first night of the seminar, when you told us that believers will all have to go through Tribulation, I became very sceptical by your remarks and was slightly confused.


But when you further said, ‘Give me a chance to explain in greater detail for the next 3 nights, and listen to what I have to say before making your own stand,’ I was glad that I did.


And at the end of the 3 nights of seminar, my knowledge of the book of Revelation became even much clearer.


‘Be prepared for the coming of Christ!’ the Pre-trib teachers exhorted.


Well, as funny as it sounds, I don’t think ‘partying’ and having fun up in heaven for 7 years needs any preparation.


Being prepared means to be well equipped, mentally, physically and especially, spiritually, to go into battle with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit against the Antichrist during the Great Tribulation.


I want to thank you for revealing the real truth of the Post-trib doctrine with solid biblical proof.

You have also convinced me with the authority of the scriptures that Pre-trib is a false doctrine.

Seriously, as youngsters like me in my mid-20s, we don’t just believe what we are told.


We are born with a sense of curiosity and we will question until we are certain of our belief.


Your seminar has certainly provided me with solid and satisfying answers to my questions.


Your teaching has left me beyond a shadow of a doubt that we would all have to go through Tribulation for the glory of God.


Your teaching is solidly backed up by scriptures and there is really no room left for doubts or questions.

It is unacceptable and ironical that the Pre-trib lie has been allowed to spread and propagate for over 180 years in the Church of Jesus Christ and this has to stop.

Without being prepared for Tribulation, Christians will fall during the reign of the Antichrist and Satan would have won the battle.


The Pre-trib doctrine has an inherent danger of causing many to fall away from the faith in the Great Tribulation.


To fall away by denying Christ simply means that we will be eternally separated from Him.

It is the nature of human beings to choose comfort over tribulation.


I have always thought and believe that Christians will escape the Tribulation for the past 18 years as a Christian.


I didn’t know that I was living with the lie of the Pre-tribulation doctrine for so long.


It’s daunting and scary that if tribulation were to happen now, and if I didn’t attend your teaching, to be honest, I would be totally unprepared and would be likely to fall away.


Thank God that your teaching has been an eye-opener and a wake-up call.


I thank you for removing the veil of deception off my eyes – the deception of comfort and complacency of the Pre-tribulation doctrine.

There’s really nothing to lose as to be over-prepared is better than to be unprepared.

Everything in your teaching is simply clear.


I am glad that I understood everything of what you taught.


I have yet to see any scripture that is twisted by you or taken out of its context in order to support the Post-tribulation stand.

I sincerely pray for the difficult journey of your calling and that God’s wisdom, favour and covering will continue to be upon you and your family.


Ng Wai Vern

Attending Trinity Baptist Church, Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia