Testimonies of Bishop Andrew Phang & Dr Simon Chong (Dated 14 Mar 2021)


Rev George Ong’s Comments:


I conducted the seminar, “Rapture & Great Tribulation” in many churches between 2014 and 2017. Of the many who attended the seminar, 834 had written their testimonies. The vast majority of these 834 testimonies have not only affirmed the truth of Post-tribulation rapture but they have also confirmed that Pre-tribulation is false.


These 834 testimonies have been featured, publicly, in many forums and to many people, but this is the first time they are appearing on this website.


Please read two of these testimonies: by Bishop Andrew Phang and Dr Simon Chong. Many of such testimonies will be featured in the coming days. Please bear in mind that these testimonies were written several years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending are correct only at the point of writing.



Testimony of Bishop Andrew Phang


Dear Rev George Ong, thank you for conducting the seminar last Saturday (21 May) and preaching twice yesterday (22 May). 


Regarding the ‘Rapture and Great Tribulation’ Seminar, I have been personally convinced of the truth of the Post-tribulation belief, based on the many explicit biblical references, given by you, especially the very words of our Lord Jesus Christ, recorded in Matthew 24:29-31.


I must confess that I thought it was up to one’s personal preference if one holds on to the Pre-tribulation view. Now I am aware from your seminar that there is not a single explicit biblical reference that clearly supports the Pre-tribulation stance.


Using wildly or conveniently selected inferences to support a doctrine, could lead to wrong biblical interpretation with great negative consequences and adversely impact one’s own life and even the lives of others. 


Your teaching has also enhanced and sharpened my understanding about how the Pre-tribulation doctrine uses the many inference texts (no explicit texts at all) to support their doctrine. John 14:1-3 is one such example.


After your seminar, I am committed to uphold the teaching of Post-tribulation to prepare my church members to be spiritually strong with the power of the Holy Spirit to face the Great Tribulation.


Your pragmatic preaching on ‘Radical Faith’ and ‘Radical Discipleship’ at the worship services has further inspired us to raise our faith level in our walk with God. It is a timely message for our Chinese and English congregations, as we attempt to make Discipleship Training our top priority. 


Your unique testimonies have also become an encouraging model of how we can become contagiously radical disciples in these very challenging last days in anticipation of His coming return.


Thank you for your clear and bold teaching. May the gracious Lord constantly bless and protect you and Kwee Siew.


Bishop Andrew Phang

Church of the Redeemer (Anglican), Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia



Testimony of Dr Simon Chong


I first got to know Pastor George when our Men’s group invited him as our retreat’s speaker about 7 years ago. He was humorous and succinct in his teachings. Sincere in his interaction with the brothers, he even sang on stage for us during a dinner. This reveals much of his earnestness and humility in building relationships with others.


And now, I see another aspect of George, one who is passionate and urgent with this message that the Lord has placed in his heart to tell His Church. He is a man driven by this godly mission to spread this truth on Post-tribulation rapture and to debunk the ‘heresy’ of Pre-tribulation rapture.


His desire to obey God to the point of making much sacrifices, risking bad press from Pre-tribulation pastors and churches and losing financial support through a much reduced level of speaking engagements, certainly show a man zealous for the Lord and His truth to be preached!


For many years as a Christian when end-times theology became an interest to me, I have always held on to the Pre-tribulation stand even though I found it rather complicated and confusing. However, I decided that since it is a topic mainly from the Book of Revelation, that’s why it is so difficult to fully comprehend. And people around me who are deep into Pre-tribulation ideology further reinforced this with their complicated arguments and theories from various Pre-tribulation authors and their books and films.


But on reflection, I realised the main motive why I wanted to believe in this Pre-tribulation ideology is not because it is the truth (far from it). Rather, it is because I wanted to be raptured before the troubles start and escape the tribulation, a very human response and desire indeed. I just wanted this to be true even though the reading of His truth contradicted it.


About 10 years ago, when I decided that I just wanted purely and simply to know God more, I began to love and devour His Word. I’ve read the whole Bible 9 times from cover to cover over this period. I paid close attention to this intriguing end-time story or events that seem to captivate, yet confuse many scholars. I have often wondered why. I mean, the Bible is meant for ordinary folks, so why should it still be confusing? More so when we have the Holy Spirit to enlighten us!


And so as I read the entire Bible over and over again, I began to see God’s character; the theme that runs through the Bible, the contentious verses proposed to support Pre-tribulation, and I realised and became convicted that I have believed in a lie – a lie that was propagated by the Pre-tribbers. A lie I wanted to believe because I rejected suffering due to my skewed understanding of God’s love.


There was simply NOTHING in His Word that says God is going to take us out of the world to avoid the tribulation. Nothing! Everything that the Pre-tribbers say that were supportive of a Pre-tribulation rapture is simply a delusion. This is not just a lie, it is a delusion! A delusion of grandeur I must add because the Pre-tribbers actually believe they are greater than all the saints through the ages combined who went through sufferings and martyrdom while they need not.


So God literally converted me to being one who is sincerely sure that Post-tribulation rapture has been God’s plan and intention since creation! But it was difficult for me because I was surrounded by Pre-trib supporters and I had to tolerate the cynicism and arguments against the biblical stand. It’s so clear! Can they not see? What’s wrong with them?


So when I received Pastor George Ong’s Ministry Update stating what the Lord has put in his heart the message that he was supposed to bear to the churches, I felt vindicated and that further confirmed the Lord’s impression upon my heart.


The verses Pastor George has quoted that support the Post-tribulation position are all so clear and distinctly true that you can’t see how anybody in their right mind and conscience can ever disagree. Those who love the Lord and His truth have to agree with Pastor George without any reasonable doubt and that what the Pre-tribulation ideology has so far believed in are simply ‘heresies’. Some repenting is expected here indeed for believing, and worse still, for propagating a lie for 180 years!


Actually, the Post-tribulation or Pre-tribulation stand does not really affect a person’s spirituality very significantly, that is if you are not living in the end-times. But if you are, and we certainly are now, you will be in great trouble if you take the Pre-tribulation stand as Pastor George has mentioned.


And I believe “we are living in the end times” for otherwise, the Lord would not have suddenly given Pastor George this great burden to warn His Church about the ‘heresy’ that has been propagated, and also convinced many like myself in our own pursuit of God, that this is what is true.


Why? I believe it is to prepare us for the unprecedented sufferings that will come upon His Church very soon. If His Church is not mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually prepared for the worst, we are all going to fall away when the testing comes (Matt 24:9-13; 2 Thess 2:3)!


So like all good soldiers, we need to undergo training regularly to prepare for that day so that we can overcome and, hopefully last, till the end for there is promise of crowns for all those who overcome!


Just like the prosperity gospel, the Pre-tribulation rapture doctrine/teaching is meant to weaken the church. It is a ploy of Satan to ensure that many will fall away at the end-times. It simply plays into the psychology of mankind…to avoid sufferings, to be blessed with good times and things…who doesn’t like to hear such nice teachings?


So indeed, we have a tall order to accomplish. Not only to convince and preach the truth, but also to get the Church to repent and turn back on the Pre-tribulation doctrine they have been teaching all these decades…it is close to impossible.


How do you turn the Titanic around? For the sake of pride and ‘saving face’, sadly, the Church might even cover up their mistake!


Certainly, the task for Pastor George is unenviable.


However, he is just like those true prophets of God in the Old Testament who has a small group of supporters and gets persecuted frequently. Then again, isn’t the TRUE WAY & GATE narrow and only FEW will find it?


So, Pastor George, do not be disheartened by the responses. Just be faithful to the task. Leave the Holy Spirit to convict and convince.


I always believe in the spoken Truth uttered to the listeners because it is powerful and absolves us from the blood that is upon the head of the listeners, for their responses will determine their destinies.


Press on Pastor George! May the Lord continue to grant you the grace, power and compassion as you persevere on to the very end to receive the commendation of our Commander-in-Chief, “Well done good and faithful servant….now enter into your Master’s rest!


Dr Simon Chong

Faith Methodist Church, Singapore