Joseph Prince’s Teachings are far from Harmless as such Falsehoods and Half-truths Propagated by him have Far-Reaching and Dire Consequences on One’s Eternal Destiny (Dated 25 August 2020)


“The common comments I heard about Joseph Prince’s preaching and his sermons are that they are not balanced which convey a sense that they are seemingly harmless. However, after reading through 95% of Pastor George Ong’s very well researched, comprehensive and painstakingly written exposition on Joseph Prince’s teachings on his website (4,800 pages of notes), I’m convinced that Joseph Prince is preaching falsehoods and half-truths. It also made me realise that Joseph Prince’s teachings are far from harmless as such falsehoods and half-truths propagated by him have far-reaching and dire consequences on one’s eternal destiny. As a result, I have started to warn my friends and family members about Joseph Prince’s heresies.  


It is my firm belief that Pastor George is not on a quest to discredit Joseph Prince as a person or because of personal reasons, but rather he is heeding God’s call to expose him as a false teacher, whose teachings can lead one to the lake of fire. I salute Pastor George for his courage and tireless efforts in doing so. Finally, I would like to urge all brothers and sisters to read Pastor George’s writings on the website and view his videos that expose Joseph Prince’s teachings as falsehoods. I urge you to stand alongside Pastor George by praying for him and spreading his teachings to your friends and relatives in Singapore and beyond so that more people could be warned from embracing his teachings which are both destructive and deadly.”     


Tan Siew Poh

Attending Grace Assembly of God, Singapore