After Reading and Hearing from People who were from Joseph Prince’s congregation, we cannot help but conclude that Joseph Prince is a Cult Leader who is Leading his Followers Astray – By Tan Peng Yong and Elsie Tan (Dated 22 Nov 2020)


“My wife and I are Anglicans and members of St Andrew’s Cathedral for the last 50 years. On a number of occasions, we have heard Christian Leaders preach in our 8 am Sunday Service. These Christian Leaders were invited to share God’s Words with us because they are well grounded in the Gospel and the teachings of the Bible. One of the speakers is Rev George Ong. We found him a sincere and honest man with a great sense of mission to preach the true gospel and true grace based on the Bible and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.


This brings us to the point that there are some so called Christian leaders who preach a different kind of gospel and a false kind of grace. Joseph Prince is one such leader. He is charismatic and possesses oratorical skills to convince his followers by:

1. Making them feel good all the time.

2. Promising them prosperity if they follow his teachings.

3. Encouraging them to read his books and listen to his CDs instead of reading the Bible.

4. Treating the Elements for Communion as means to an end (for blessings and healings) instead of what was commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ.

5. Interpreting (actually misinterpreting) the Holy Bible to justify his brand of heretical teachings.

6. Leading them through a wide, easy and heretical path instead of the straight and narrow and difficult way.


We learned from Dr Joseph Ozawa, who preached at St Andrew’s Cathedral (when he was in Singapore working as a Consultant in the Ministry of Education) on the difference between a cult and mainstream Christianity. He taught us that a cult has followers who:

1. Look up to, and adore the cult leader more than God.

2. Soak in whatever the cult leader preaches without checking what the Bible says.

3. Obey the cult leader unquestionably.

4. Feel good hearing the cult leader preach his brand of heresy.


After reading and hearing from people who were from Joseph Prince’s congregation, we cannot help but conclude that Joseph Prince is a cult leader who is leading his followers astray. We pray that our God will change his evil ways of leading the multitudes to their eternal damnation. We also pray that his followers will open their eyes, and move out of the hold he has on them before it is too late.”


Tan Peng Yong and Elsie Tan

Attending St Andrew’s Cathedral (Anglican), Singapore