The god that Joseph Prince preaches seems Ever Ready to Pour out Abundant Blessings in Material Wealth and Physical Health to his Followers (Dated 5 September 2020)


“I must commend the work of Rev George Ong. George Ong has dedicated tremendous effort in writing the 4,800 pages of well- researched, Christ-centred and Bible-based exposition to point out the many wrongs and deliberate false teachings of Joseph Prince. He has made his writings free and open to public scrutiny and I see this as his dedication and sincerity to make the truth known and his pastoral heart to direct people away from false teachings. Do make time to read them, as, I too, have read about 90% of the 4,800 pages of notes.


Joseph Prince’s hyper-grace teaching is heresy. It makes Christian living easy, without effort, sacrifice and even reverence for God. The god that Joseph Prince preaches seems ever ready to pour out abundant blessings in material wealth and physical health to his followers. Many will be disappointed and disillusioned when these expectations are not met. The reality of true Christian living involves sacrifice, service to others, humility, forgiving and seeking forgiveness from God and one another. Christians do suffer loss and may have to go through life’s challenges too, and not the false picture painted by Joseph Prince that every Christian will always be protected from every pain, suffering, life’s tragedy and even martyrdom.


I will continue to pray for George that he will not grow weary in carrying out this work. It is painstaking work, challenging, and involves risks in many areas, and yet, George is courageous to press on. I urge all who are familiar with George’s ministry to make known his writings and videos to friends because the church needs to know truth from falsehood. And the difference between truth and falsehood can even mean the difference between spending one’s eternity in heaven or hell.”


Soh Kim Seng

Attending St Andrew’s Cathedral (Anglican), Singapore