Due to COVID-19, the following seminars are postponed indefinitely. 


Seminar 1: Pseudo-Grace Not Just Hyper-Grace

“This seminar aims to prove that Joseph Prince’s grace theology is not just Hyper-grace (exaggerated-grace) – it is more serious than that – it is Pseudo-grace (false-grace).

It gives an overview and an adequate idea of Joseph Prince’s heresies and why they have to be contended.

The insidious manner in which Joseph Prince goes about deceiving the masses and why we need to deal with him prophetically would be dealt with.

How Joseph Prince contradicts core Bible doctrines and the teachings of Jesus, Paul, Peter and John will also be unfolded.

With such massive contradictions against the scriptures on core Bible doctrines and especially the teachings of Jesus and Paul, the only conclusion that one can come to is that Joseph Prince is a wolf, not a shepherd.”

Time: 9 am to 6 pm


16 May (Sat)

23 May (Sat)

25 May (Mon, Public Holiday)

30 May (Sat)


You can sign up for either one of four dates.


Some details:

The following are only applicable to seminars conducted in Singapore and personally offered by me (they do not apply when I am invited to speak in churches, whether in Singapore or overseas):

The seminars are free.

Lunch, snacks and drinks would also be provided free.

A free-will love offering would be collected.

The seminar venue will be made known to participants who have officially registered.

You are encouraged to register early.

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Seminar 2 : Law And Grace Not Law Or Grace

(This will be conducted at a later date)