Since Joseph Prince teaches the Reverse of what Jesus teaches – that Christians Will Not Go Through Suffering & Martyrdom, how can He be Preaching the Jesus of the Bible? (Dated 30 October 2020) 


“Some time ago, I attended a seminar by Rev George Ong in my church and I was really glad that I did. Most pastors and leaders in other seminars that I attended preached on the assurance of our salvation and the grace of God (not the false grace of Joseph Prince), which are not wrong in and of themselves. But Rev George taught us something more – that the costly grace of God and our salvation are guaranteed only if we fulfil the conditions that are clearly laid out by the Lord Jesus in the scriptures. It really opened my eyes and I started to realise (based on the scriptures) that starting the race is easy but finishing the race and enduring to the end is hard for every Christian. Rev George Ong soberly reminded us that there are many Christians in the church today who may attend church, give their tithes, and even be involved in church’s activities, but they may be on the verge of falling away because they are choked by the greed for riches and unholy pleasures that no one is aware of except themselves and God. What he said was like a sober revelation to me.


What Rev George had taught then in the seminar I attended and even now through his website, is the reverse of what Joseph Prince teaches. Joseph Prince is well known for teaching on easy salvation and cheap grace and presenting lots of wrong information on bible teachings. Both young people and even the ‘old sheep’ are led astray by his false beliefs. Sad to say, many people have been deceived by Joseph Prince that the Christian life is easy and smooth. They thought that the Christian Gospel is one that promises health, wealth and earthly success in life. But they failed to realise that the road to heaven is through the narrow gate and narrow road (Matt 7:13-14). They have also forgotten that Christians must expect suffering, persecution and even martyrdom. This was taught by none other than the Lord Jesus Himself. Since Joseph Prince teaches the reverse of what Jesus teaches, how can he be preaching the Jesus of the Bible?  


It is my prayer that more people will come to know about Rev George Ong’s teaching on his website and be delivered from the heresies of Joseph Prince. My sincere thanks to Rev George Ong for the hard work and unpopular task of exposing Joseph Prince’s heresies.”


Sandy Wong

Attending Full Gospel Assembly, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia