If the Followers of Joseph Prince Continue to Embrace His Teachings, They Would Certainly End Up In Destruction – By Ricky Yoong (Dated 20 Nov 2020)


“I’ve attended two previous seminars by Rev George Ong some time ago organised by my church, and his teachings have impacted me tremendously. His teachings come with an exhaustive list of Bible references and supporting details, and were doctrinally beyond reproach. He demonstrated each salient point clearly and fastened the ideas coherently and cohesively. On top of that, he offered substantial evidence to validate his claims, for or against, a doctrinal position which cannot be disproved. His message was full of substance and easily digestible. His witty and amusing sense of humour made the seminars even more interesting and easy to absorb. And I truly find that Rev George Ong really searched the scriptures thoroughly in order to impart the true teachings of the scriptures.


This has been my experience with Rev George Ong. And when it comes to exposing the heresies of Joseph Prince, it is the same thorough and meticulous approach that he adopts. I can see that he is definitely an extremely hardworking preacher who would not let a single second go to waste. When the ten volumes of eBooks on his website were previously sent as individual emails (2017-2019) – even before I was able to complete reading the current email, another one would arrive. I later decided to print the emails so I could read them at my leisure. This was where I first came to know of Joseph Prince’s heresies.


Rev George has sacrificed much of his time to rebut and disprove Joseph Prince’s teaching by presenting clear and strong evidence from none other than the Bible itself. Rev George Ong does this not because he envies Joseph Prince but because he has a call to expose Joseph Prince who preaches the opposite of God’s word by manipulating and twisting His word. Having gone through Joseph Prince’s false teachings as exposed by Rev George and how he has deceived many of his followers, I cannot but feel sorry for his congregation. If they continue to embrace his teachings, they would certainly end up in destruction. 


In my observation, there are not many preachers who want to come forward and expose Joseph Prince as a heretic. My heart goes out to Rev George Ong, who has been doing it faithfully, fervently and perseveringly for the last 3 years. It is truly an unpleasant task that could go unappreciated and even draw unwelcome criticisms from the unenlightened. Only the call of God and his unwavering conviction could have given him the strength to continue on. I’ll continue to pray for him as he takes on this challenge ‘single-handedly’ but surely the presence and power of the Lord is with Him.”


Ricky Yoong

Attending Trinity Baptist Church, Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia