It is time for the Body of Christ, and especially, the Church Leadership, to Speak Out against such Clear False Teachings of Joseph Prince and against All Forms of Hyper-grace that have Permeated the Church of Jesus Christ – By Rev William Patrick (Dated 27 Nov 2020)


“Much have been written about the heresies of Joseph Prince. So, I do not wish to belabour on this point. But there is one key thing I wish to highlight in my write-up. It is this – why were the heretical teachings of Joseph Prince allowed to spread not just in Singapore and Malaysia, but more tragically, around the world?


The reason must have been that the body of Christ, including pastors and elders of churches, have been slacked in preventing such heresies from spreading over the years. I, as a Malaysian pastor, am guilty of it for not doing enough to teach and warn the sheep against embracing the false teachings from Joseph Prince.


Although the Malaysians are not physically attending New Creation Church in Singapore, many Malaysian believers are listening to Joseph Prince’s teachings over YouTube. When they visit Singapore, many would head for New Creation Church. We must now take concrete action. We must give this a high priority to stem the flow of such deadly teachings of Joseph Prince that have sent and will continue to send the multitudes to the pit of hell.


One of the reasons for such a sad state of affairs is, of course, ignorance. Many believers, including pastors, are ignorant of Joseph Prince’s heretical teachings. They have mistakenly thought that Joseph Prince has only over emphasized some aspects of the Christian Faith; not knowing that he is a full-blown heretic. Rev George Ong has done us a great service by coming up with 10 volumes of eBooks and his many short videos to expose the heretical teachings of Joseph Prince. So, may I encourage you to forward his website to as many of your friends as possible.


But the key thing as I see it is the lack of the will and courage to do what is necessary to stem the flow of Joseph Prince’s heresies. But surely, as leaders of churches in the different parts of the world, don’t we know that one of the key qualities of leadership is to do what is necessary, even though it is unpopular and unpleasant.


It is time for the Body of Christ, and especially, the church leadership, to speak out against such clear false teachings of Joseph Prince and against all forms of hyper-grace that have permeated the church of Jesus Christ. Many sheep have already been poisoned by the heresies of Joseph Prince. We don’t need to lose one more before we wake up from our slumber as the eternal destiny of every sheep is precious beyond measure.


Last, I fully agree with Rev George Ong who said that does it make any sense for us to win souls for Christ, and then, through our own neglect and nonchalance, only to lose them again to the wolf in sheepskin, Joseph Prince?”


Rev William Patrick

Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Centre, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia