Rev Tan Cheng Huat’s Open Letter to National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) (Dated 24 Sep 2021)


Open Letter to NCCS – by Rev Tan Cheng Huat

(This letter was also sent to the General Secretary, NCCS office)


Re: Disassociation of Joseph Prince and/or New Creation from NCCS membership


Dear Rt Revd Dr Titus Chung, President of the National Council of Churches of Singapore


Grace and peace be with you in Christ Jesus.


I am writing with deep concern that Joseph Prince has been teaching and misleading his congregation and Christians at large on the concept of Communion especially through the publishing of his book “Eat your way to Life and Health”.


Obviously, there were many more misinterpretations of the Holy Word in his preaching and teaching which Rev George Ong had pointed out and contested in his video series, refuting every wrong concept and misquoting the Bible.


During this time of pandemic, Reformed and Evangelical churches in Singapore and worldwide are trying to find solutions and theological traditions to rightfully administer Communion.


I’ve read the articles presented to NCCS with regards to this from the 4 main denominations and founders of NCCS. None of these articles to our members actually explained and taught Communion the way it was presented by Joseph Prince.


As we all understood and recognized that Communion is one of the core doctrines of our faith, then we should take Joseph Prince to task in the way it was misrepresented and taught. Rev George Ong has a 2-part series video “Joseph Prince Falsely Teaches That Healing Is A Core Purpose Of The Holy Communion”: Part 1 (Click to view) & Part 2 (Click to view)


I appeal to NCCS to seriously consider removing the association of Joseph Prince and/or New Creation Church from our membership.


Yours for the sake of the Gospel,

Rev Tan Cheng Huat

Interim Senior Pastor

Hope Presbyterian Church, Singapore