The Heretical Teachings Of Joseph Prince Will Destroy You – By Rev Momoh Sylvester Foh (Dated 9 Jan 2021)


Together with my Lutheran clergy colleagues in Sierra Leone (West Africa), we condemn the heretical teachings of Joseph Prince. I strongly defend Biblical truths and out-rightly condemn the Pseudo-grace doctrine of Joseph Prince that he is using to deceive his followers. Clearly, what Joseph Prince is teaching is against the fundamental truths of the Christian Faith.


Joseph Prince is one of such self-opinionated and self-styled religious leaders who is inspired by Satan to deceive people into eventually worshipping the Antichrist, as he has strongly implied in one of his teachings that one can renounce or deny Christ and yet still be saved. This is what I have learnt from Rev George Ong’s video, titled, “Joseph Prince Horrifyingly Teaches That If Even One Renounces Christ He Will Still Be Saved” (Click to view).


Joseph Prince also teaches aspects of the ‘New Age’ prosperity gospel and twists the truth of God’s Word to deceive his victims by promising quick-fix solutions to their problems. And by so doing, Joseph Prince, like many false and cultic teachers, amassed a lot of wealth by their feel-good and prosperity teachings that attract many followers together with their financial support (in the purchase of his sermon videos), without ever believing that they would be caught in their own traps someday.


I have carefully and critically listened to a good number of the videos released by Rev George Ong from Singapore in which he strongly challenged the false teachings of Joseph Prince and countered them with the truth as taught in the Bible. Two of these videos greatly caught my attention.


In one of Rev George Ong’s videos, titled, “Joseph Prince’s Teaching That Repentance Is Only A Change Of Mind Will Send You To Hell” (Click to view), Joseph Prince has falsely taught that repentance is merely a ‘change of mind’. But repentance is NOT merely a ‘change of mind’. Rather, repentance also involves the humility to turn from one’s wicked ways (2 Chron 7:14), and to turn to God from one’s sins (Acts 3:19). It also involves the confession of sins (1 Jn 1:9). Repentance for believers, is fundamentally, turning away from sin. But Joseph Prince teaches the false idea that repentance involves only a change of mind without even mentioning that it also involves a change of behaviour and the turning away from our sinful lifestyle.


In another of Rev George Ong’s videos, titled, “Joseph Prince Has Reduced Christianity To ‘Gracetianity’ Through His Pseudo-Grace Theology” (Click to view), Joseph Prince has indeed “reduced Christianity to Gracetianity” and thereby completely falsifying the true Biblical meaning of Grace. I agree with Rev George Ong who states that while grace is just an attribute of God, Joseph Prince elevated it to be the first among equals of all of His other attributes. We must remember that Grace is just a part (though an important part) of Christianity. But Joseph Prince has made it to comprise the whole of Christianity. He makes grace the single controlling narrative of Christianity, which is a major distortion of the Christian Faith.


I want to draw the attention of all those who are listening to, and believing in, the false teachings of Joseph Prince to two important historical incidents that left the false ministers and their followers dead.


The first incident happened in 1978 when Rev Jim Jones, who started out well, became a heretic, and tragically led all 918 (304 were children) of his followers, including himself, to commit suicide. The second incident was that of David Koresh, a cult leader, who claimed the gift of prophecy. In a clash with the FBI, he and his followers were burnt to their death when the compound they shared was razed to the ground in 1993. 


While Joseph Prince and his followers are highly unlikely to end in such an earthly state, the eternal destiny they could end up in would be the same. This is because no heretic nor his followers would ever get a taste of the glories of heaven. The only place the heretic, Joseph Prince and his followers could expect to be in after their death is the lake of fire. 


I hereby warn the people who are blindly following and believing in the deceptive false teachings of Joseph Prince to stay away from him. Save yourselves now while there is still time. Though you may not end up in the same earthly way as the followers of Jim Jones and David Koresh did, you will not escape the fires of hell as Joseph Prince is a heretic and all who believe in his heresies will end up in the same place as he would.


Finally, I thank Rev George Ong for his selflessness and hard work at exposing the heresies of Joseph Prince. His purpose is to alert the church to contend against his teachings and warn the sheep from falling into his influence. I’m very proud of him and what he is doing. May God strengthen him for the unpleasant but necessary task of guarding biblical truths and preventing the sheep from straying into Joseph Prince’s fold and to their destruction.”


Rev Momoh Sylvester Foh

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sierra Leone (ELCSL)

Bo City, Republic of Sierra Leone, West Africa.