Joseph Prince’s Over-Emphasis on Grace as a Vehicle for a Prosperous Earthly Life Troubled Me… (Dated 29 July 2020)


“I have been greatly blessed by the ministry of Rev George Ong especially in the realm of apologetics. I really appreciate his effort as he really goes through the subject matter in depth in debunking Joseph Prince’s heresies. The Christ-centred and Bible-based answers help keep the responses against Joseph Prince from being personal. The amount of resources he has produced is extensive and more than enough to help any novice pastor or even a seasoned apologist in their ministry. And all for free! That, to me, is the mark of a genuine and sincere servant of Christ.


On a personal level, my qualm with Joseph Prince is that he makes being a Christian too easy and light. His over-emphasis on grace as a vehicle for a prosperous earthly life troubled me from the moment I paid attention to him. I admit that I have not read his resources a lot simply because I could not tolerate listening to his videos or reading his books any further. I knew in my spirit that many of his teachings are false. It became even worse when I saw how terrible it was for someone I knew who followed Joseph Prince and his teachings. The person was diagnosed with third stage cancer and died recently after about five years of battling it. Throughout the illness, I was told that the person experienced depression because of self-doubt, stemming from what was taught by Joseph Prince – that terminally ill people lack faith in Christ. I had a personal encounter of this when someone who still follows Joseph Prince to this day said to my face that I have cancer because I had weak faith in Christ. Nothing is more painful to hear than to be told that our faith is weak and lacking when we are trying our best to fight the disease, hanging on to God’s grace and mercy.


Anyway, Rev George and his ministry and the volume of his work has really been a great help for me, not only in my ministry but also in my life journey with God. It gives comfort to know that God is in control and that He blesses in both the good and the ‘bad’ things that we experience. Rev George’s work to counter Joseph Prince, and all who are doing the same work as him, not only provide theological wisdom but also spiritual relief to those who are burdened by the lies of hyper-grace and prosperity teaching. I pray that Rev George Ong will continue to be led by the Holy Spirit in his ministry against false teachers like Joseph Prince. May God be glorified in all things for He is indeed worthy of it. Amen.”


The Revd. Kelvin Jawa

Vicar, Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia