Joseph Prince is an Antinomian (Dated 22 June 2020)

“The gospel of Jesus, the heart of Christianity, is one of grace: we are saved totally by grace – a free gift of God in the death of his Son on the cross for our redemption. It is God who has qualified us as inheritors of His kingdom (Col 1:13f) and salvation can never be obtained by human works (Eph 2:8-9).

However, to undermine the many other truths in the Bible in order to further the teaching about grace, as what Joseph Prince has done, is equally wrong. Joseph Prince’s view of Old Testament is troubling, especially his handling of the law. Joseph Prince is an antinomian who sees the law as a bad and an enslaving thing: for him it is synonymous with legalism. But the Old Testament itself declares “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul” (Psa 19:7). Joseph Prince even went to the extreme of saying that we must not preach the Ten Commandments or to confess our sins – which are among the first things I would teach to each and every convert who attended my Catechumen Class. Joseph Prince quotes Bible verses or part of them, which can be used to support his teaching but ignores the rest of the verse – which no true teachers of the Word of God would do.

We must appreciate Rev George Ong for his boldness and commitment to rebut, point-for-point, the heretical teachings of Joseph Prince. I have read through the bulk of Rev George Ong’s more than 4,800 pages of notes in his website:, and I found them thoroughly biblical and insightful. I want to encourage my fellow priests and pastors to do our part by sharing Rev George Ong’s exhaustive ten volumes of writings about what true grace is and the heresy of Joseph Prince. I have done my small part of sharing them with my church members and friends, and I received feedback from some of them, expressing how much they have been blessed by the insights gained from Rev George Ong’s writings.”

Rev Canon James Juhari

Vicar, St Thomas’ (Anglican) Church, Bintulu, Sarawak

(Rev George Ong’s remarks: Please refer to the video, titled, “Joseph Prince Preaches Antinomianism, A Heresy That Martin Luther Fought Against.”)