Rev Ho Chee Sin (Former Bishop of the Methodist Church, Singapore): Pastors & Elders of Churches Must Publicly Speak Up Against the Heresies of Joseph Prince (Dated 12 October 2020)


“Rev George Ong is a well-regarded and faithful itinerant preacher and teacher. His messages can be interesting and full of humour, and yet on other occasions, it can also be serious and sober. He is an outstanding communicator of the Word of God, which is evident to his hearers. I believe that the Holy Spirit always empowers him to share God’s message.


George is very focused on what God has called him to do and does not mince his words when he painstakingly points out the seriousness of errant preaching and teaching as in the case of Joseph Prince, a prominent but iniquitous preacher in Singapore.


Heresy is a dangerous thing that can lead people to the lake of fire. The threat and influence of the Pseudo-grace (or Hyper-grace) teachings by Joseph Prince who anchors the biggest church in Singapore, is not something which is academic, but it has already permeated many of the churches in Singapore and around the world. The battle against false teachers will intensify as Jesus and Paul have already prophesied that false teachers will arise in the last days.


Nourishing the flock with sound doctrine, and guarding the flock against savage wolves is a key duty of pastors and elders. Any neglect is to the detriment of their flock. So, the task of preventing heresies from seeping into the church must be taken seriously by the pastors and elders of churches. We can do something concrete by publicly speaking up against the heresies of Joseph Prince. The sheep need to hear the voice of true shepherds, or the voice of false shepherds will influence and choke them to their destruction.


I thank God that Rev George Ong is painstakingly sticking out his neck by highlighting to the church about the threat of such deadly teachings by Joseph Prince. It is a tough and dangerous calling that few would be willing to undertake.”


Rev Ho Chee Sin

Former Bishop of the Methodist Church, Singapore