Joseph Prince Lies About the Aleph-Tav – Again! – By Asher Chee (Don’t miss viewing Asher Chee’s insightful video on YouTube, see below)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, NCCS office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


Rev George Ong’s Comments:


Joseph Prince often argues or implies that because he frequently mentions the name of Christ all over the place in his sermons, he is Christ-centred. That’s the picture that most who love him and his preaching have of him, and they would say to me,


“George, how dare you to say that Pastor Joseph Prince is not Christ-centred when he calls out the name of Christ so often in every sermon and he sees Christ in every passage.”


I don’t have problems with Joseph Prince preaching Christ in the passages that really talk about Him and when he correctly and biblically exegetes them – but not if he deliberately twists the scriptures to artificially and dishonestly fit Christ into the many texts as he often does.


And Joseph Prince has done the forbidden thing again in 2 Samuel 6:11 and Genesis 1:1 in a weekly Sunday sermon preached on 23 January 2022, four days ago. This was pointed out by Asher Chee in the YouTube video (see below).


If the argument that a preacher is Christ-centred just because he sees Christ in most of every passage that he can even be allowed to twist, distort and spuriously read into the text according to his whims and fancies to forcibly fit Christ in – that to me is bizarre thinking and sick logic. 


Instead of pleasing Christ, that will make Him angry because His name has been abused and misused. Joseph Prince ought to know that Christ doesn’t need his help to promote Him in that contrived and fraudulent manner.


The truth is Joseph Prince is more centred on marketing his Pseudo-Grace Theology to the world than Christ-centred as he frequently uses (or rather misuses) the name of Christ, not to promote Christ per se, but to promote his counterfeit version of Christ.


Joseph Prince’s counterfeit Christ is one that only wants you to enjoy the Obed-Edom blessings as shown in Asher Chee’s YouTube video (which Prince erroneously based his Prosperity Gospel on an Old Testament truth) but a Christ who will not demand sacrificial commitment and costly discipleship from you (which was what Christ Himself had emphasised as a New Testament truth).


To achieve this, Prince would go to the extent of twisting the scriptures, God’s holy word, and even blatantly lie as pointed out in Asher Chee’s video in order to promote his counterfeit version of Christ.


One of the key hallmarks and proofs that he is preaching the counterfeit Christ is that he plainly refuses to preach the true gospel as contained in the Great Commission that was commanded by none other than Christ Himself in Matthew 28:18-20. All Prince is concerned about is to preach his gospel of grace (false gospel) of blessings, prosperity, success, wealth, health, etc.


Just imagine for the last 20 years of Joseph Prince’s ministry, not a single message of his was centred on Christ’s Great Commission. And when he is being pressed many times for an answer why he plainly refuses to preach on the Great Commission, he has chosen to remain cowardly silent.


Not a single time has he given an answer to this pressing question – why he is not preaching the true gospel of the Great Commission given by Christ Himself, if Prince is indeed preaching the true Christ. This simply means he has something fishy to hide.


The Great Commission is one command of Christ that every single church in every nation of every generation has and will continue to emphasise. No true church or true preacher will dare to disobey such an important command of the Lord Jesus.


Joseph Prince, by his failure to carry out the Great Commission and for replacing it with his Grace Revolution gospel of grace, is outright rebellion and blatant disobedience to the most important command that the Lord Jesus has given to the Church.


No one who rejects the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus can ever be a true prophet. This fact alone is enough for anyone to indict and nail Joseph Prince as a false prophet and a heretic!


If Joseph Prince is truly preaching the true gospel and the true Christ (and not the counterfeit Christ), he must not remain silent anymore regarding why he had not preached on the Great Commission gospel of Jesus for the last 20 years of his ministry.


We expect to hear an answer from him in his sermons in the coming Sunday worship services. But if Prince still chooses to remain silent, this proves that he had indeed something fishy to hide under the cover of silence – hiding what? Hiding the fact that he is against the true gospel in the Great Commission of Jesus, yet is afraid to come out publicly against it knowing that he may open up a can of worms that could haunt him.


How can Joseph Prince claim to be a Christ-centred preacher and be preaching the true Christ (and not the counterfeit Christ) when the most important heartbeat of Christ for the Church in the Great Commission is not even given a single mention in his teachings (Matt 28:18-20)?


So don’t ever be deceived and start to preach the counterfeit Christ and the false gospel of grace of Joseph Prince that cannot save. Rather, we ought to preach the true Christ and the true gospel of Jesus in the Great Commission that will save.


One is a broad road and easy gospel (Matt 7:13) of Joseph Prince that will bring in the many – the loads of goats (mere quantity) into the church, while the narrow road and difficult gospel (Matt 7:14) of Jesus would bring in the few – not the crowds, but genuine converts and true disciples of Christ (true quality) who will make their mark for the kingdom of God.


For further details on why Joseph Prince isn’t preaching the true gospel in the Great Commission,


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“Joseph Prince’s Grace Revolution ‘Gospel’ Is Diametrically Opposed to the Great Commission Gospel of Jesus.”


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Rev George Ong 

Joseph Prince Lies About the Aleph-Tav – Again! – By Asher Chee (V143 Dated 27 Jan 2022)