Rev George Ong’s 56 Humour Books: 80 Comments

The following testimonies were written years ago and so their appointments, titles and church attending and pastoring are correct only at the point of writing.


“Sometime in 2006, I made my first visit to a local book store after being away for 10 years…. The title ‘Heavenly Humour’ caught my attention. Upon picking it up, I realised that it was written by an old friend George whom I knew since the 1970s. I bought it immediately. It brought me and my wife so much pleasure that I returned for more. I ordered all the 9 volumes and later needed to order ‘refills’ because some were borrowed but not returned. I also ordered the last 3 volumes.


Having read and enjoyed the first 12 volumes of George’s humour books, I ordered all his 20 new volumes.


Thank you, George for the hours of reading pleasure as well as for providing me with this resource of humorous stories that can be adapted for use to illustrate my sermons and also for the hard work of putting them together for us.”


Bishop Terry Kee

Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Singapore



“I was blessed by Rev George Ong when he came to our church to preach two years ago. Rev George Ong’s sermon was very special; I remembered he preached very passionately and he spoke very fast. I bought the whole set of his humour books, Volumes 1 – 12 in support of his ministry that day. Little did I know that this set of books became my son’s daily companion.


My son, Yang Cheng Siang, who was then 7-years-old, wasn’t an enthusiastic reader like his two sisters. We have lots of books at home and went to the library regularly, but he was quite passive about picking up books to read.


Rev George Ong’s humour books captivated his interest instantly; he was never seen without reading his books day and night. He was always reading out loud as well as telling us what he read! That set of books opened the door for his reading habit and he began reading other books as well. As a mother, I am glad that my son picked up reading through Rev George’s humour books.


This time when Rev George came to our church again on 23 June, I was very happy that God had preserved him from the intracranial bleeding last year and he looked healthier than I remembered him to be.


I was happy that he wrote another 20 humour books (Volume 13-32)! I purchased the entire set of 20 books after the service on 23 June. My son was reading them hungrily in church even before the morning ended.


I strongly recommend his humour books for your reading pleasure.”


Dr Yeap Min Li (Gynaecologist)

Member, The Bible Church, Singapore



“My family enjoyed the first series of 12 humour books very much. So when we learned that Rev George Ong had published another set of 20 humour books, we decided to buy all of them. However, I had to keep the whole set in the boot of my car because my son was studying for his ‘O’ level exams and I could not risk distracting him. When I finally brought out the 20 books after the exams, he finished reading all 20 of them within 2 weeks.


It really amazes me how Pastor George can come up with so many new thought-provoking and humorous jokes. Once again, he has produced another big dose of good medicine for the cheerful heart.”


Dr Yap Keng Bee

Senior Consultant, Geriatric Specialist

Ang Mo Kio Presbyterian Church, Singapore



“I have always enjoyed Pastor George’s sense of humour and stories from the pulpit but now that they are in books, I can refer to them as and when I like in my free time.


My 9-year-old daughter has been so taken by his books that I have to buy every volume for her! She reads them through and through and enjoys them and later tells me the jokes, which saves me the time reading the books …. A win-win situation!”

Gurmit Singh

Comedian & MediaCorp Artiste



“At North View Primary School, we constantly provide various learning platforms in order to make Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) a holistic experience for our pupils. We all know that values are often not taught but caught and George Ong’s assembly talk has once again proven so. At the end of every joke, George reinforced pupils’ learning by highlighting that particular knowledge, skill or value which was relevant to the content.


At the end of the assembly programme, there were many happy faces among us. Such a refreshing idea to engage pupils in the learning of values through humour and laughter!”


Mr Ng Yeow Ling

Principal of North View Primary School, Singapore



“As a mission school, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School gives much attention to inculcating values in our pupils so they know to do the right things even as we help them understand an increasingly complex world.


George Ong’s assembly talk on “Learning Values Through Humour” truly engages the pupils in an amazing way.


His fine choreography of jokes, funny anecdotes and riddles punctuated with well-placed moral lessons led the pupils to ponder on real life issues while enjoying side-splitting laughter with their peers and teachers. It was a timely talk for us.”


Madam Teo Ching Ling

Principal of Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School, Singapore



“We would like to order 12 sets of the complete 20 new humour books (240 books). My wife and I were encouraged and impressed by Kwee Siew and your intense dedication and single-mindedness to the task at hand; and the daily discipline of waking up early and spending the entire day until dusk to work at the humour books.


I had wanted to buy the 12 sets of your books to encourage others; starting with my children, each of them will receive one set, as a reminder about what both of you had to sacrifice to bring this to a reality. So I had requested that you write a testimony of the journey your family had gone through to bring this project to reality. The miraculous event of your recovery from the stroke adds to that journey. Could you do that just for me and my family – writing this inspiring journey?


To be honest, as I grow older, fewer and fewer men and women inspire me with their lives. However, you are one of the giants that do. (Others include Lee Kuan Yew and I am also buying 5 sets of his latest 10-volume ‘Papers of Lee Kuan Yew’). So we thank God for the opportunity of knowing you and your family.”


Kenneth Tan

CEO of a Boutique Investment Firm

Member of Grace Assembly, Singapore



“George, you have done a great and marvellous job in ministering to and captivating the attention of hyper-active kids like my son who could come back and regurgitate your jokes to me and my wife so enthusiastically that I cannot help but tell my son: ‘Son, if you can pay attention to your teachers in class the way you listened to Rev George, I am sure your results will improve tremendously!’ He just smiled sheepishly and continued telling us your jokes….Keep up your great and wonderful ministry, George!”


Rev Dr Steven Gan

Moderator, (Denominational Leader) Presbyterian Church in Singapore

Senior Pastor of Amazing Grace Presbyterian Church, Singapore



“Not every pastor or preacher can put a smile on the faces of so many. Congratulations! My own teenage sons read and re-read your humour books every day. Looks like you are getting through to the next generation with your amusing insights. God’s richest blessings to you, your loved ones and your ministry.”


Your Friend,

Rev Malcolm Tan


Barker Road Methodist Church, Singapore



“I have been trying to get my 9-year-old son to read but he has an on-again and off-again love affair with books. There is, however, one set of books he loves at all times, any time – Rev George Ong’s humour books. 


We have almost every one of them and whenever my son is encouraged to read, he inadvertently picks up Rev Ong’s books. He even reads them to his younger siblings and re-tells the jokes to the family.”


Rev Wilfred Leow

Paya Lebar Chinese Methodist Church, Singapore



“As a preacher, I always find it hard to put forth a stark truth without tempering it with humour. In this regard, Rev George Ong’s humour books have helped me tremendously.”

Rev Sng Chong Hui


Fairfield Methodist Church, Singapore



“Hi Uncle George, the humour book that was written by you was so popular among my friends and I at school that all my friends in my class wanted to read it. After they read it, they said that it was ultra-funny and healthy too!


When I shared some of the jokes with my teachers in class, my usually serious teacher was laughing!


At the time when my father needed some jokes to help him in his sermon, I looked for one that was in your humour book and it was so funny that when my father preached, the whole congregation were laughing their heads off!


When I told my Christian friends in class some of the jokes with Christian values, they were laughing till one of them had a stomachache!


Anyway, your books are always healthy and funny, so everyone in my school and at home loves your books! I hope that you can write more humour books that are suitable for children and publish them! It’s for sure that I will get my father to buy them for me!”


Grace Lin, 11

Daughter of Singapore Anglican Pastor, Rev John Lin



“I attended the church camp this year in which you were the camp speaker. I lost my sister one year ago. She died of bone cancer. I could not get over her death because she was very close to me. I have been struggling with her death for a long time.


But on that particular night, in your sermon you shared a joke about death from your humour book. The lesson about death in the humour suddenly made me see the light…that I will meet her one day in the future. I was liberated from the ‘yoke’ and have since stopped struggling with her death anymore.”


Eunice Lee

Assembly of God Church in Malaysia



“I came to know of Rev George Ong & his humour books when he delivered a sermon at Pentecost Methodist Church in April this year. As my family loves jokes, I bought 6 of his humour books after service – that turned out to be a good investment!


Ever since then, my family has been sharing and exchanging jokes from these books every dinner time. My kids love them so much that they even post some of these jokes on Facebook to share with their friends. In time to come, we realised that through sharing jokes with one another (either with family or friends), it helps to bring people closer together, removing barriers and stress from our everyday lives too!


My kids never leave home without Rev George Ong’s joke books in their bags – that goes to show how much his humour is treasured in our household.


We thank God for sending Rev George to spread the good news of the Gospel through humour in such an imaginative dimension which can reach out to even the ‘unreachables’! Praise God for His amazing works through Rev George!”


Elaine Loh

Pentecost Methodist Church, Singapore



“My 9-year-old son, Asaph has a few of your humour books and would ‘digest’ it from front page to last in the first week of purchase. He finds them easy to read and understand. Your jokes are so captivating that he would even share them with us during family time for a good laugh. If only he has the same enthusiasm with his devotional reading! Thank you for the great humour in the Lord!” 


Vincent Heng

Harvester Assembly of God, Singapore



“Rev George Ong has excited us with a sound and sane way of laughing and learning. His humorous insights are instructive and invaluable. He hardly needs introduction or recommendation because of his well-known ministry and his books on humour. He has taken a great risk in asking me, a prim and proper person (jokes aside!), to write an endorsement for his humour books. This may be indeed a joke in itself that caps his humour books. Perhaps my friend George believes in my retirement or repentance!


But seriously, life itself on earth is a great student exercise for eternity. George has processed for us juicy bits of learning and laughing in real life situations. You can laugh your way to heaven. I heartily recommend this book to every one for healthy enjoyment. Laugh, learn, and give it to your friends.”


Bishop Moses Tay

Retired doctor and Bishop



“When Rev George Ong first came out with the first 12 humour books, five years ago, I bought all the 12 volumes and I was not disappointed. Recently, when he came out with another 20 new humour books, again I bought all 20 of them. Rev George Ong’s humour resources have helped me tremendously in my sermon’s illustrations and as ‘starters’ for conversations with people.


Jokes have their place in the Christian faith. Many people are not aware and are even surprised when I tell them that I enjoy telling jokes and listening to jokes.


God has created us with the capacity to enjoy a joke. This is His blessing to mankind. I have not come across anyone who has refused to hear a joke.


And if a preacher can bring in healthy and timely jokes in his sermons, it will greatly help to convey the message more effectively and powerfully, and people will remember it for a long time to come.


I hope every preacher will be able to add Rev George Ong’s humour books to their library collection for their personal enjoyment as well as to use them for sermon illustrations.”


Elder Goh Ewe Kheng

Church of Singapore

Marine Parade



“Pastor George Ong’s humour book have been a tremendous blessing to me especially in-between waiting times for appointments.


I remembered one occasion while waiting to see my doctor, I took out the book and started reading. Not knowingly, I was laughing aloud as I was so tickled by the jokes. Suddenly, I realised that another patient who was sitting next to me, moved to another seat. She may have thought that I was in the wrong waiting room….should be in psychiatric instead of orthopaedic. Candidly, I told her that I’m okay; just reading a joke book. Surely a cheerful heart is good medicine.”


Ong Guek Ju

Dean, Tung Ling Bible College, Singapore



“We were indeed blessed to have you minister in our church. As you are aware, I purchased all the 12 volumes of your humour books even before I met you or had you preached in our main service. I must say that I was certainly not the least disappointed and true to the contents of your books, you delivered your sermon with conviction, and of course, it was spiced up with humour, the very two ingredients that are required to make a delicious ‘curry’ (so to speak.)


On reading your books till the very wee hours of the morning, I laughed myself to sleep…. and can you also imagine, I was dreaming in my sleep and chuckling at all your jokes to the point that my wife woke me up thinking that I had flipped. Keep up the good work. God bless you, Kwee Siew and family.”


Rev Collin Gordon

Senior Pastor, Trinity Community Centre

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia



“Pastor George’s books are really a hit with my kids, Joshua, 9-years-old, and Amanda, 6-years-old. I hear them repeating the jokes in the car as well as to their cousins and friends every time they meet. They have learnt a great way to make conversation even at their age. Joshua is even now inspired to be a writer when he grows up!”


Dr Chew Fook Tim, dad of 3 kids,

aged 9, 6 and 4 years (all of whom love the George Ong’s series)

Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

Grace Assembly of God, Singapore



 “As a regular trainer and live talk presenter for the Alpha Course, I find humour an indispensable element in training and giving Alpha talks. Humour helps to break down emotional and mental barriers of skeptical guests who attend the Alpha course. It also livens up the training workshops I conduct, which can be quite heavy-going when not interspersed with humour.


I find George Ong’s humour books a valuable guide to good and wholesome humour that is relevant to our Christian life. What I like most about his books is that he gives appropriate application for each of the jokes in his books.


As a speaker, I believe that jokes are not meant as stand-alones but are to be used as light-hearted bridges to important and serious biblical truths.


I applaud George’s effort in making humour accessible to all of us who are in the ministry. Thank you George for taking time to compile these valuable joke books to get our audience laughing.


I read in one church growth survey that growing churches have laughing congregations. Possibly because laughter is the best medicine that keeps churches healthy. And healthy churches grow!”


Rev Then Chee Min

Ex National Director of Alpha Singapore

& Director for Prison Ministry & Alpha Training



“It’s great to have you back again to teach and preach on 13-15 July under the invitation of my Senior Pastor, Rev Ronnie Chin. When you last came and preached at my church, Revival Centre, KL, I bought a few copies of your humour books and it did me a lot of good.


When I was participating in a public speaking contest, I decided to use 2 jokes found in one of your humour books to illustrate a point and it was instrumental in impressing the judges and wowing the audience and winning the top prize in that public speaking contest.


Reaching out to an audience begins with putting a smile on their faces and I give your books 5/5 stars for helping me to achieve that goal.”


Grace Gan

Revival Centre Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



“I’m someone who always sees the practical side of things, so I don’t laugh easily. But I do like to read joke books…. just that I read them silently, but I don’t laugh that easily and often. 


One day, my daughter gave me one of your books as a birthday present. To her surprise, she soon heard me chuckling again and again as I read the book. Your jokes are so logical but at the same time it awakens the funny bone in me.  


Last Christmas, I bought a few copies to give away as Christmas presents. They are very appropriate for people of different ages and backgrounds.


Praise the Lord for this great gift He has given you!  To God Be the Glory!”

Angie Lee – Ng Hui Lan
Lecturer: Administration and Event Management

Charis Methodist Church, Singapore


“Your humour books are pretty addictive stuff…. Once you start reading, it’s hard to stop. Thanks for putting together such a great wealth of humour resources.”


Mei Young

Metro Tabernacle Church KL (Assembly of God), Malaysia



“Two years ago, I attended a parenting talk conducted by you in Junyuan Primary School and bought the whole set of books on jokes from you.


Since then, my son (7 years old then), Timothy and I have enjoyed reading your books. There were times when he had to be forced to go to bed because he refused to stop reading your books. My sister ‘lamented’ that she will have to hear jokes from my boy throughout the year since I have purchased your humour books.


Timothy has been reading your books even till today. He’s now nine-years-old. For these two years, he has been telling jokes taken from your books to me and his friends. I suspect he’s not going to stop….thank God as this brings joy to the people around him.


He wants me to tell you to produce more books on jokes. Hope this is an encouragement to you.”


Tan Wan Theng

Lighthouse Evangelism, Singapore



“I have the full set of 12 of your humour books in my library. Your books have enhanced my teaching and preaching!


I have used many of the anecdotes and humour in the books to spice up my preaching in churches as well as in the classroom as I am a lecturer and trainer. I have also recently used them in THE ALPHA MARRIAGE COURSE.


Your books have been a real blessing to me and not forgetting those who listen to my messages and training. Well done! May God continue to bless your Ministry!”


Elder Jeffrey Goh

Management Trainer

Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church, Singapore



“Rev Ong’s talent in compiling and producing these books of humour is definitely a gift from the Lord and an asset to the Body of Christ. It takes a man with a creative mind and a persevering vision to put all these materials together.


I have personally read and laughed through the clean jokes in these books. I found them so amusing that I gave them to others to read. It is even more amusing when I see these people laughing away to themselves after reading and being tickled by the humour. It’s such a joy to share the blessings of laughter together.


So, get your hands on these humour books of Rev George Ong’s. Don’t forget to get a few more as gifts for your friends. If you are a pastor or preacher, it’s a good investment to get a whole set of his 12 humour volumes. They are invaluable tools and resources for your ministry.”


Rev Dr Patrick Lau

Former General Superintendent Assemblies of God, Singapore



“Hilarious! Money back guarantee! This is the largest collection of jokes I have seen in my entire life! Practically every joke that I have heard of is covered (well, almost every!) in one of the volumes. Very ideal to have the whole set close at hand – you have something for every occasion – particularly when you feel under the weather, pull out one and get your spirit lifted up. Pastor George should make an application to the Guinness Book of Records.”


Tan Siu Huang


Grace Assembly of God, Singapore



“About your humour books, just want to let you know that our 2 sons have been reading and re-reading and re-re-re…reading them, especially when they are doing their ‘BIG BUSINESS’ in the toilet. Sometimes their toilet breaks take an awful long time, and I have to blame your humour book for the unusually looooonng time.


On our car trips home from school, they have been telling us jokes from the books, so we don’t even have to read them. Our elder son has also been chided by his English teacher, for he sometimes can’t contain the jokes to himself and needs to tell his classmates during lessons.


Your books are so good and the jokes so hilarious, that we’ve purchased extra copies and given to people as Christmas and birthday presents. Please continue to keep the laughs rolling in and the smiles flashing!”


Kenneth Tan

Managing Director, Columbia Investment Partners

Tan Hui Su, Homemaker

Grace Assembly of God, Singapore



“Three quarters of my Primary Three class purchased the books by Rev George Ong. When it was time for book reviews, almost half the class did their reviews on Rev George Ong’s humour books. When asked for their comments after reading them, these are some of them:

        “They are so funny and logical.”

        “They make me laugh and laugh.”

        “The short paragraphs make it very easy and fun to read.”


One girl, whose mother just passed away, and whose father did not allow her to buy any of the books, came to me to borrow ‘Kiddy Humour’, saying she really wanted very much to read it.


The Humour Talk and the sales of the books were carried out in late June. Shortly after that, traces of Rev George’s humour books could be found everywhere! In every level, we could see children reading them. It brought some fun and laughter to the children.


I felt the need to bring in these books to brighten the lives of the children instead of always focusing on hard academics or thick novels and mysteries. The books can also stimulate the interest of children who do not usually like to read. I wanted also for the Gospel somehow to reach the children. Even my colleagues who are non-Christians are still reading them today.”


Janice Foo

Methodist Church of the Incarnation, Singapore


“Between my son and myself, we have collected all your joke books. My 14-year-old son loves humour and when he saw your books being sold at ACS (Barker), he bought them. I bought the remaining titles when I attended the Pastors’ Prayer Summit in January 2007.


My son loves your humour books so much that he has read all the 12 books. He continues to read them many times over. He is so familiar with your books that I have to consult him for the relevant humour to be used in my sermons. Your humour is so helpful in my preaching and teaching and I use them too when I preach at weddings.


Humour is a good way of getting and holding people’s attention and a good way to help people apply truths and remember them as well.


Thank you so much. Use this gift that God has given you to bless everyone.”


Rev Daven Nambiar

Pastor, St. John’s St. Margaret’s Church (Anglican), Singapore



“As I travelled to preach in different churches, I have heard excellent reports about how Rev George Ong’s preaching had impacted many people. One of the reasons must have been his witty use of humour in the preaching of the Word.


Many people see me as a humorous preacher too. I use much humour in my sermons not only to sustain attention but as illustrations to teach the deeper and greater truths of the Bible. Even Jesus Himself used parables and down-to-earth illustrations to teach the truths of the Kingdom.


We thank Rev George Ong for doing us a great favour by putting the many humour illustrations into book form. It must have taken him many hours of hard work and sacrifice to accomplish the task. God has indeed blessed him with the gift of humour and the wisdom of using it to bless people for His glory.


If you are looking for something to laugh at and amuse yourself with or for more resources for your teaching and preaching ministries, I strongly recommend Rev George Ong’s books of humour.”


Rev Oh Beng Khee

International Evangelist



“I was glad to find your humour book in a Christian bookshop a few years back. Nowadays, a good humour book is hard to come by. I needed a good laugh to ‘de-stress’ myself from my hectic work and your books are good medicine. My son would fight over the book with me to see who gets to read more jokes first and who could make each other laugh more. 


Do you know that it is ‘dangerous’ to read your book alone in public? There were at least a few occasions when I discovered that every eye was looking at me when I suddenly burst into laughter while reading your book….even then, the joy of reading your book was worth the risk of possibly being misunderstood as one who may have gone ‘crazy’.  


My family and I enjoyed your humour books a lot and we could retell at least a dozen of our favourite jokes written by you.


Please do not stop there; keep writing more jokes to brighten up somebody else’s day!” 


Sandy Wong

Ministry Staff

Wesley Methodist Church, Singapore



“We have the full collection of your 12 volumes of humour books because both my boys Andrew, 10, and Timothy, 8 as well as both my wife and myself loved reading them.


George’s humour books are probably the only series we find in the market that caters & speaks to the entire family (kids & adults) as well as imbued with Christian values.


My youngest son enjoyed the books so much that he would very often share two to three jokes from the humour books during our family get-together. We laughed over the jokes with our friends too.


We actually bought the books as Christmas presents for our extended families last year, so that they too get to enjoy and be ministered by them.


So are there any more new volumes for the coming Christmas? We hope you will not stop at 12 volumes. It’s hard to find such healthy humour books for the family.


Thanks for bringing those fun and ‘humour ministering’ moments into our home.”


Ng Chee Kin
Wesley Methodist Church, Singapore


“We find Pastor George’s humour books interesting yet educational. My family members of five enjoyed reading them, especially before bed time. They are our favourite ‘de-stressors’ after a long day of work or study.


We decentralised the books at various locations for easy reach such as in bed rooms, dinning rooms, kitchen and toilets. 


The jokes are mostly not heard of and ‘fresh’. 


Some have delayed effects where it is not uncommon to see us laughing only a few minutes or hours after reading.


The reflection sections are good summaries and simple to understand. They bring in practical application yet in a humorous way to our daily life.


These books can be read over and over again without getting boring.” 


Koh Yeok Thiam

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Singapore



“For the last 4 years, I have asked my sons to help me locate a good joke book for illustration purposes. We finally discovered two books but the jokes were not useful.


I then bought George Ong’s first book, “Heavenly Humour” as a try out and found that I could potentially use half of his jokes as introductions in my preaching and teaching – a rare find. I went on to purchase the whole series of his 12 humour books.


I found some of the longer jokes very useful as building blocks for short children homilies. I have been looking for such good humour resources for my preaching and teaching for a long time. I’m glad I’ve finally found them in his books. I have been personally blessed by his books and have recommended them to other pastors.


As a father, I ‘date’ my sons periodically. Sometimes, we bring George’s series of joke books to a local ice-cream store and have a great father and son time together.”


Pastor Peter Lin

Grace Baptist Church, Singapore



“My family purchased the whole 12-volume set of humour books and found them very entertaining. My 12-year-old son is able to quote many of the jokes verbatim as he had read the books several times. We have had many good laughs at the dinner table.


The books were also a good stress reliever for my son when he was busy revising for the PSLE (Primary 6) exams. He actually studied better!  


I myself try to read a few pages before I sleep every night because I believe a cheerful heart is good medicine.”


Dr Yap Keng Bee

Doctor (Geriatric specialist)

Ang Mo Kio Presbyterian Church, Singapore



“When I first read Rev George Ong’s books, I was so engrossed that I managed to finish all 12 books in only 6 days, at the rate of 2 books a day. I loved the books because they are humorous and I like to read about jokes. Even though I have re-read them many times, I am still reading them today. I can’t wait for the next series of books from Rev George Ong (see below).”


Nigel Chew

Son of Tony Chew and Lee Ching

Church Members of S-Word Evangelical Free Church, Singapore



“Rev George Ong has been a great inspiration to us to walk more closely with God after we attended his session on the ‘Cat and Dog theology’. The real surprise came when I first read his humour books. I really enjoyed his ability to teach ‘life lessons’ through his jokes.


His books are definitely good for light-hearted reading at the poolside or cafe and would make excellent gifts for people who don’t read as much as they should.


Both my kids (see above) enjoyed his books so much that even now, they still recite some of his funny jokes and we all will have a good laugh.”  


Tony Chew and Lee Ching

Parents of Nigel Chew (12) and Petrus Chew (8)

Church Members of S-Word Evangelical Free Church, Singapore



I have finished reading all the 12 humour books because they are really funny. You can read them again and again and again and not get bored with them. So having the whole series of your 12 books at home really helps when you are bored. My 2 younger sisters are also fans of your books. Healthy jokes are rare nowadays and your books do make a fascinating read.” 


Caroline Wong, 12

Yishun Christian Church (Anglican), Singapore



“Not many worthwhile activities bring families together like George’s books. There is at least one in the series for various age groups of the family.


The time we got the whole set of his books, it was a sight to behold; father with one book, son with another and my two daughters with the rest. Each were laughing to themselves and then exchanging books.


My husband, an elder of the church, considers George’s books a good resource and ice-breaker for his small group gathering and when he needs to pepper up his sharing with good, clean humour.”


Geneieve Tang,

Mother of 3 children (14, 10 and 8)

Newton Life Church, Singapore



“We first bought the entire set of Rev Ong’s books (Vols 1-12) when he came to preach at our Bedok Methodist Church several years ago. My sons were in primary school and they enjoyed reading all of them.


They are now in Secondary 1 and 2 at ACS (I) and they have been re-reading them endlessly the whole of 12 books during the school holidays in Dec 2011. After that, they are inspired to come up with their own jokes and we have very amusing family dinners where they would animatedly re-tell the jokes.


They were very pleased to hear that there was a new set of books out and we bought the whole set of 20 (Vols 13-32) based on how much we enjoyed the first 12 volumes. We highly recommend them to our friends. We wish Rev Ong the very best in his unique ministry.”


Dr Lim Hui Ling

Bedok Methodist Church, Singapore



“I just want to let you know that my daughter, Alicia Teng (Age 10) from Methodist Girls’ School, is a great fan of yours, since she purchased 4 titles of your humour books at the school book fair last year. Since she finished reading the 4 titles in a record short time, we decided to pick up 5 more titles from you about a week later.


Each time when I asked her which is her favourite book, without fail, she would say: “All, all of Uncle George Ong’s books. They are so funny!” She can read them, over and over again without getting bored.


Early this year, we loaned the books to a friend. He enjoyed it so much that we had to give them away. Please keep writing more humour books; we look forward to your announcement.”


Pauline Teng

Wesley Methodist Church, Singapore



“I continue to be amazed by the number of humour books collated and written by Rev George Ong. I have thoroughly enjoyed his books. One of my earlier favourites was Volume 6, Animal Humour.


Recently, I bought his new 20 books (Volumes 13-32), which are well classified by themes, and give further breadth to the jokes we can share with others.


Rev George Ong has consistently produced humour books that are very useful for teaching and social settings, and jokes that are clean and funny.


I will enjoy my latest collection of his humour books for a long time to come.


It was a real joy to meet George recently and found that we have something in common: we both like to tell jokes.”


Rev Dr John Tay (Brother of Bishop Moses Tay)

Current Dean of the Faculty of Biblical Studies, Bethany International University

Former Dean & Vicar of St Andrew’s Cathedral (Anglican), Singapore

Former Professor & Head of the Department of Paediatrics, National University of Singapore (1988-1995)

Holds 2 doctorates in genetics



“I just wish to say thank you for the books and the laughter you brought to my family. My girl told me that she has not heard me laugh aloud for a long time. Thanks for helping me to release my stress. Praise God for Rev George, you and kids. May the Lord continue to bless you and family abundantly with very good sales record of the books plus more new volumes to add on.”



Glad Tidings Church



“I was very excited when I heard that Rev George has produced another 20 new humour books (Volumes 13-32). I started using his first 12 humour books (Volumes 1-12) about five years ago. Since then, his books have become my ‘reference books’ besides my Bible and commentaries in my sermon preparation! The stories, quotations, illustrations and jokes in his books had really done much to spice up my sermons.


I have also had the privilege to learn from Rev George Ong how to use jokes in my preaching when he conducted a session for the Anglican pastors and leaders in Kota Kinabalu some time ago.


With 32 humour books in my collection, it will certainly help me to communicate the truth of God in a much more creative and interesting way. Thank you, Rev George for all your hard work!”


Canon Yong Thiam Choy

Rector (Vicar), All Saints’ Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



“Humour is very important in engaging the audience which Rev George has aplenty but unfortunately that is not one of my strengths. Thanks to Rev George Ong’s humour books which became my source of good clean humour that I can use in any occasion. His jokes also come with moral lessons too.


My son has been reading his books repeatedly since primary 2 when I first bought the first batch of his books from him. It has been almost 10 years but he never gets tired of reading them.


When he came to preach at our church in Malacca recently, I took the opportunity to buy several of his latest batch of 24 books (Vol 33-56).”


Richard Lim

City Community Church (Assembly of God), Malacca, Malaysia



“I have purchased the entire set of his 56 humour books. I am truly amazed at how he can write so many books on ‘humour’. I have started to read one of his books and will definitely continue to read on.


Listening to Rev George for the first time shows that he is passionate about serving the Lord with his greatest unique gift – that is blending humour into the more solid stuff of preaching.


There are not many preachers/speakers who can feel comfortable and at ease, especially in speaking in this humorous manner to Brethren congregations.


Personally, this is an approach that appeals to me because I believe that learning can also be fun and I am sure many in my Brethren congregation will agree with me. What a delightful alternative to straight-laced learning!


We are all created by God for a unique purpose and being able to use our biggest talent to bring glory to His kingdom is a huge blessing.”


Cindy Koo

Elim Gospel Hall, Brethren, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia



“Rev George Ong, I have something interesting to share with you.


I have purchased Volume 1-12 of your books when you came to minister at Glad Tidings Sunway on 4-6 Oct.


My 16-year-old daughter has been flipping through some of your books occasionally. She told me that she finds them so interesting that she can’t wait for her exams to be over to read them.


My husband, who is an unbeliever, has also been reading your humour books for the past few nights.


He is not an easy person to be brought to salvation.


But seeing him read your humour books with keen interest, truly excites me for GOD can do anything. In GOD, we hope and trust.”


Agatha Wam

Glad Tidings Sunway Church, Malaysia



“I praise God for Rev George Ong’s message at our church in August. I was personally challenged and blessed by the message. I was so touched and encouraged by God’s faithfulness in Rev George’s life, and at the same time, I admired Rev George’s obedience and great passion in serving God all these years.


During the sermon, there was never a dull moment, as Rev George has the natural gift and talent in throwing a few relevant humorous examples to get everyone to laugh and to be attentive.


I had purchased the first 7 volumes of Rev George’s books a few years ago, and by God’s grace, my wife and I decided to purchase the whole set of 32 books.


The first visible impact of these books was on my 10-year-old boy, Nicholas, who could not stop reading the books after school/church, till bed time. Sometimes, we could hear his lone giggling and laughter reading the book by himself in one corner. He started to share the humorous jokes in the car and before meals. So, we decide to introduce a new ice-breaker agenda in our weekly family altar that my boy will share a humorous story from Rev George’s books.


These books are really written to bless people of all ages, and we praise God for using Rev George mightily in this ministry; in producing the 32 books of humorous stories with great insight, and for being a great role model of a humble servant of our Mighty God for us to emulate.”


Alex Tan

Excel Point Community Church, Penang, Malaysia



“Dear Uncle George, when my mother told me that you would be preaching in my church on Sunday, I decided immediately to attend the service with my parents instead of attending my regular Sunday School. I know that your sermon would be very interesting and funny like your humour books.


We purchased 12 of your humour books a few years ago and I have read all your 12 books over and over again and am very happy that my parents had brought your new 20 books.


I am reading your new books now. Thank you for writing such funny books. Take care and will keep you and your family in our prayers regularly.”


Alden Palimarmo, 9-year-old son of Wiwie Palimarmo

Sengkang Methodist Church, Singapore



“My 12-year-old son, Naveen said you are the funniest pastor in Singapore. He reads your humour books every morning.


Here is what my son Naveen wrote about his response to your Humour Books (see below). I think his thoughts were insightful and a joy for us parents to hear about the value part. Well done George and thanks.”


Mogan Mannar

Serving in the National Leadership Team of the Navigators, Singapore

Riverlife Church, Singapore



“I am Naveen David Mannar, a big fan of Rev George Ong’s joke books (see above). Some of you may ask me, why? Well, Rev George Ong’s jokes are very special. They are not only funny, but they also teach values. So by the time you finish a joke book written by him, you would have learned a lot of valuable lessons.


Another amazing point about his books is that they are not only meant for the young, but they are meant for all ages, from the young to the elderly.


So whenever you have time, sit down and read one of the many famous joke books by Rev George Ong. It will make you laugh until you have stitches and fill your heart with joy.”


12 year old Naveen

Riverlife Church, Singapore



“I came to know of Rev George Ong when I was in Pei Hwa Primary school several years ago. His teachings at my school during the chapel sessions reached my heart and taught me to see God’s work in our daily lives.


Through some of his books (which I have purchased at Pei Hwa Primary School) which I have perused, I have come to know of God’s grace and mercy by the humorous stories and jokes within them, changing the way I see the world which God has created for us. They have inspired me to look for God’s hand working in my life.


I personally consider myself blessed to have known and met such a great man working for the Lord.”


16 year old Nicolas Tan Wee Xiong

Son of Thai Kum Foon

Member, The Bible Church, Singapore



“Rev George Ong has been a blessing to me and my wife when he came to preach at Church Of Our Saviour on Sunday 16 June 2013.


Through his sermon, I was greatly challenged to step out of my comfort zone; stop depending on my own strength and trust God for the IMPOSSIBLE.


Rev George combines his gift of good and wholesome humour with a straightforward and concise speaking style to deliver God’s Word in an easy-to-understand and yet profound message.


I have purchased his entire set of 32 humour books and when I started reading Volume 23 ‘Bite-Sized Humour for Busy People’, it really made me laugh.


Our 8-year-old boy burst into laughter when he was reading Volume 14, ‘Humour for the Family’. He said the jokes were so funny.


His humour books were easy-to-read and suitable for both the young and adults! Keep up the good work in the Lord.”


Amos & Jennifer Mak

Members of Church Of Our Saviour (Anglican), Singapore



“‘A funny and really inspiring speaker’, this was the first statement that popped into my mind when I thought of Rev George Ong. I have heard him speak a number of times in my church. He always brought lots of laughter with his messages. The ability to convey a hard message with laughter and humour, enabling the audience to be more open to his messages was really impressive.


My dad and mum, Robert Chan and Winnie Tan, met Rev George Ong during their YFC days; they were also church mates as well in Grace Assembly. My mum in particular loved his books and found them really funny and enjoyable to read. She was a really simple woman; she wasn’t able to get much education in her younger days. So it is no surprise that she was not much of a reader. However, it was a joy to see her being able to understand and read Rev George’s humour books.


His gift of laughter and joy is such a blessing to everyone, young and old. His life testimony is a statement of God’s love, faithfulness and grace. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.”


Chan Kahling

Zion Full Gospel Church, Singapore



“Back when I was still in primary school, I remembered Rev George Ong coming to my school to give a talk during a chapel session. His sharing was very interesting and when I heard that he was selling his humour books in the canteen, I immediately rushed down after school to have a look.


As it turns out, I bought all of the original 12 volumes (Vol 1-12) and was definitely not disappointed. I spent many nights reading the humour books and they never failed to cheer me up no matter how tired I was.


Now years later, I still read his books and when I heard that there were new volumes (Volumes 13-32) out recently (when he came to preach at Fairfield Methodist Church) I just had to get my hands on them.


These books are a definite ‘must read’, and I hope that there will be more books to come and that more people will get to enjoy them too! God bless.”


Toran Labhaya Seth

Fairfield Methodist Church, Singapore



“George Ong’s humour books have been a blessing to my family and me. His writings have not only entertained us, but provided a much-needed injection of fun and humour into the church.


Interspersed within his books are anecdotes that can lift and sometimes even heal the heavy heart. My wife, children and I have found the books to be an essential part of our home library.


At the last count, we have all the books that have been published and look forward to more in the future.”


Elder Jeff Ang

Bethesda Community Church, Singapore



“There are joke books and there are George books. The books are tremendously uplifting, inspiring and offering great value-for-money.


George has carefully chosen to give only the best, condensed, simplified, well-packaged and affordably priced. Makes great gifts and what can be better than the gift of laughter and joy for all times.”


Wong Soon Lee

Trinity Christian Centre, Singapore



“Your books are very interesting and humorous. As you know, reading books is my hobby, and my favourite topic is jokes. After reading your jokes, they have brought sunshine into my life as they are not only funny but make a lot of sense too.


I am also recommending your books to my non-Christian relatives and friends, to let them see that Jesus is their only Saviour and Lord and believing in Him is also fun!”


Roseanne Yeo, Singapore



“For years, I have bemoaned the lack of humour in our dealings with serious subjects, especially spiritual matters and the like. I personally believe God is humorous and His humour is evident to all men of good humour. I therefore highly appreciate your books for as the great Bard put it, they are “not altogether foolery,” and your asides and running commentaries greatly provoke and stimulate thinking on the intended lessons to be gleaned from them.


In days of yore, court jesters dealt with delicate and sensitive issues of the day before kings and royalty in a humorous and disarming manner. You are the modern version of them and more because you have the Holy Spirit’s leading!


I have purchased a few sets of your 12 humour books as gifts for my own pastors and my own set is out there on loan somewhere!”


Dennys Ng
Victory Family Centre, Singapore


“While preparing for my humorous speech contest, I truly understand the difficulty of putting in appropriate humour in a speech while keeping the judging criteria in mind. Thank God I have the full collection of your 12 humour books. Although I did not lift any jokes from your books (for fear of being penalised in the contest for using ‘non original jokes’), I was able to get inspiration from them and created some of my own.


My nieces and nephews who received your books as Christmas presents from me last year, love them very much. I could see them reading it and exchanging the copies with one another.


It’s no joke writing and compiling jokes but you did it!”

Alice Quah
St Matthew’s Church (Anglican), Singapore



“George is extremely humorous, both in person & in writing. At one stage, my daughter, Tiffany, was very interested in ‘Jokes & Joke’ books. When she (then 10-years-old) got hold of the first 9 volumes of George’s books, she could not stop reading & laughing at the same time, taking less than a week to finish them all!


Personally, I am very thankful for the humour books. I prayed to God for joke books that were of an excellent standard, yet witty & humorous and I found them in George’s books. (I have come across lots of joke books that leave a very bad ‘after taste’).


After the first 9 volumes, I prayed again, that George will write & publish more humour books, and again, God did not fail! George came out with another 3 humour books.


I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry, George! Keep up the excellent work; together with God & don’t stop writing! Looking forward to more new volumes!”


Grace See

Ministry Staff of a Methodist Church, Singapore



“This is what my 10-year-old daughter said, “The books are extremely interesting & funny. I’ve finished all the 12 books. I liked especially the ‘Animal Humour’ and ‘Life & Death Humour’ which I’ve read twice already.”


My daughter found the books so interesting that she brought 3 of them along when we went on a vacation in June. The books were good company for her during the plane ride. 


As a parent, I’ve also gone through a couple of the books. I found them funny and good for relaxing. It was a good way to laugh off our stress! 


It’s good that you have little quotations or scriptures interspersed in the books as these will reach out especially to those who don’t know our Lord as yet. 


Please keep your jokes & books coming. Will be looking out for them. Shalom!”


Regina Loh

Christalite Methodist Chapel, Singapore



“I have found the humour books by Rev George Ong to be very helpful in my ministry. I find good humour to lighten or loosen up my congregation and relevant illustrations to make a point more impactful. I just have to be careful that the congregation will remember the main point of the sermon, not just the humour!”

Pastor Richard Ong

Baptist Pastor, Singapore



“My father, Rev Stephen Ong (see below) bought the whole set of 12 of your humour books. I love reading your humour books because they are funny. I read them every time before I go to bed. It helps me to relax. Thank you for writing these books. I hope that you can write some more. God bless you.”


Jason Ong, 12  

Son of Rev Stephen Ong,

Assembly of God Pastor in KL, Malaysia



“Thanks for your humour books. My son Jason, 13 (see above), is enjoying reading the 12 books the second time round!”


Rev Stephen Ong

First Assembly of God Church (KL, Malaysia)



“As a preacher, I have to learn to hold the attention of the listeners. One very effective way is to include timely jokes in between. As it has been said, “If we can get people to laugh with us, we can get people to listen to what we have to say.”


George Ong’s collection of books on humour has one of the widest selections I have ever known and it has provided me the resources that I need.


Once I called him to help me to find a particular joke which I remember reading in his books in order that I may include into my Christmas message! How I wish I can memorise the jokes both for my relaxation as well as a tool in breaking the ice. Well done, George!”

Rev Lawrence Yap

Senior Pastor, Charis Christian Centre, Cheras, Malaysia



“As God’s word said, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine,” and I say, “Amen” to this. There are days I really feel tired, bored and heavy and when I take up your humour books to read, it brings liberation to my soul. It lifts me up again and the mistakes, disappointments, discouragements I may have encountered somehow dissipate.     


I learn to laugh at myself and laugh real hard; it’s really freeing! Kind of silly at times, when I remember certain jokes I was laughing quietly to myself when travelling in train or bus and wearing a grin….. to strangers they must be thinking, “Is she nuts?” But thinking on the positive side, perhaps, I am spreading a bit of joy to a stressful city, haha!


Isn’t it marvellous who and what God can use and do…. using the ordinary to showcase Himself…. even through JOKES…. and what an extraordinary talent! 


Thank you for allowing Him to use you to bless so many and one of them is me. May He bless you much more with greater holy imagination and creativity for the sake of His great name.”

Millie Kan

Grace Assembly of God, Singapore



“A part of me that most people don’t know about is that I enjoy humour and telling humorous stories. That’s why I purchased the whole set of the humour volumes written by Rev George Ong. They have helped me tremendously in my sermons’ illustrations. They also served as ‘windows’ of the sermons so that the audience can see the light of the messages and remember them vividly. Humour is also an excellent tool to ‘break the ice’ with the audience and keep and sustain their attention.


Some mistakenly think that truth is so sacred that we have to convey it seriously and that to make people laugh is to treat it too lightly. But to me, the best sermon is not how deep you can expound the truth but how plain and simple you can convey the message (with humour even better) so that even a child can understand and enjoy it.


Common to all the volumes, Rev Ong has deliberately and wisely injected some teachings and reflections after each section of humour. This makes the material more meaningful and lessons learnt in a humorous setting will certainly sink deeper into the hearers’ hearts.


I strongly recommend you to purchase Rev Ong’s humour books both for personal enjoyment and the joy of telling them to others.”


Elder Goh Ewe Kheng

Church of Singapore, Marine Parade



“I had some really great times reading the jokes in your humour books over the phone to my friends. Now they want the books too. The jokes inside are so funny, I cannot put it down! I have the whole set of 12 volumes and I’m still waiting for the next ones.”


By Ang Yue Jun, 13, ACSI



“When the new books are launched, my siblings and I fight over who gets to read it first. These books follow me wherever I go, be it in school, mealtimes, or even toilet times. My parents have a hard time getting me off the books!”


By Ang Jie Jun, 14, ACSI


Both Yue Jun & Jie Jun are sons of Ang Fui Gan

Mount Horeb Bible Presbyterian Church, Singapore



“Dear Pastor George Ong, your humour books have brought much joy and laughter into my life. It was through your books that I realised how powerful humour can be! Thank you so much for the laughter and God bless. I am waiting for more new volumes to be published.”


Deborah Lee, 13

Daughter of Deacon Lee Chiang Hai

Mount Horeb Bible Presbyterian Church, Singapore



“We found so much joy & laughter in your books and bought them as Christmas gifts for our friends.


We also share the jokes with our dentist, especially the one in Volume 4, about ‘Gandhi having no money to pay his dentist.’ We felt so good to see him laugh so much ….


Thank you for the books and all the laughter that you have blessed others and us. May God always bless you and your family!”


Anna and John Arifin

Wesley Methodist Church, Singapore



“My wife, Wendy and my kids have read your books. Wendy read all 12 of them and she has become more jovial and humorous. As Proverbs 17:22 says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine,” your books have brought so much cheer and laughter to our family. We thank God for you because you have done a great job!  Keep up the good work, George!” 


Elder Peter Ng

Faith Community Church, Perth, Australia



“I came personally to school (ACS Primary) to buy your books….I had great difficulty getting my 10-year-old son to read. My son would always say, “Mum, don’t waste your money buying books for me; I am not interested to read.”


But soon after you gave the Humour Talk and introduced your books to the school, he egged me to buy them for him. I started to wonder what had happened to my kid. So I came to the school to take a look at the books and bought four volumes from you.”


Anonymous Parent



“I had purchased one of your books as a gift for my friend. I decided to read it before giving it away. After I had read it, I found it so good that I decided to keep it for myself.”


Anonymous 62-year-old lady

Presbyterian Church, Singapore



“George Ong’s humour books are suitable at all times. My husband and I read the jokes to each other at dinner time or when we are simply relaxing at home. We carry one of the joke books with us and enjoy them while on holiday. I keep a copy under my pillow to read at bedtime. I truly appreciate the very healthy jokes. The books are excellent Christmas and birthday gifts too.


It’s been said that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. George Ong’s joke books do more than keep doctors away. They brighten dull moments or gatherings and bring refreshment to weary souls. God bless you as you bless others.”  


Renata Tay Ren Jee




“I have found George Ong’s humour books a real delight to read both for personal relaxation as well as a source for my sermons. Humour thrown into a sermon, especially when it gets too serious and unsettling, can be a great help to put the congregation at ease. I highly recommend one and all to grab the books. It will be a great blessing to you.”


Rev Timothy Chow

Westside Anglican Church, Singapore



“I’ve found the 12-volume series on humour by Rev George Ong personally refreshing and useful for finding excellent illustrations. The comprehensive collection of funny stories has often brightened my day. Humour always peps up preaching/teaching. 


The different focus of each book plus the classification of the jokes is particularly helpful when I am looking for stories to illustrate a presentation or teaching. 


Rev George has interjected snippets of wisdom into the books e.g. “Better stop worrying; worry can kill.” “Those who live in a state of worry invite death in a hurry.”  Biblical truths are also found in many of the stories. 


My wife and I have bought and given away these books as good inexpensive gifts to friends. Getting these humour books into regular bookstores is definitely a wonderful ministry that God has given to Rev George.”


Rev Robert Lum

Assistant General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, Singapore

Senior Pastor, Eternal Life Assembly, Singapore