Why was David Pawson Burdened for Singapore? – By Rev George Ong (Don’t miss the end part of my article – something serious that involves a Bishop from the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS)!) (Dated 11 Sep 2021)


The following is an excerpt of what David Pawson said in a teaching in Singapore found on YouTube (one and a half minutes): (click here to view)


“And frankly, I’m here in Singapore because of one wrong meaning of that word (grace), because two years I was in South Africa and every church I went to was talking about grace but in a rather unusual way and a way that was dangerous, a way that was mixing a lot of truth with some poisonous error. It is that mixture which can so easily deceive people. And I said to them after a bit, “Where did you all get all this from? The simple answer was ‘Singapore.’ And at that time, I found a burden in my heart for Singapore. I began to ask the Lord, “Do you want me to say anything about that? And shortly after that, someone who is sitting in this audience this morning said to me, “David, I think Singapore needs you.” And I thought, “Well,” and then the way opened for me fairly recently to come and share with you in response to a kind of invitation from Philip Pillai who has much to do with this building. And so here I am, and here is what I want to tell you about grace.”


David Pawson, a world-renowned Bible teacher, who is well respected by many across denominations and theological persuasions, labelled Joseph Prince’s grace doctrine as dangerous and poisonous error that deceives.


Something which endangers is life-threatening. Only a little poison is enough to kill. One who deceives is a follower of the devil (Rev 20:10; Acts 13:10).


If the verdict of David Pawson on Joseph Prince’s teaching is one that endangers, kills and deceives, how can Prince be preaching the true gospel? 


The tragedy is that many who are deceived are enticed by the truth that Joseph Prince dishes out but are blinded to the poisonous error that he mixes in.


Food, no matter how nutritional or appetising, can no longer be eaten once there is poison in it and has to be disposed of into the rubbish chute. In the same way, truth can no longer be truth once it is poisoned with error and has to be discarded. Poisoned truth is not only distorted truth but it is also one that can kill. That’s what the so-called ‘truth teaching’ (that is poisoned and mixed with error)’ of Joseph Prince will do to you.


David Pawson had the burden to come all the way to Singapore some years ago because such dangerous, poisonous and deceptive grace doctrine of Joseph Prince that kills (which the Singapore Church could have addressed and curtailed) had spread even to distant South Africa.


David Pawson was acting in the tradition of the Apostle Paul. But Paul did something more. He was more than burdened; he was consumed with the threat of false teachings. Please read my short article, Paul Was Consumed With The Threat Of Wolves – Are We?” by clicking here


If the Apostle Paul was consumed with the threat of wolves and David Pawson was burdened about the spread of the Joseph Prince’s Grace Heresy in Singapore and South Africa, what about the Singapore Church, whom Joseph Prince hails from?


Because of the nonchalant silence and inaction by the Singapore Church Leadership, the deadly virus of Joseph Prince’s heresy had not only infected Singapore (Joseph Prince’s church has grown to 34,000 people; and this is not counting the plenty of others attending the respective churches in Singapore who are influenced by his teachings) but also around the world.  


What has happened over the last many years is heartrending and an indictment against the Singapore Church (myself included). This is because “Instead of being the Antioch of Asia, Singapore is now more popularly and shamefully known as the world’s number one exporter of the Joseph Prince’s grace heresy.” (George Ong)


To hit home the seriousness – if God’s shepherds do not perform their role as watchmen, let me highlight a quote by Rev David Liew who had written an article against Joseph Prince’s teachings on this website:


“If we really love our flock and care for those around us, we need to speak up and warn people about it. We need to expose false teachers and their false teachings. We are our brother’s keeper whether we like it or not. For those who are spiritual leaders, we are God’s watchmen and we need to do our part. Otherwise, the blood of God’s people will, in a sense, be on our hands.”


To read Rev David Liew’s short article, (please click here)


But what is of deepest concern to the Singapore Church is that a bishop who currently sits on the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) wrote an article himself some time ago (when he wasn’t yet a bishop) and was published on the Internet. Let me quote an excerpt of what he wrote:


Let me begin by saying that Pastor Prince’s emphasis on grace has been a great blessing from God to many. My nephew and cousin belong to New Creation church and have grown immensely in their relationship with God. My prayer is that God will use Prince’s gifts of preaching to even more blessed effect as he allows the Holy Spirit to convict him (graciously, as always) of areas that could be improved.”


This is unbelievable! One of Singapore’s key shepherds and National leader has written that (this article was written some time ago before he became bishop) Pastor Prince’s emphasis on grace has been a great blessing from God to many” and he prayed for a heretic to be successful, “that God will use Prince’s gifts of preaching to even more blessed effect…”


How can light and darkness be working together? How can a shepherd pray for the success of a heretic? If this prominent leader of the Singapore Church can be deceived by Joseph Prince, we have indeed reached a sad and sorry state. Could this be one of the reasons why a particularly strong and influential voice in the Singapore Church Leadership is unwilling to move against Joseph Prince?