The Pandemic (COVID-19) is a Judgement on Joseph Prince – By Rev George Ong (Dated 29 May 2022)


In my most recent article, “Joseph Prince Lied against the Holy Spirit & Preaches against the Costly Discipleship of Jesus” that is featured on YouTube, one kind soul wrote a comment on YouTube (deliberately unedited):


“Hahahaha! I have been in ncc (New Creation Church) for almost 20 yrs. In 2019 during COVID-19, I stay at home and read my Bible and the lord show me the scripture. I found out that Joseph prince has twisted and turned the gospel upsidedown to suits him. I believe the whole congregation didn’t even bother to read the bible. My advice is to stay away from jp (Joseph Prince).”


CK Choy


This is just one among the many who have written to me through my website that the Pandemic has indeed opened their eyes to the heretical teachings of Joseph Prince.


It gave them time to reflect on the scriptures and Joseph Prince’s teachings. Many came to the conclusion that much of what Prince teaches are false.


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I have also written many other articles on this website – that COVID-19, has indeed, uncovered and exposed the falsity of Joseph Prince’s Health and Wealth Theology or Prosperity Gospel.


In Singapore, to date, almost 1.3 million have contracted the disease. This is not counting the very many that go unreported.


Let’s be honest and admit that many of our Christian relatives and friends in Singapore, and even ourselves have contracted COVID-19.


This is what I myself have learned from my own circle of Christian relatives and friends. And I believe it is no different from your own circle of close contacts either – Joseph Prince included.


Though my wife and I have not succumbed to the disease, my 3 children have. But thank God they recovered quickly.


With so many Christians contracting COVID-19, not just in Singapore but also around the world, this only indicates that Joseph Prince’s off-quoted line, “No virus can come near you” is nothing but a scam.


Prince himself is so embarrassed that he has not dared to repeat that phrase “No virus can come near you” for a long time. 


Another clear sign that the Pandemic is a judgement on Joseph Prince is that he went ahead to purchase Star Vista (the physical locality of New Creation Church) in Oct/Nov 2019 for a hefty sum of almost $300 million.


Then COVID-19 hit one month later in December the same year, resulting in the newly-purchased facility costing such a huge sum of money sitting there idle and unused for more than 2 years.


So much for God speaking to Joseph Prince to purchase Star Vista and so much for Christian stewardship when the Star Vista was purchased for an enormous sum of almost $300 million and for how many years? – 60 years or at most 99 years! (If I am wrong on the number of years, I stand to be corrected and will apologise at the earliest opportunity).


And one begins to wonder whether Joseph Prince is building God’s kingdom or his own kingdom?


Rev George Ong