Testimony of Audrey Koh who was with New Creation Church for 19 Years left the church – By Rev George Ong (Dated 2 Feb 2023)


Please see the Appendix at the end of this article


for some elaboration on Nicholas’ Testimony, an Ex New Creation Church member for 20 years,


which was featured in my last article.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


Preface to Audrey Koh’s Testimony


It is such a pity that there are many genuine and powerful testimonies of believers


who attended New Creation Church, and who saw the falsity of Joseph Prince’s teachings and came out of it,


could have been featured on my website,


but for their own reasons, many are not willing to have their testimonies featured;


and even if they do, they wish to remain anonymous.


(Please believe me; I have met many of them at my home.)


However, it is my opinion that testimonies or articles written anonymously


would somewhat affect their authenticity or credibility,


not because of the writers but from the perspective of the readers.


This is something which I seldom compromise.


I may change my mind on this in the future but this ‘policy’ of mine currently applies.


There are testimonies or articles which are anonymous and are featured on my website,


but they only belong to the very few;


and they have very good reason/s to remain anonymous and that’s why I have featured them.


Most testimonies and articles that are featured on my website


have not only their names, but the churches they attend are also mentioned.


If churches attending are not mentioned,


at least, real names are reflected.   


(You may wish to note that many or most of the testimonies that are featured by Joseph Prince during the worship services and on their website are without real names and their churches attending.


If you are wondering, why does he not publish real names and churches attending for most of these testimonies, you would have to ask him.


Don’t be deceived by Joseph Prince; to judge whether what I said is true, you must take into account the total number of testimonies featured.


Let’s say 50 of Joseph Prince’s featured testimonies are with real names (but still without churches attending,) may seem to be a lot, until you measure it against the total number of testimonies presented.


So, 50, say out of 500 testimonies, is only 10 percent.)  


This particular testimony by Audrey Koh, which is not her real name, has a good reason to remain anonymous.


That’s why I am making this another exception and featuring it.


Because of some sensitivities, I cannot divulge the reason for the anonymity.


If my memory didn’t fail me, besides this testimony, I have only 2 that were featured anonymously: one testimony and one article.


To convince you that this particular testimony is authentic even though it is anonymous,


a copy of this testimony (only this testimony and not the entire article) would be forwarded by Audrey and her husband to New Creation Church with their real names reflected.


This is also to prevent people, and especially those in New Creation Church


from accusing me that I had made up this testimony myself and adding a pen name to it.


Some time ago, the husband of Audrey, (who wrote the testimony,) wrote an email to me


because he had ‘bumped’ into my website.


He wrote to thank me for my labour of love and for the theologically sound sermons and the clear and correct manner I had interpreted God’s word


in countering Joseph Prince’s heresies.


Subsequently, I met this gentleman and his wife, Audrey, at my home.


(I have met many Ex New Creation Church members at my home;


but it’s just a pity, and I sigh and sigh with sadness, that their testimonies couldn’t be featured


as they wish to remain anonymous or they didn’t want their testimonies to be featured.)


At the meeting, they shared their story with me about how they, who attended New Creation Church for 19 long years,


have decided to make the painful decision to leave the Church and Joseph Prince’s heretical teachings behind.


May God use this testimony to bring more people out of the bondage of Joseph Prince’s heresies into the light of the truth.


Audrey Koh, who was with New Creation Church for 19 years, wrote this testimony:


“It is with a heavy heart that I admit I have not been writing this testimony because I was already so distraught by leaving my old friends and the church that I once respected; that I felt I didn’t want to add salt to the wound even if it may be good to do it.


However, I realised I have to be bolder and I have to stand up for my God’s true gospel


which is not like the one I was taught in New Creation Church for 19 years. 


We were taught by Pastor Prince to believe that we didn’t have to confess our sins to be forgiven after we become Christians.


He further taught that we are still righteous as God does not see any sin in us, even though we have sinned and have not confessed the many sins that we have committed.


According to Pastor Prince, it is very easy to be saved; in short, justification by faith,


but disbelieving the need for any sanctification work as part of salvation that God wants to do to make us like Christ.


In other words, salvation by justification without sanctification taught by Pastor Prince,


which I later learnt is a false gospel.


Like many others, I too left New Creation Church during the start of Covid-19


after my husband and I experienced the pain of seeing our grown-up child display the most rebellious and wicked fruits of the flesh instead of displaying the fruits of the Holy Spirit.


That child is very confused over what is the right behaviour to put on


because of a weak foundation and wrongly interpreted gospel and teachings by New Creation Church, Singapore


that she was exposed to for 19 years, since she started attending the church at the age of 7.


She has been taught by New Creation Church that there is no need for remorse or repentance or confession after she has sinned because all her future sins have been forgiven by God.


And when she sins, she is not to confess her sins but to confess that she is the righteousness of God in Christ.


Thank God that He led us to the Anglican Cathedral and also the Methodist Church where the gospel is now so rich and we experience a better life indeed with God and our new Christian family.


Unlike what Pastor Prince said,


“These people who confess their sins are very sad people,”


it is not so at all.


We are much happier and more loving now, and walk closer to God.


Enough of unschooled sermons and preaching based on one’s personal interpretation of God’s word in New Creation Church.


If your child was taught by a self-taught teacher, such as Pastor Prince, without any relevant education in the field,


and one who insists on his private interpretation of scripture,


you would doubt that teacher,


yet, in this case, many people in New Creation Church still trusted him blindly.




I feel the reason is a mixture of the work of the spirit of deception,


one’s personal flesh that desires this message that caters to our flesh,


and also a lack of proper personal walk and Bible study on our own.


Instead of studying the scriptures for themselves, they rely totally on Pastor Prince’s interpretation on everything.


That’s why many in New Creation Church have been deceived and blinded.


When we started taking Bible study courses with Diocesan Certificate of Biblical Studies (DCBS) at the Cathedral, it was indeed, light from God’s word and a lamp to the actual path that God wants us to walk in.


We were blind when we were in New Creation Church under Pastor Joseph Prince’s false teachings, but now we see.


Glory to God for delivering us into the truth of the gospel and the scriptures where we truly see clearly now.”


Audrey Koh (not the real name)


Let me focus on one area which Audrey Koh, an Ex New Creation Church member for 19 years, wrote;


“According to Pastor Prince, it is very easy to be saved; in short, justification by faith but disbelieving the need for any sanctification work as part of salvation that God wants to do to make us like Christ.


In other words, salvation by justification without sanctification taught by Pastor Prince, which I later learnt is a false gospel.”


What Audrey Koh wrote about the false gospel of justification without sanctification preached by Joseph Prince


is corroborated by 4 other Ex New Creation Church members, whose testimonies are featured on this website.


Dr Chris Kang, an Ex New Creation Church member for 2 years (2016-2018), wrote;


“Marked absence of biblical teachings on the Great Commission and sanctification of believers in Christ…”


Lindsay Lim, an Ex New Creation Church member for 18 years (1993-2011) wrote;


“My next doctrinal point is on sanctification or holiness. Joseph Prince can claim all he wants that he believes in sanctification or holiness. But he accepts sanctification or holiness only as part of Christian living but not as an essential component for salvation. By doing that, he goes against the scripture in Hebrews 12:14, “… without holiness no one will see the Lord.”


Joseph Prince keeps defending himself that he is not against holiness, but the truth is, he does not emphasise on sanctification or holiness at all in his teachings. 


In all my 18 years when I was in NCC from 1993 to 2011, I have never heard him preach a whole sermon on sanctification or holiness, and consequences of sin on a believer’s life. 


What Joseph Prince keeps harping on in his teachings is that we are justified by the righteousness of God, which is true but only half of the truth.”


Andrew Tan, an Ex New Creation Church member for 20 years (June 2000-Oct 2020), wrote;


“In my 20 years in NCC, I have also never heard Joseph Prince preach a single sermon on suffering, persecution, sanctification or holiness. 


As such, many people attending NCC are not really bothered about how they live their lives, as long as they are justified and receive the righteousness of God, their place in heaven is permanently assured – which is falsely taught by Joseph Prince.”


Yvonne Tan, an Ex New Creation Church member for 20 years (end 1991-Jan 2021) wrote;


“Even important doctrines like the doctrine of sanctification… have been twisted and changed by Joseph Prince.


In New Creation Church, there was never any teachings by Joseph Prince on Sanctification…


Joseph Prince will always protect himself by saying, “Who says I’m against Sanctification?” But if he isn’t against Sanctification, why is he not preaching this doctrine to us?


In my 20 years in NCC, I’ve never heard even one sermon on sanctification.”


The Reformation and Church Fathers also teach about the necessity of sanctification for salvation.


Martin Luther championed justification by faith as passionately as any Reformer.


But did he believe that sanctification is unnecessary for salvation as Joseph Prince does?


Absolutely not!


Martin Luther wrote;


“There is no justification without sanctification…”


In other words, Luther believed that sanctification is just as indispensable as justification for salvation.


What Luther teaches goes against the teachings of Joseph Prince, who embraces justification but denigrates sanctification in his salvation doctrine.


John Calvin wrote;


“Christ justifies no one whom he does not at the same time sanctify.”


Like Luther, John Calvin too believes that both justification and sanctification are required for salvation


– contradicting the grace doctrine of Joseph Prince that only justification by faith or the imputed righteousness of Christ is all that is needed.


Martyn Lloyd-Jones said;


“There are people today who seem to teach and to believe that you can take Christ as your Saviour without taking Him as your Lord. They say you can take justification without taking sanctification. They say you can get forgiveness of sins without holiness. It is a lie.”


“The central object of salvation is holiness. I would not hesitate to assert that it is sinful to say that you can stop at justification even temporarily, or say that a man can be justified and not sanctified. It is impossible.”


Matthew Henry wrote;


“None can know their election but by their conformity to Christ; for all who are chosen are chosen to sanctification.”


FF Bruce wrote;


“If a man is not being sanctified, there is no reason to believe that he has been justified.”


JC Ryle said;


“Tell me not of your justification, unless you have also some marks of sanctification.


AA Hodge said;


“You cannot take Christ for justification unless you take Him for sanctification.”


John MacArthur said;


“Antinomianism is the notion of justification apart from sanctification. Luther himself coined the term for already in his lifetime, some were beginning to corrupt the doctrine he had rediscovered, claiming that justification by faith rendered unnecessary the preaching of the law, obedience to the law, or sanctification as evidence of justification.”


Paul Washer said;


“The evidence of justification by faith is the ongoing work of sanctification through the Holy Spirit.”


As Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Matthew Henry, FF Bruce, JC Ryle, AA Hodge and Paul Washer had stated,


the Biblical Gospel is a salvation that must comprise both justification and sanctification. 


But in the Joseph Prince’s Gospel, salvation is equated to just justification, and sanctification is not only not taught, but also spoken against. 


Finally, Charles Spurgeon, said, 


“Justification without sanctification would not be salvation at all.”


What Charles Spurgeon said, “Justification without sanctification would not be salvation at all,” 


which is totally scriptural,


is a very solemn truth in the light of the teachings of Joseph Prince.


This simply means that Joseph Prince’s ‘justification only’ salvation doctrine does not equal to saving faith, and does not save,


as the other vital half, which is sanctification, is not taken into account.


Hence, Joseph Prince has been deceiving the millions into thinking that just because they are justified, they are saved – when the truth is, they aren’t.


Joseph Prince has been deceiving the multitudes by giving them the impression that they are on their way to heaven, when the truth is, they may be headed for hell.


In conclusion, I have given you solid proof that Joseph Prince didn’t teach on the important doctrine of sanctification for salvation because he didn’t believe in it.


In fact, in his other sermons and writings, Joseph Prince obliquely and even directly teaches against it.


I have also given you 5 eye-witness accounts in the 5 Ex New Creation members’ testimonies


that Joseph Prince didn’t teach on sanctification a single time in the many years they were in New Creation Church.


I have also laid down what the church fathers and contemporary Pastors have spoken or written


that salvation without sanctification is no gospel at all.


This clearly shows that Joseph Prince who teaches the no-sanctification gospel


is a false gospel that does not save.


If Joseph Prince teaches the false gospel that does not save,


how can he not be a heretic?


This no-sanctification for salvation doctrine of Joseph Prince


is only one of the many heretical doctrines that he is teaching.


In the few previous articles, we also talked about Joseph Prince’s no-repentance gospel,


which, according to Jesus in Luke 13:3,5, would lead people to perish.


If that is so,


how can a Singapore Methodist Bishop and a Singapore Presbyterian Pastor, or for that matter, any Pastor in Singapore and the world,


say that Joseph Prince is not a heretic?


For any Bishop and Pastor to say that Joseph Prince is not a heretic,


is to disbelieve these 5 eyewitness accounts in the testimonies of these 5 Ex New Creation Church members,


and to spite the teachings of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Henry Matthew, FF Bruce, AA Hodge, JC Ryle, John MacArthur and Paul Washer


– that sanctification is required for salvation.


Rev George Ong




Nicholas was an Ex New Creation Church member for 20 years and a full-time staff at the same church for several years.


If you have not read Nicholas’ Testimony, kindly click on the link below:




Joseph Prince has always been deceiving the people by quoting testimony after testimony in his worship services, almost every Sunday,


about how people were changed by kicking their habits under his ministry, such as smoking, or pornography, or anger, etc;


and he uses that to prove that he is teaching the true gospel.


For those who are aware, I’ve written against such an assertion of Joseph Prince many times in my articles on this website.


Nicholas’ testimony is timely as his experience disproves such an assertion too.


In his testimony, Nicholas said;


“During my time attending NCC, I dropped my smoking habit, cut down on drinking and partying.”


Nicholas also said;


“I realized what I was taught for years at New Creation Church was not the true gospel.”


Nicholas’ example has shown it does not mean that just because someone is delivered from their bondages, such as smoking, in the case of Nicholas,


it is necessarily a vindication that Joseph Prince is preaching the true doctrine.


Even though Nicholas had kicked the smoking habit when he was with New Creation Church,


does that mean that Joseph Prince is preaching the true gospel?




This is because Nicholas went on to conclude that what he was taught at New Creation Church


was not the true gospel.


Nicholas said;


“I realized what I was taught for years at New Creation Church was not the true gospel.”


So, don’t ever be deceived by Joseph Prince,


who keeps using testimonies


to prove that he is preaching the true doctrine.