Michael Brown said that the “DRAG” show that Joseph Prince allowed is Satanic & a Christian TV Presenter said it is linked to LGBT – By Rev George Ong (Dated 28 July 2023)


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As I viewed that video


and listened to these life-changing testimonies,


I was crying in my heart,


and tears nearly flowed down my eyes.


I was crying not with sadness


but with overflowing joy…


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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This article is not against the LGBT.


Every believer should love them as Jesus would.


They are sinners as much as we are.


And Jesus loves every LGBT so much


that He came to die for them.


We don’t seek to change their values.


They have every right to hold to their values


as much as we, Christians do, to ours.


So, this article is not so much for unbelievers


but believers.


This article is about Joseph Prince


the so-called Pastor of the biggest church in Singapore,


of allowing the RuPaul drag show


to be performed in his church;


a show that is linked to LGBT’s values and influences.


And Christians do not subscribe to such values


or promote them.


From Michael Brown’s website,


he wrote (extracts):


“Satan is Beginning to Show His Hand More Clearly


This past Monday morning,


I was teaching hundreds of ministry school students


at Christ for the Nations in Dallas


on the topic of demons and deliverance.


During the class, I stated that in the days ahead,


I believed that satanic manifestations


would become much more open


and overt in our society.


Rather than hiding himself in the culture,


the devil will reveal himself more clearly.


After teaching, I got back to my room


and began to read headlines and receive emails


that confirmed the very thing I was saying.


Of course, we’ve been seeing this trend for years now.


One prominent example


would be the rise of Drag Queens in our culture,


some of them in overtly satanic attire,


reading to toddlers in libraries


and performing at churches.


(George Ong’s interjection:


Michael Brown wrote that


one of the overt satanic manifestations


is the rise of Drag Queens


and their performance in the churches,


some of them in overtly satanic attire.


This is exactly what would be happening


at New Creation Church.


Joseph Prince, who has allowed the “Drag” Show


to be held at the Star Performing Arts Centre,


where the church meets every Sunday for worship


is, indeed a tool of Satan


and is outrightly colluding with the devil


to deepen his dark influence and grip on the Church.)


“But most groups are not that overt (even if tongue in cheek),


and gay activists learned decades ago


that the in your face,


“We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” approach


was not working.


Instead, gay strategists


adopted a policy of presenting themselves


to be exactly the same as the couple next door,


just like you in every way, except gay.”


“So, from a strategic viewpoint,


most groups wanting to bring about radical change to society


do so in more covert, incremental ways


rather than announcing,


“We’re a terrorist conspiracy from hell!”


In the same way,


Satan doesn’t march around


as a huge, horned dragon carrying a pitchfork.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


Satan has indeed disguised himself,


in the form of the RuPaul “Drag” Show,


which is supposedly


a mix of comedy, dance, entertainment, etc,


which would be staged


at New Creation Church in Sep 2023,


in order to gain a foothold in the Church.


It is scandalous and ‘unforgiveable’


for Joseph Prince to collude with the devil so openly


and be Satan’s accomplice


by giving the devil a free pass


to stage his show at the doorstep of the church.


From Michael Brown’s website,


he wrote (extracts):


“Parents, Your Boys Can Also Be Drag Queens,


Just Like RuPaul!


Have you heard of the


Who HQ children’s history books?


Their website claims to be


“the best place to discover


all the fascinating stories


and amazing facts about trailblazers,


legends, places, and events.”


And, as featured as a headline on their books, they are,


“The #1 New York Times Best-Selling Series”


in children’s history books.


It looks like this series


has carved out quite a niche for itself.


The books ask (and answer) the following questions:


Who was? What was? Where is?


What is the story of?


Among their most popular books are:


Who Was Neil Armstrong?


Where Is the Taj Mahal?


Where Is Our Solar System?


Who Is Michelle Obama?


And, What Was the Great Depression?


Each book is attractively laid out,


with big print and illustrations on every page,


giving this series great appeal for children.


In these books


(in particular, the Who Was? and the Who Is? series),


your kids can learn about


George Washington and Abraham Lincoln


and Albert Einstein and Ruth Bader Ginsburg


… and RuPaul!


That’s right, one of the latest trailblazers


featured in this popular series


is Drag Queen RuPaul.


Maybe your boys can follow his example one day!


It was actually an Orthodox Jewish rabbi


who works on college campuses


who let me know about this book (and the book series),


sharing his shock with me


that such material could be found in his local library.


Is this what you want your kids to be reading?


Unfortunately, books like this (and much worse)


have been found in our local and school libraries


for many years now,


with some of them rightly classified as pornographic.


That, of course,


is not the case with the RuPaul book.


But it is appalling that a Drag Queen (RuPaul)


is being celebrated as an example for your children.


Isn’t this further proof


that our culture has lost its mind?


(George Ong’s interjection:


RuPaul is linked to the “Drag” Show


which will be held at New Creation Church


at the Star Performing Arts Centre.


The exact title of the show:




As for RuPaul the human being,


I have the same concern for him


that I have for every other human being,


be they gay or straight, drag or other.


I want them to know the Lord


and receive His forgiveness,


and I will treat each person I meet


with kindness and civility.


And for all I know, in many ways,


RuPaul could be a very caring


and decent person (or not).


But to celebrate him as a historic figure


in a children’s history series


is moral insanity,


especially when he is being set forth


as an example to emulate.


You too, can be like Ru, boys!


The book begins by lauding September 18, 2016,


marking the first time a drag queen (RuPaul)


had won an Emmy.


Kids, this is big, special news!


But for Ru,


“Everybody within the sound of my voice


is in drag, right now,


whether [they] know it or not.”


That’s right.


The moment you put on clothes of any kind,


you are in drag.


So, what’s the big deal about a man


dressing up in exaggerated form as a woman?


And if the great majority of men


who do this are gay,


so what?


All of us are drag queens or drag kings!


Yes, this is what your kids need to know.


To quote a RuPaul joke,


“You can call me he, you can call me she


… as long you call me.”


“And there you have it,


all for your children to read and emulate,


especially your boys.


They can dress up like girls too,


and maybe one day they’ll be famous,


just like RuPaul!


Again, Ru may be a very talented,


kind-hearted (and lost) soul.


The same can be said


about other drag queens (and kings),


while still others are deeply perverted


to the point of being child molesters.


But the society that celebrates drag queens,


to the point of exalting RuPaul


and sanctioning drag queens


reading to toddlers,


is a society that has lost its way


and is on the verge of collapse.


(George Ong’s interjection:


If Michael Brown harbours


such an adverse and antagonistic view


towards RuPaul,


why would Joseph Prince allow


the “drag” show that is linked to RuPaul


to be shown of all places in a church.)


That’s why I have been shouting this


from the rooftops


for almost 20 years now.


It is long past wake-up time.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


Instead of shouting out loud like Michael Brown


to warn believers about RuPaul


and shows that are linked to him,


Joseph Prince is doing the exact opposite


and the unthinkable thing


of allowing the devil


to parade his satanic show


– a show that is linked to RuPaul


in a church.


This is outrageous!)


A Christian Television Presenter


from CBN


(CBN is a leading Christian broadcasting network featuring programmes that cover everything from a Christian perspective.)


linked the “Drag” Show to LGBT


and that it has a Pro-LGBT message.


Please click here


to view the 2-and-a-half-minute video;


The Christian TV Presenter asked:


“American popular culture


is steadily being inundated


with Pro LGBT Q messages.


Marvel is pushing it on screen same sex kiss.


And a movie out next Fall HGTV


has announced plans to feature a Throuple,


a house hunter series.


That show will feature a married man and a woman


who have 2 kids


and are in a relationship with another woman


who lives with them.


And then there’s AOC,


a New York Congresswoman,


recently pledged allegiance


to the Drag,


a RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star Show.


(I’m Alexandria and I pledged allegiance to the Drag.)


Here to set us straight


on these cultural influences


from the LGBT Q Community


is George Carneal,


raised by a Southern Baptist Minister.


Mr Carneal spent 25 years


immersed in a homosexual lifestyle.


He’s the author of the new book,


“From Queer to Christ, My Journey into the Light”.


So, George, tell us why


is this onslaught from the LGBT Q Community


occurring in our culture at this time.


It seems they’ve gone from fighting


for societal tolerance to indoctrination,


demanding that our culture


embrace a minority lifestyle.”


George Carneal said:


“I think it’s going to continue to get worse.


I knew when they open the floodgates;


it’s never going to be enough,


really until we look at the bigger picture


of what the agenda is really about.


And that is silencing Christians


and all opposition to this agenda.


And anything that is pro-family, pro-Christian,


pro-life, pro-America;


it’s just an agenda that’s going to keep going


until they can silence everyone.”         


The Christian TV Presenter asked:


“And finally, George,


how should Christians then respond


to these LGBT Q influences


that we’re now seeing in movies, films,


politics, culture, what’s your advice?”


George Carneal said:


“My advice is I know Hollywood is glamorising it


and they are giving a sanitised version


of what homosexuality is.


But until you sit down and listen


to the testimonies of every gay, lesbian


and transgender individual,


who has come out of that life,


and you listen to the horror stories


of what we’ve been through,


and the reality of that life,


which I shared in my book.


It’s not x-rated, but I don’t sugarcoat it.


But the life is so different


from what Hollywood and what the media portray.


And so, when a Christian affirms this,


they think that they’re doing the most loving thing,


but you’re not only hurting that individual,


and you’re pushing them into a life


where they are not going to find


any peace happiness or contentment,


but they are, you are pushing them


into further rebellion against God.


And I’ve seen the casualties of that life.


And I’m warning Christians to stop affirming this.


Tell them the truth in love.”    


George Ong’s comments:


The link of the RuPaul’s “Drag” Show


with an LBGT’s agenda


is something that many Christians know,


and something that Joseph Prince is totally aware.


So, for Joseph Prince to knowingly and wilfully


allow such a show to be staged at his church


is an abomination,


as that is tantamount to helping the LGBT


fulfil their agenda. 


Next, Joseph Prince keeps saying in his sermons


that the Holy Spirit has been talking to him so often


(Please believe me, as I have viewed tons of his videos.)


I would assume that for a major decision such as this


– whether to allow RuPaul show


to be staged at his church


– he must have consulted the Holy Spirit.


And the Holy Spirit must have given him the go-ahead.


If that is so,


be warned that it is definitely not the Holy Spirit


who has spoken to him,


as the Holy Spirit will never allow anything satanic


to be shown in His church.


It is a demonic spirit


that has been speaking to Joseph Prince,


not just over this RuPaul incident,


but for most of the time. 


In a video, Michael Brown said;


Please click here to view the 2-minute video:


“How do you feel as a parent


about drag queens


reading children stories in libraries


for kids, say, ages 2 through 8.


You say what in the world you’re talking about.


O, this is becoming increasingly common.


Just got to know from a parent from their local library


– Drag Queens are going to be reading children’s stories


and again, it was advertised


for children aged 2 through 8.


Okay, now we’re supposed to accept Drag Queens.


Now this is another step towards tolerance.


How far will things go?


You know I’ve told you for years


that LGBT activists will overplay their hand.


That those who were bullied


will become the bullies.


And those who came out of the closet,


want to put us in the closet.


And that the envelope will keep getting pushed


further and further and further.


You have to look at the trajectory


as to where things go.


It’s not just a matter of say of helping a boy


who identifies as a girl,


helping him through his struggles


to being sensitive to that.


No, it’s an all-out war on gender.


Gender becomes the enemy.


The Gender binary becomes the enemy.


And people don’t want to identify


as either male or female or be squeezed into a box.


It is an all-out war on foundations of family.


Once you say,


‘Hey you have the right to marry the one you love,’


that is an open-ended formula


for virtually any kind of relationship


or any number of kinds of relationship.


And now when we’re being told,


‘Well, this is a step towards tolerance.’


Drag Queens reading to little children.


‘That’s so funny.


That man, he dresses like a woman.’


No that’s not funny.


That’s sad. That’s pathetic.


That is contrary to what God intended


for that individual.


Parents, educators, families, individuals,


we’ve been sounding the alarm now since 2004.


Are you ready to wake up


and say enough is enough.


How far does things need to go?”    


Last but not least,


please make time to view this video (first video)


by clicking on the links below:


Former LGBTQers Testify: If You No Longer Want to Be Gay or Transgender, You Don’t Have to Be



Former LGBTQ Members Say Their Changed Lives Prove Homosexuality Isn’t Permanent



As I viewed this video (first video)


and listened to these life-changing testimonies,


I was crying in my heart,


and tears nearly flowed down my eyes.


I was crying not with sadness


but with overflowing joy,


knowing that God can change


even the worst of lives.


May many more of such wrecked lives encounter Jesus


and experience a real and lasting change in their lives.


The message of every Christian


to every LGBT is that


God loves them so much


that He would sacrifice His own Son Jesus Christ


to die on the cross for their sake.


We don’t seek to change their lifestyle.


But if any LGBT would be willing to change,


the Christian community


would be more than willing to help them. 


Rev George Ong