Joseph Prince’s ‘You can have other gods & buy Toto’ gospel produces plenty of fake conversions – By Rev George Ong (Dated 7 Jan 2024)


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I just finished listening to Joseph Prince’s sermon this morning,


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Hey, Joseph Prince didn’t disappoint.


I feel so honoured that he mentioned me many times in his sermon,


making me even more famous and well-known to the world.


I would be happy to reply to him


in an article to be released before the end of this week.


But as starters,


here is another article for Joseph Prince to chew on.


Hope he will reply to this article


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So, don’t miss my coming article


which is my reply to Joseph Prince’s sermon this Sunday morning.


This is getting exciting and interesting.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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On 5 Jan 2024, 2 days ago,


a Christian lady, Miss Hann Lim,


wrote a short note to me (see below).


I got in touch with her and found out that she is currently attending a local church,


the name of the church of which I am aware.


She is more familiar with the Mandarin language than English.


The following note is largely unedited (deliberate).


I have only made minor editing to spelling and some punctuation.


Here is her short note:


Dear Pastor George,




I just wish to share this short story about New Creation Church horrible teaching!


In June 2022, I was with a brother and sister doing evangelism ministry.


We start from East side and end at Katong area for some lunch break at Katong Roxy Square.


After lunch we walk around that building,


see whether we have any chance to preach gospel to some shop owners or salespersons there.


While we walking to 2nd floor,


we saw an old couple like age 65 to 75, selling pearl jewellery.


But they also sell lots of idols.


And is very big, those ugly and scary idols.


We wish to pray for this couple.


After we have chit chat with them for 15 minutes,


and knew that they have some back pain.


So, we (3 of us) walk in and told them we would like to pray for them and blessed them.


Then we heard a “SHOCK” reply from this couple!


They said:


“Ohh… You all are Christian…


and we also are Christian!!!”


We all almost stop breathing for a minute…


Then we calm ourselves down, and we ask them few questions:


“Auntie & Uncle you all are new believers?”


They answered:


“10 years Christian already.”


We asked:


“Did you all attend church service every week?”


They answered:




We asked:


“Did you all read Bible?”


They answered:




We said:


“So why you all still selling those big idols?


Don’t you all know those idols will attract evil spirit stay inside?


Don’t you all know Christianity have nothing to do with these idols?”


They answered:


“Is our church pastors who said,






We asked:


“What church is that?”


They answered:


“New Creation Church!”


We 3 of us all can see this couple already brain wash


by the false teaching of Joseph Prince and New Creation Church Pastors


very deeply already.


So we can’t say anything more.


We only pray they will have clear eyes and mind to know the truth in Jesus name!


Thank you! Blessings,


Miss Hann Lim


George Ong’s comments:


This is why I have always said that there are plenty of fake conversions in New Creation Church.


This is because Joseph Prince preaches the feel-good, easy, hassle-free, cheap grace


and no-repentance and no-discipleship false gospel.


On a separate note,


I have personally heard from 4 different sources


that New Creation Church members buy Toto (lottery).


Let me quote just one of these 4 incidents.


One Christian leader of a local church,


whom I met when I preached in that church years ago,


wrote to me some time ago that he was visiting his friend in a hospital.


There were also other visitors who visited another patient next to his friend.


In their conversations (other visitors and the other patient),


they talked about the fact they were buying Toto


and they also revealed in their conversations that they are from New Creation Church.


This is not surprising,


given what you are about to hear what Joseph Prince said about Toto.


In a sermon, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to listen to a 1-minute audio:


“Now, recently, something else happens.


Just two weeks ago, there was a lady in Singapore,


who was working as a cashier at a coffeeshop, Kopitiam.


And one lady walked in and offered her a Toto – just one piece.


Now, she never plays Toto in her life.


She bought that one piece.


I was told later that she wanted Christians to know she don’t plays Toto.


There was one time the lady came in and insists on her taking the one.


She took that piece. 


She bought it – the one piece. 


And that was the top prize – $2.8 million.


It was on the front page of The New Paper. $2.8 million,


and the word got around in Singapore, saying a Kopitiam aunty has won the top prize. 


Now what people didn’t know was this;


she was praying to God; she’s a new convert.


And she was praying to God


that she can go to church because somehow her finances didn’t allow


and she had to work on Sundays at the Kopitiam, the coffeeshop. 


So, she asked God to help her. 


Boy, did God help her. 


I want to read to you a testimony.


And yes, she is from this church (New Creation Church).”


On one hand, Joseph Prince tried to explain for the lady


when he mentioned that “she don’t plays Toto.”


Yet, on the other hand,


he said it was God who answered her prayer


by providing for her finances


because she won the prize of $2.8 million.


What Joseph Prince is clearly implying


is that God can provide for you through gambling.


And especially if it is $2.8 million,


it has to be God,


and it has to be the right thing to do.


I guess, for Joseph Prince,


it is because it is $2.8 million that makes it right.


Could you accept such a flippant and irresponsible attitude and approach of Joseph Prince (who is a so-called Pastor)


towards gambling and wealth?


It seems that Joseph Prince’s theology


is that the ends justify the means


– if it is $2.8 million, then it must be God.


(This is so characteristic of Joseph Prince


as he constantly uses this ‘ends justify the means’ argument


– that just because his church has experienced phenomenal growth,


or just because he can produce plenty of testimonies,


this means he is preaching the true grace doctrine.)


In order to promote his Prosperity Gospel doctrine


that every believer is to be very rich like Abraham in the Old Testament was,


Joseph Prince is even prepared to drag God into this gambling thing.


He is making God say that it is okay to gamble


as it is God who answered the lady’s prayer


by taking care of her finances


because He had helped her win the $2.8 million Toto prize.


And what I am interested to know from Joseph Prince is,


did she continue to buy Toto after winning the $2.8 million?


Well, the reasoning is,


if God can answer her prayer by helping her win a monetary prize through Toto once,


why can’t He do it the second and third time?


If it is okay for God to do it once,


shouldn’t it be okay for Him to do it the second and third time?


Instead of giving a clear signal to his church members that gambling is wrong


because it promotes the sin of covetousness,


unbelievably, Joseph Prince gave tacit approval to it.


How would his church members,


especially the new converts and those who are weaker in faith,


and worse, those who may have the temptation to gamble,


go away with Joseph Prince’s frivolous approach to the issue of gambling?


They must be thinking, that perhaps, buying Toto is not all that wrong,


especially if one can win the top Toto prize of 2.8 million,


as, after all, their Pastor Joseph Prince Himself


had dared to testify publicly in a worship service


about God helping a believer win Toto (lottery).


By now, can you make the connection


why people attending New Creation Church are buying Toto?


The horrifying thing is,


not only does Joseph Prince not give an unambiguous signal that gambling is wrong


as it is an insidious form of covetousness,


he indirectly promotes it


by saying that God can answer the prayer of a believer


because He had helped her win a Toto prize.


“Prosperity cannot be proof of God’s favour for it is what the devil promises to those who worship him.” (John Piper)


Going by what John Piper said, it is not God,


but very likely the devil,


who has helped his lady member win the Toto prize.


By the same token, it is not God,


who is responsible for the massive growth of Joseph Prince’s New Creation Church,


and the unceasing number of testimonies


that he is so anxiously belting out during almost every Sunday worship;


it is the devil.


(Though portions of these testimonies could be true, not because of the Pseudo-grace doctrine of Joseph Prince, but due to the true grace of God.)


When Joseph Prince is preaching stark heresies,


to say that God is the one who is responsible for the growth of his church


and the testimonies that he belts out every Sunday


is to malign God.


In another sermon, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 1-minute video:


“Some of you, if God gave you a million dollars;


Okay, a million dollars is nothing, nowadays.


I look at some people and realise many of them have a million dollars.


Alright, their house is worth a million dollars.


Alright, it is almost unimaginable,


the blessing that is on Singapore, Singaporeans.


Anyway, let’s say if God gave you 5 million, 


you are praying, your Toto (lottery) comes in.


I know some of you, you don’t say it out


but you are claiming in Jesus’ name.


When I said, ‘The Lord bless you,’


you said, ‘Toto’.


We are saying ‘The Lord bless you totally,’


you say ‘Totolly’.


You think I don’t know. Come on. 


And every time there’s a lucky draw, alright you buy something, okay from the shopping mall,


whatever you buy and there’s a lucky draw.


I know you claim it and you claim it in Jesus’ name.


I know, I know.


In fact, I suspect Pastor Mark is doing it also.”


Instead of sending an unequivocal signal to believers that gambling through Toto (lottery) is wrong


because it promotes the sin of covetousness,


unbelievably, Joseph Prince somewhat endorses it.


Let me come back to what Miss Hann Lim wrote


by connecting what she wrote with what Rev Derek Hong said.


Let me feature again what Rev Derek Hong said in a sermon;


Please click here to view the 2-minute video:


“Recently, I was told of a very strange teaching


that you could become a Christian


and then stop being a Christian,


and even change your religion;


and when you die,


you can still go to heaven.


I heard this from a very big ministry.


I wasn’t sure;


years ago, I heard this.


Then, actually, 2 weeks ago,


when I was talking about the kingdom,


there was this visitor who came up,


and, actually, he was from that church;


20 years, he was in the church.


So, I asked him,


did your Pastor actually talk about this,


that you could be a Christian, get baptised,


and then, after a while,


because of something happened,


you changed your religion.


You go back to what you were,


or to even another religion.


Did your Pastor actually say


such a person can go to heaven?


He said, “Yes, the Pastor actually preached that.”


And I said, do you believe it?


And he said he believes it.


Then when Pastor Peter was here, I also asked him.


I said, “Have you heard this kind of teaching?


He said, “Yes.”


He said, “Ya, I heard it from this Pastor of this big church.”


So, I was actually very disturbed, very shocked by that.


I wasn’t sure.


So, I took time to confirm.


And now that I’m sure,


I really am very concerned.


“So if anyone is ashamed of me, Jesus said


and my message in these adulterous and sinful days,


the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person


when he returns in the glory of His Father


with the holy angels.” (Mark 8:38 NLT)


Jesus Christ is going to return one day


as the Lord of lords, and the King of kings.


And He says it very clearly,


anyone who is ashamed of him and his words;


He says He Himself will be ashamed of you.


So, I cannot understand how any preacher


can say you can believe in Jesus.


And then, after a while, you change (your religion),


you recant, as it were your allegiance to the King,


and then expect the King


to welcome you into His kingdom


when you die.


That’s heresy. Okay.”


Rev Derek Hong said:


“Recently, I was told of a very strange teaching


that you could become a Christian


and then stop being a Christian,


and even change your religion;


and when you die,


you can still go to heaven.”


George Ong’s comments:


Did you see the connection


between what Miss Hann Lim wrote


and what Rev Derek Hong said?


Both are saying that same thing


– that according to Joseph Prince’s gospel,


you can have Christianity and other gods at the same time.


Is this acceptable


– that a Christian can also have other gods teaching


by Joseph Prince and his Pastors


to the National Council of Churches of Singapore


and a parallel organisation to NCCS?


By any standard,


Joseph Prince would be considered a heretic,


and New Creation Church,


a heretical church that promotes the false gospel.


Hence, any Pastor and church in Singapore


should have nothing to do


with Joseph Prince and New Creation Church.


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