Joseph Prince’s unrepentant double-talk is reaching intolerable levels – By Rev George Ong (Dated 18 Jan 2024)


Important Notice:


Joseph Prince’s 2024 New Creation Church Theme


‘The Year of Living in the Upper Room’


is a Joke


See Article 1 why it’s a joke.


Opening Shot to Joseph Prince:


“Make sure you mention Mr Pen, this Sunday, okay.


Don’t be a coward.


You must have guts.


Millions of your supporters are looking at you.


Never show that you are afraid of Mr Pen.


If you, with millions of fans,


can’t even handle an ordinary and mere Mr Pen,


you are no different from a terrified church mouse


– not Mickey Mouse, your favourite Prosperity Mouse.


Mr Pen is all ready to take you on for a …. not fight, lah,


or your body guards may Ham Tam (hammer) him, you know,


don’t fool around, ah.


Come on, be a man, and take Mr Pen on, this Sunday.


Let’s see whether Mr Pen’s God or your godfather, the old devil


is more powerful.


Hear from you.”


Mr Pen


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to view the entire video.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube 4 days ago,


on 14 Jan 2024, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 10-second video:


“Why? He’s (Jesus) talking to natural people


even though they are disciples (12 disciples),


they are not yet born again


because the Holy Spirit has not yet come. 


They were disciples following Jesus


but they were not born again, sons of God.”


So, in the sermon on 14 Jan 2024,


Joseph Prince categorically said


that the disciples of Jesus weren’t born again or saved


because it was before the cross (he teaches this also)


and the Holy Spirit has not come.


But in another sermon, Joseph Prince said the opposite.


Please click here to view the 50-second video:


“And then Peter said to Him,


“You shall never wash my feet!” (Jesus answered him),


“If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.”


Now some people say,


“Well, that shows salvation.


He says ‘You have no part with me.’”


No, salvation is, He would have said, “You have no part in Me.”


It is not the Greek word ‘en’, ‘in’.


‘En’ is the Greek for ‘in’ in English.


It is the word ‘Meta’ in Greek for “with Me.”


In other words, you cannot walk with Me.


You (Peter) are saved.


You (Peter) are born again.”


Then Peter said after He says,


“What I’m doing you do not know now.”


Peter (said), “You shall never wash my feet!”


“If I don’t wash you, you have no part with Me.”


Okay, not no part in me.


That’s salvation.


But Peter is saved.


Alright, they (Jesus’ disciples) are all saved.


No part with me.


In other words, you cannot walk with me.


You are still a believer. 


But there’s no co-labouring; no walking together.


No communion.”


One moment, Joseph Prince stated that the disciples of Jesus were not born again or saved.


The next moment, Joseph Prince declared them as already saved.


Are you dumbfounded by Joseph Prince’s revolting and persistent double-talk?


Are you sick and tired of Joseph Prince’s constant and endless flip-flops and self-contradictions?


Can you honestly trust this so-called world-renowned teacher of grace,


who says one thing at one time and another at another time?


If we cannot accept such blatant flip-flops and self-contradictory statements from an ‘ordinary’ person,


how can we ever tolerate the same misdemeanours


that come from a so-called world-famous preacher of the gospel of grace?


And why do millions around the world


continue to adore and even idolise him


even though he has been proven


as a serial double-talker and serial liar?


This must be one of the greatest church scams


perpetrated by none other than Joseph Prince


that has succeeded in modern times!


Rev George Ong