Article: Joseph Prince & John 16:8-11


Part 4: Joseph Prince’s teaching that the Holy Spirit does not convict us of sin but the devil does a good job of that, has not only cast scorn and discredited all the Revivals in Church History but he is also implying that these Revivals were satanically driven


– By Rev George Ong (Dated 16 May 2024)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In ‘Grace Revolution,’ Joseph Prince wrote,


“Truth be told,


you don’t need the Holy Spirit to convict you of sin…


the devil does a good job of that.”


Joseph Prince’ teaching on the Holy Spirit


has discredited all the God-sent revivals


in the history of the Church.


If Joseph Prince’s teaching


that the Holy Spirit never convicts believers of sin


is to be believed,


then every recorded revival in history,


which is unmistakably marked


by the heavy conviction of sin by the Holy Spirit


of both believers and unbelievers,


would be counterfeit


and would have to be thrown out the window.


If Joseph Prince’s teaching


that it is the devil, not the Holy Spirit


who points out that our sins are to be accepted,


we would have to conclude


that every recorded revival in history


in which masses of believers and unbelievers


came under the strong conviction of sin


is satanically driven.


By Joseph Prince’s doctrine


that the Holy Spirit never convicts believers of sins,


he is discrediting all the great work done


by Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, John Wesley,


Charles Finney, Evan Roberts, John Sung, etc,


who were mightily used by God


to initiate the respective past revivals.


I have never come across any man


with such arrogance


to insist that he (Joseph Prince) alone is right


on the role of the Holy Spirit,


while all these great men of God


(and many more who are not listed)


who have gone before him


were wrong.


Joseph Prince is trying to rewrite


the crucial role and involvement of the Holy Spirit


in the history of revivals.


In doing so,


he has committed the horrible sin


of discrediting the work


of none other than God the Holy Spirit


in all these revivals.


What was unmistakably


the work of the Holy Spirit


in all these past revivals,


Joseph Prince has, by his doctrine,


disparaged the Holy Spirit’s role,


and strongly implied that it is the devil,


who has convicted believers of sins


in these revivals. 


By what Joseph Prince wrote,


“Truth be told,


you don’t need the Holy Spirit to convict you of sin…


the devil does a good job of that.”


Joseph Prince has committed the sin of blasphemy.


How can any right-minded person


ever believe such a weird and ungodly doctrine


of Joseph Prince


that is bordering on madness?


Yet, unbelievably,


there are tens of thousands of such people in Singapore


and hundreds of thousands around the world,


who do!


Rev George Ong




My Challenge to Joseph Prince


Joseph Prince teaches that when we sin,


we are not to confess our sins


because every sin has been forgiven at the cross,


but we are to confess we are righteous.


Joseph Prince teaches that


one should confess his righteousness


because of Christ’s righteousness


when he is sinning instead of his sins


is not only false but spiritually destructive.


There is nowhere in the Bible that tells a believer


to confess his righteousness


when he is sinning instead of his sins


except for the weird and false doctrine


that Joseph Prince teaches. 


Joseph Prince, show me just one verse in the Bible


that explicitly says that


we are to confess our righteousness


and not our sins


when we are sinning.


If you can show me just one verse,


I will offer to sponsor you


to a free trip anywhere in the world.


This same free-trip award


is also offered to any person in New Creation Church


who can find me a verse that explicitly says that


we are to confess our righteousness


instead of our sins


when we are sinning.


If just 10 of you could find just one verse


and all 10 opt to go to Antarctica,


the next day, the headlines in the newspapers


will be titled,


“A silly preacher, George Ong,


went bankrupt for offering a foolish deal.”


But this is nothing as compared


to what may happen on the Day of Judgement


– this headline in the Heavenly Straits Times,


a newspaper for the angels may appear,


“Millions went to hell


all because they have been so foolish


to listen to Joseph Prince about a weird doctrine


without even checking the scriptures


to test whether what he taught was true.”


Joseph Prince,


if there isn’t a single verse that explicitly says


that we are to confess our righteousness


instead of our sins


when we are sinning,


it is pure recklessness on your part


to teach this doctrine as if it is gospel truth


and deceive millions of people to hell.


The blood of these souls will be on your hands.


If you dare to take such reckless risk


by playing Russian roulette


over such weird teachings over your eternity,


don’t ever assume


that everyone is as reckless as you would.


Joseph Prince


– Let’s Up the Stakes to Three Times Higher!


If Joseph Prince can show me what he taught


– that when we sin,


we should confess our righteousness


and not our sins


– and that this is explicitly taught


by Jesus OR Paul OR JUST any of the writers of scriptures,


I will offer him, not just one,


but three free trips to anywhere in the world. 


These three free trips to anywhere in the world


are also extended to anyone,


not just those in New Creation Church,


especially those who have been influenced


by Joseph Prince’s teachings


with the same condition.


Joseph Prince,


if you can’t even show me


what you have aggressively taught


as your core doctrine


is also taught by Jesus OR Paul


OR even JUST one of the scripture writers,


you have no right to blame me


for calling you a wolf in sheepskin.  


Friends – why am I doing this?


For the fun of it?


No, my friends!


I am dead serious about honouring the deal


at the prospect of going bankrupt,


and more crucially,


to expose Joseph Prince


as a wolf to the body of Christ.


And I have so far paid a very high price for it


in terms of my itinerant ministry


and finance,


and I am continuing to pay the price.


But – no sweat! – It’s a joy!


It’s worth every ounce of the price that I have paid so far


for the sake of obeying my Lord


to protect the integrity of His word and the gospel


– so that people will not be deceived by Joseph Prince


and end themselves up in the lake of fire.


What is the giving up of my one life


in exchange for souls


that I can pluck from hell?






“Fighting a battle that has eternal ramifications is worth pouring all my heart and soul into.” (George Ong)




With regards to my last Article,


Article: Joseph Prince & John 16:8-11


Part 1: Joseph Prince abuses the Holy Spirit to lie & cover up his lie


Part 2: Joseph Prince’s teaching – that the Holy Spirit convicts us of righteousness in John 16:8-11 is illogical & out of context,


Please click on the link below,


let me elaborate a little


for those who wants to go a little deeper.


There are basically 2 positions


on the word, ‘world’.


John 16:8-11 NASB

8 “And He, when He comes, will convict the world

concerning sin

and righteousness

and judgment;

9 concerning sin, because they do not believe in Me;

10 and concerning righteousness, because I go to the Father and you no longer see Me;

11 and concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged.”


First, it is to take it as representing the unbelieving world


which I did in my last article.


Second, it is to take it as representing


both the unbelieving and the believing world.


Believe me, I am aware both positions


and I have a detailed write up of the second position too,


which I didn’t feature in my last article.


But I am more inclined to the first position


because the second position that takes the word, ‘world’


as representing both unbelievers and believers


has a major contradiction in V9.


9 concerning sin, because they do not believe in Me;


If the interpretation


is that the Holy Spirit convicts believers of sin


according to V9,


then how can believers be described


as ‘they do not believe in me’.


‘They do not believe in me’


must be referring to unbelievers.


Next, the word ‘sin’ in V9


is in the singular, not plural.


This indicates it is very likely


to be the sin of unbelief


committed by unbelievers,


who refused to believe in Christ.


Any position that one takes


cannot be wishy-washy


– just because one is so taken up or overly excited


with a Greek word, etc.


But more importantly,


it must ensure that it doesn’t lead to contradictions.


If contradictions cannot be avoided for both positions,


then my view is that all things being equal,


one should take the one


with the least contradictions.




Featured YouTube comments:




“I don’t know about you,


but when I watch this again, I find it so DISGUSTING:


After saying that the Holy Spirit


can never convict you of sin;


now Joseph Prince changes his preaching 180%


and says that the Holy Spirit can convict you of sin.


This is not the first time he preaches double-talks.


It has become his habit to say


“No more law” and then “there is still law in your heart”,


“No more repentance”


and then “you still need to change your mind”,


“No more do’s do’s do’s”


and then “you still need to do this


and that (like confessing righteousness or taking the Holy Communion)”,


“No more Ten Commandments”


and then “telling people that you cannot speak evil”,


“No more discipleship”


and then “you need to discipline your child or yourselves”,


“No more … and then you must still ..”


I find it so DISGUSTING


and I find that I have to say it;


however, maybe the pastors would think differently.


They always tell us that we must love and not criticize.


Do you know why the pastors always tell you


to love and love only, and speak only the good things,


and not to speak negatively?


Very likely they have been influenced


by Joseph Prince to say ‘only the good things’.


However, I find it most DISGUSTING


is when someone says


“The Holy Spirit can never convict you”,


and the next moment he says “Of course, He can”.


And then keeps telling the people


that his critics put words into his mouth, persecute him,


or falsely accuse him of something which he never said.


If you haven’t found any cult leader


who double-talk or lie like that,


you are destined to find one like that today


and this one is not just any double-talker;


but a super anointed double-talker.


It’s because he doesn’t just double-talk


on the conviction of the Holy Spirit,


he double-talks on repentance, grace, the law of God,


the Ten Commandments, discipleship, sanctification,


salvation, prayers, the Sermon on the Mount,


and the doctrine of Christ.


He has literally double-talked almost any doctrine


that you can find in the Bible.


However, most of his believers


(including the pastors from other churches)


find that there is nothing wrong with him


and there should not any criticism on him, why?


I think this is something spiritual.


So, if I find that I cannot get through to these people


who cannot see how DISGUSTING


is Joseph Prince’s double-talks


because of the deep religious


or spiritual deception under hypnotism,


I would try to get through to them by some commonsense.


Please think,


if your friend asked you to lend to him $100,000,


but after you lent to him,


he say, “Did I ask you to lend to me?


No, I have never said it.


You just want to lend to me.


If you continue to harass me, I will sue you ..”


Can you argue with him?


No, the only way to deal with him


is to bring out the contract or IOU


and bring him to court.


So, dealing with such people,


you have, no choice but to bring out the evidences


(like invoices, contract, recorded messages, or videos)


to prove that they have said it or done it.


Do you know that we are dealing with someone


as DISGUSTING as this right now?


And we find it so DISGUSTING and frustrating


that we have, no choice


but, to dig through all his past messages,


CD, DVD, videos, and whatever,


to prove that he has said it or done it;


or else we would be accused instead by him


as the ‘accuser’.


Ok, last but not least,


if you still do not find that this is DISGUSTING,


imagine what if someone comes and tells you


that he is God the Almighty,


and then when you start to argue with him,


he tells you that he has never said it


and he starts to accuse you of lying against him?


Can you accept it?


If you can’t,


I can’t see any reason


why you still collaborate with him (or someone like him)


to accuse those who ‘criticize’ him or expose him?”




“Lies upon lies.


That’s why I left New Creation Church.


New Creation Church is the temple of lies.”




“Joseph Prince was a salesman before preaching full time.


Still a salesman.


No disrespect to all salesman out there,


but I believe we met salesman like this many times.”




“Rev George Ong is consistent


in his interpretation of John 16:7-11. 


The Holy Spirit came to bring home


to the unbeliever’s heart Christ’s righteousness.


Jesus was innocent. 


He did absolutely no wrong.


But he was sentenced


by the highest authorities of the nation.


The Holy Spirit was not sent


to convict the believer of righteousness.


The Holy Spirit glorifies Christ, not the individual believer.


How can a believer be righteous without Christ’s righteousness?


Joseph Prince got it wrong on v. 10.


Either it’s due to his poor logic, or he has some agenda.”




“Thank you for your immense effort


in tracking all his nonsense.


Joseph Prince is never accountable for the things he says.


Everything he tells his flock of sheep is the gospel truth.


Nobody questions him.


Great job, Rev George Ong.


Bless you.”




“Rev George Ong, thank you for your relentless pursuit


in unveiling the lies of Joseph Prince, the false teacher.”




“Indeed, very tedious to track down his sermons.






“If a preacher says that the Holy Spirit


cannot reprove him or convict him of sin or any wrong,


we already find something is wrong.


However, if a double-talker or heretical preacher


says that the Holy Spirit


cannot reprove him or convict him of sin or any wrong,


we’d better distance ourselves from him.


Do you know how serious it is


to lie against the Holy Spirit or sin against the Holy Spirit?


It is considered as a sin that is unpardonable


because it is a ‘sin’ of the end time


when the Lawless One will fight against the Holy Spirit,


change all the law of God, and give you his own ‘law’:


2Thess 2:4-8 LITV