Article: Joseph Prince & John 16:8-11


Part 2: Joseph Prince’s teaching – that the Holy Spirit convicts us of righteousness in John 16:8-11 is illogical & out of context


By Rev George Ong (Dated 15 May 2024)


See the Appendix for the featured YouTube comments.




You wouldn’t believe this


– as usual, there is a massive amount of rubbish


in Joseph Prince’s latest sermon


on 12 May 2024, 3 days ago,


to clear.


After my last Article (Part 3 & 4)


to be released this Friday


for this week,


there still remains so much rubbish to clear!


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In a sermon on 12 May 2024, 3 days ago,


Joseph Prince said,


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“Of sin, singular (Jn 16:7-11).


The Holy Spirit will come and convict the world of sin


because they believe not on me.


He’ll convict righteousness


because I go to my Father and you see me no more.


He’ll convict judgement


because the ruler of this world is judged.


Okay, let’s go, real slow


because here is where there’s lot of teachings that,


that’s not the Upper Room teachings.


Let’s go back to the original.


What did Jesus say the Holy Spirit will come to do?


Pastor, to convict us of sin.




‘Us’, is not there. Read carefully.


He’ll convict the world of sin.


Talking about the world, right,


because they do not believe in me.


You know what’s ‘they’, this pronoun, ‘they’.


You know He say ‘they’.


Is it the first person or second person?


If I am talking to you, it’s the second person.


‘They’ is third party. Third person.


So, He’s talking to His disciples in the Upper room, right.


Am I right?


And He says the Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin.


The Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin


because they do not believe in me.


He’s not saying because you don’t believe in me,


He’ll convict you of sin.


But Pastor Prince


can the Holy Spirit convict you of sin?


Of course, He can.


But that’s not the context here


in the Upper Room teaching.


He’s saying the Holy Spirit


will convict the world of their unbelief in me


because they do not believe in me.


So, the party there is not you.


It’s not speaking to the believer.


Second one, of righteousness, the Holy Spirit will convict.


Who? You now.


Of righteousness, not sin.


Righteousness because I go to my Father,


and you see me no more.


So, He’s saying the Holy Spirit


will be there to convict you of righteousness.”


Joseph Prince teaches that


according to the context of John 16:8-11,


the Holy Spirit does not convict believers of sin.


In my knowledge, I believe he is right.


But that doesn’t mean


the Holy Spirit cannot convict believers of sin in other contexts


which I will prove to you in Part 3, this Friday.


Then Joseph Prince went on to say;


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“Second, one, of righteousness,


the Holy Spirit will convict.


Who? You, now.


Of righteousness,


not sin.


Righteousness because I go to my Father,


and you see me no more.


So, He’s saying the Holy Spirit


will be there to convict you of righteousness.”


So, based on V10,


Joseph Prince teaches that the Holy Spirit


convicts believers (not unbelievers) of righteousness.




He thought he had his case proven.


Don’t be deceived by him.


He may be a smooth-talker,


but I am appalled by his logic.


The conclusion that Joseph Prince arrives at in V10


plainly contradicts V8.


Let’s backtrack to V8.


The first part of Christ’s statement in John 16:8:


“…and when He (the Holy Spirit) comes, will convict

the world

of sin and of righteousness and of judgment…”


This simply means that the Holy Spirit


will convict the unbelieving world


of three things:


1. of sin

2. of righteousness

3. of judgment


Joseph Prince is treating John 16:8


as if it is non-existent


– when John 16:8 has already stated


that the Holy Spirit will convict the unbelieving world


of three things:




and judgment.


Joseph Prince then jumped straight to V10


to try and establish his doctrine.


His interpretation that the Holy Spirit


convicts believers of righteousness in V10


contradicts the clear fact


that the Holy Spirit


convicts only the unbelievers of righteousness in V8.  


Although it is a clear fact


that the Holy Spirit only convicts the unbelieving world


of righteousness in V8,


Joseph Prince doesn’t care what goes on in V8,


and he jumps straight to imply


that the unbelieving world cannot be convicted


of righteousness in V10;


it is for believers.


Here, we are not even talking about Bible interpretation per se;


we are talking about logic.


The simple logic is that John 16:8-11


must be seen in its entirety and entire context.


Any interpretation of V10


cannot contradict what is contained in V8.


If an interpretation leads to an internal contradiction


with each other


in the same passage,


you can know for sure that it is a false interpretation.


Imagine Joseph Prince failing the test of logic


– I guess the people who are deceived by him


are equally illogical!


Not only does Joseph Prince fail the test of logic,


(which I have pointed out many times),


he has the perennial and sickening habit


of taking a text out of its context.


This is almost laughable and irritable


as he has been sounding the same warning


about not taking a text out of its context


many times, in his teaching.


And ironically, the error that Joseph Prince


is constantly warning others of


is the same error that he is consistently guilty of.


What hypocrisy!


Joseph Prince is, indeed, a serial hypocrite


– warning people of the same thing he is equally guilty of,


and repeatedly and recalcitrantly committing the same error


he is asking people to avoid.


What he has done is taking V10


out of its context in V8. 


I am utterly surprised that Joseph Prince,


whom the multitudes regard as a solid teacher of the word


can commit such a basic error of Bible interpretation.


Only ignorant amateurs


who are not aware of the principles of Bible interpretation


will commit such a blunder.


To recap and to elaborate,


the Holy Spirit will convict the unbelieving world


of three areas:


1. of sin

2. of righteousness

3. of judgment


John 16:8-11 NASB

8 “And He, when He comes, will convict the world

concerning sin

and righteousness

and judgment;

9 concerning sin, because they do not believe in Me;

10 and concerning righteousness, because I go to the Father and you no longer see Me;

11 and concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged.”


John 16:8-11 NCV

8 “When the Helper comes, he will prove to the people of the world the truth

about sin,

about being right with God,

and about judgment.

9 He will prove to them that sin is not believing in me.

10 He will prove to them that being right with God comes from my going to the Father and not being seen anymore.

11 And the Helper will prove to them that judgment happened when the ruler of this world was judged.”


Christ said that the unbelieving world in V8


is being convicted by the Holy Spirit


of sin,

of righteousness,

of judgment.


First, “concerning sin, because they do not believe in Me.” (V9)


Jesus is saying that the Holy Spirit will convict


the people of the world of sin


– the sin of crucifying Him on the cross out of their unbelief.


This sin was convicted or exposed


on the day of Pentecost at Peter’s anointed preaching.


The Holy Spirit used Peter


to convict the persecutors of Jesus of their sins.


The guilty ones were indeed


convicted of their sin of unbelief in Jesus


and were cut to the heart and later repented (Acts 2:14-40, especially V37).


In the same way, any unbeliever who comes to Christ


will be convicted of his/her sins by the Holy Spirit


to repent of them.


Second, “Concerning righteousness, because I go to the Father and you no longer see Me” (V10).


This simply means that unbelievers would be convicted


that righteousness is only gained or achieved


through Christ’s death and His resurrection.


It is through His resurrection that He later ascended


to be with the Father (V10: “…because I go to the Father…”).


When Jesus said


“you no longer see me” (V10),


He is just saying to His disciples


that the resurrection and His ascension will happen.


Joseph Prince has deceptively but foolishly


‘jumped’ on the word ‘you’ (Jesus’ disciples)


to support his view that righteousness


is referring to believers


– what a simplistic and twisted mind!


And of course, when the resurrection happens,


the whole unbelieving world will be aware of it


– aware that through Christ’s resurrection,


the righteousness of Christ


as the only hope to save the world is vindicated. 


The world would realise


that all forms of human or self-righteousness are futile.


The only righteousness that will make them right with God


is the righteousness of Christ.


Third, “and concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged” (V11).


Satan has certainly been dealt a death blow


through Christ’s death and resurrection.


Satan is being judged and condemned.


And he will one day be ultimately judged


and be finally condemned and banished to hell forever.


And it goes without saying that those unbelievers,


who refuse the gospel of hope


and choose to follow Satan and rebel against God,


will be judged, too, with eternal damnation.


As I reflected on this passage in John 16:8-11,


the Lord brings to my mind


that this is the simple gospel that is clearly


presented to the unbelieving world.


First, everyone who comes to Christ


must be convicted of their sins and acknowledge their sins.


Second, there is no other way to come to God


except by taking on the righteousness of Christ.


Third, if they refuse,


they will be judged one day like the devil would. 


Let me just remind you that John 16:8-11


has been consistently addressed to the unbelieving world.


In the passage,


the conviction by the Holy Spirit of sin, righteousness


and judgment in the text


are all addressed to unbelievers.


Yet, Joseph Prince twisted the word of God


by saying that in V10,


the word, ‘righteousness’ is in reference to believers.


(V10: “and concerning righteousness, because I go to the Father and you no longer see Me.”)


When V8 has clearly stated that all three areas:


sin, righteousness and judgement


– are all with reference to the unbelieving world,


Joseph Prince blatantly takes V10 out of its context of V8


and illogically insists that V10 refers to believers.


Going by Joseph Prince’s ‘anything-goes’


and out-of-context approach to Bible interpretation,


literally anything can be proven by him.


That’s how he twists the interpretation of the scriptures


to suit his abominable grace theology.


Finally, let me state the fact that there is nothing wrong


to affirm we are the righteousness of God in Christ.


The fact is we are;


and no Christian should make any apology for that.


But it becomes sorely wrong


for Joseph Prince to affirm this fact,


which is not wrong in and of itself, 


based on his illogical, out-of-context


and twisted interpretation of John 16:8-11.


My Parting Shot to Joseph Prince:


“Hey Joe,


come this Sunday,


we will ‘meet’ and see eye to eye again.


You preach and I listen and observe.


Do yourself a favour and preach sound doctrine.


Because the more rubbish


you spew out from your mouth,


the more I will unveil them for the world to see.”


Rev George Ong




Featured YouTube comments:




“Seriously, if every New Creation Church member


adopts a questioning attitude


towards Joseph Prince’s teaching,


examines it, scrutinises it in relation to the Bible; 


consults various biblical sources


including bible commentaries;


watches other international channels exposing Joseph Prince


(if they don’t like this channel);


and prays for the Holy Spirit’s guidance


– if each New Creation Church member does all this,


this business called Nonsense Can Con (NCC)


will meet the same fate


as the failed Singapore Water Treatment Company. 


(Sadly, thousands have lost thousands


investing in this company


whose CEO is well-acquainted with Joseph Prince).




“This video is SO TRUE!!!




– JOSEPH PRINCE and no one else.


He’s always the miracle healer.


All credit goes to him.


He’s always praising himself


and preaching everyone gets everything they ask for.”




“It is one thing to criticize from the outside


but another thing for those


who have been in New Creation Church


and experienced it all and tell it all!”




“Always hear of testimonies of healing, transformation


and freedom from bondage in New Creation Church.


But where are the thousands upon thousands


of testimonies of God


pouring out his blessings


that there should not be room enough to receive it?


God keeps his word


but where are the thousands of such testimonies from


New Creation Church?


What happened to Joseph Prince’s teaching


on tithe and prosperity


within that modern expensive building?”




“Joseph Prince is putting fear on people


who might be thinking of leaving.


He hoodwinks those who stay


that he is preaching the truth.


In the early days, he even said New Creation Church


is as the church of Philadelphia.


LOL – may not be even close to the church of Laodicea.”




“Joseph Prince says,


“.. we are busier blessing you .. than to answer to critics.


I know that these people


when they get sick or their children get sick,


they bring them to the doctor ..”


I will ask him, What’s wrong to SEE THE DOCTOR


when you are sick or when your children are sick.


I thought you’ve just got your pastor, Pastor Mark


to preach that it was ok for him to see his doctor


when he got sick


and went to get his heart surgery done.


Well, it was just last Sunday


when your pastor (Pastor Mark)


has confirmed his need to see the doctor.


But, now you say that it is not ok to see the doctor?


Maybe it is ok for you or your pastor to see the doctor


after you have prayed and taken your ‘holy communion’.


However, what’s the problem if your critics see the doctor


without taking your ‘holy communion’?


Can you say that they are faithless?


Anyway in the same sermon,


Joseph Prince seems to be quite worried


about his son’s condition or learning


I will ask Joseph Prince,


Do you think that it will work for you


if we tell you “Don’t worry JUST PROSPER” too?


However, I will surely tell him,


“Please remember to bring your son to see a doctor,


teacher, or psychiatrist


if he still have a serious ‘condemnation’ problem or ‘guilt’ problem ..


You don’t have to think too much (when you are not him)!


It is because as we grow from being a kid to a man,


all of us must still learn to take responsibility


of what we did.


It is ok to feel bad when a child did wrong


and needed to confront the consequences


of breaking school rules


and face the punishment for correction.


It will surely make him grow better.


However, I hope that you won’t get the idea


that your son will grow better


if he didn’t need to feel bad


EVEN IF he did wrong


because you can use your money and resources


to bring him out of the situation


without the need to face the punishment.”




“Just like Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince is talking nonsense.


They are buddies and Joel Osteen is a false prophet.


Think about that.”




“After decades of rubbish speaking,


I doubt there will be many real Bible seeking believers in the audience


(except new/young Christians


and those “temporarily” blinded by Joseph Prince).


Joseph Prince is just catering to the “needs” of itchy ears.


So, just point here and there,


say someone’s this and that illness


will be healed here and there;


it’s obvious someone’s itchy ears gonna be catered for.


Nothing to do with Christianity, miracles or even science.


It’s just a very profitable entertainment business.”




“Thank you, Rev George Ong


for your unceasing efforts


to fight for the Kingdom of God


and speaking truth to power.


As John condemned the Pharisees in Matthew 3:7-9,


Jesus also in Matthew 12:34


condemned the Pharisees in bold terms as well.


Paul himself while instructing Timothy


called out the false teachers by name


in 2 Timothy 1:15; 4:9-10 and in 1 Timothy 1:18-20.


I believe we are called to


(1)   Identify false ideas, and


(2) Publicly expose those who are either living by or teaching others these ideas.


As Rev George Ong you do here and show us,


we are also called to specifically describe the wrong teaching


– Joseph Prince’s health and wealth prosperity/hyper grace gospel.


2 Timothy 2:16-18 here we see Paul show that


(1) called to know the truth well enough to see the lie coming, and


(2) describe the lie to others so that they can be warned.


I believe defending The Gospel of Jesus Christ


is an affirmative duty of any believer/Christian – 2 John 9-11.


The Book of Titus shows us how our seriousness or un-seriousness


affects our relationship with God and impact on our lives.


Titus was called to correct the false teachings in his native Greece.


We are called to


(1) identify false doctrines and heresies and describe their false nature,


(2) strongly correct/rebuke teachers who teach this kind of error, and


(3) replace the errors by describing the Biblical truth of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. See Titus 1:1-13 and Titus 2 specifically.


So we have to defend, rebuke,


and change the heretical teachers with godly teachers.


There are many other verses


that tell us what we should do in the face of heresy:


Galatians 1:8-9; 2 Peter 2:1-22; 1 John 4:1; Titus 3:10; 2 John 1:10-11; Romans 16:17-18


Praying over you Rev George Ong and your ministry.


The Lord shall continue to protect you and your efforts


for His sake and His Kingdom. Amen.”




“When you fight for the truth,


there will invariably be satanic forces in many forms,


including accusatory and self-righteous voices, 


out to thwart you.


Lies travel faster, further and wider;


truth is still tying its shoe strings.


Lies suck you in like quicksand;


truth sets you free.”


Note this is a critique of my website:




“What is your proof that Pastor Prince


teaches the wrong gospel?


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“What is your proof that Joseph Prince


teaches the right gospel?




“Hi, thank you for asking such a valid question.


Now then, may we kindly enquire


have you personally watched


and study all of Rev Ong’s videos


to check whether he was teaching the truth


as according to The Written Word?


The Bible clearly told us to be like the Bereans


which means we ourselves can understand the Bible


if we take time to seek the Lord through The Word.


May we kindly ask that you would also take time


to be like The Bereans of The Bible


 towards Joseph Prince’s teachings.


There are so much of deceptions today


as Bible has warned us.


Therefore, it is our responsibility to know The Bible.


You need to personally go through The Bible,


then you will surely know


who is telling the true and who is not.”




“I was at New Creation Church for many years.


He’s always lying and teaching the false gospel.”




“Andrea, are you new to this channel?


Have you viewed previous videos for proofs


and Rev George Ong’s website for his articles


if you are really serious.


My take is you are not seriously searching for the truth,


Otherwise, you would not ask this question,


and so truths will be concealed from you


because you are wishy washy superficial with the Word.


You are contented with listening to Joseph Prince


to feel good and liberated


and guiltless to live the life you want,


and to pursue prosperity and health and earthly success.


How is your life different from non-believers?


They are also going after the same things as you.


I know because I came from New Creation Church


and someone aptly called it Non Christian Church.


It is not about Christ, it is about me,


in Chinese is called 自我福音.


Maybe, you are not His sheep after all,


and that’s why you always learning from Joseph Prince, 


but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth, 2 Tim 3:7


and that’s why Joseph Prince is always learning


but never able to come to the knowledge of truth.


I know for a fact Joseph Prince loves money


and also, fame, power


and likes to get earthly credit and honour


like the Pharisees and the Scribes.”


Note this is a critique of my website:




“Rev Ong or if you are truly one,


I suggest you to use your platform for sharing the gospel.


Wasting your time & resources spreading nonsense


that don’t bring Glory to God at all.


Are you jealous of Joseph Prince’s ministry?”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“Bro an innocent question,


do you have a stake or some vested interest


– financial, monetary or otherwise


– in the ministry?”




“Sorry, are you so deceived


as not to know you have been deceived?


That’s the psychological problem with deception.”




“Friend, thank you for your kindest reply.


We are thankful for anyone,


whether it is Rev Ong or a laymen


for “sacrificing” their time


to warn those who willing to return


to The Truth from deceptions.


Am sorry if this doesn’t apply to you.


But please have mercy


to let this platform continue


for those who need it yeah.


We didn’t go to Joseph Prince’s platform


to call out the lost.


We believe everyone were given a choice to choose


who they want to serve.


I remembered years ago, Joseph Prince said


he will not stop anyone


who wants to leave New Creation Church.


He said he will thank them


for letting others to comes in and fill up their place.




How “kind” and “gracious”


is your pastor Joseph Prince!


Since you all believe Joseph Prince


is a man of God and the anointed one


therefore, let Go, let God!”





“Likely you are in the cocoon of comfort


by listening to and believing whole-heartedly


Joseph Prince’s teaching.


Do yourself justice


– there are many ways to examine and question his teachings.


Be an examiner, not a sucker.”




“Charles, you said life transformed


under Joseph Prince’s teachings.


How so? Please answer.


There are people whose lives are also transformed


listening to Anthony Robin.”


Note this is a critique of my website:




“Oh, oh, you are going the wrong way


when you start touching his family…


you are full of evil intentions.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“Sorry, are you so deceived


as not to know you have been deceived?


That’s the psychological problem with deception.”




“Friend, may we kindly ask you to explain clearly


how did Rev Ong touch Joseph Prince’s family?


Wasn’t Joseph Prince himself the one


who told the congregation what happened to his family?”




“Fren, Rev Ong did not touch his family.


Joseph Prince told his family story to convey his message.


Rev Ong has to mention that same story


to ferret out the lies in that message.


Don’t be too quick to show your self-righteousness


by accusing people of evil intention.


Have you ever thought how valid Rev Ong’s point was


in showing Joseph Prince’s false and misleading teaching.


Think about it.


It’s for your good.”