Joseph Prince’s Teaching on Sin & Salvation Will Lead You to Hell – By Rev George Ong (Dated 13 Sep 2021)


Joseph Prince teaches that even though one might leave the Lord and live a lifestyle of sin, he will still be saved.


He also implies that if he dies without repenting from his sinful lifestyle, he will still end up in heaven as he will never perish.


Please view this 30-second video of Joseph Prince by clicking here. This is what he said:


“Okay, Pastor Prince, I know a friend, used to be a Christian, used to be this, bla bla bla. Number 1, we do not know if he is a professor or possessor. But let’s say he is a possessor, he is saved. He left the Lord and all that. You would be surprised, even though he lived a lifestyle of sin, salvation is more solid than his lifestyle. And maybe he dies young. But in heaven, you’re going to see him. You’re going to see him because salvation is not because of what he did. He will never perish.”


The fact that Joseph Prince is treating the person as a possessor and not a professor of Christianity, in no way mitigates his twisted and false view of salvation.


Instead of saying that because he is a possessor of the Christian Faith (true believer), he will not leave the Lord and will not live a lifestyle of sin (which is biblical), he twisted it to say that because he is a possessor of the Christian Faith, he is still saved even though he left the Lord and has lived a lifestyle of sin. 


In other words, Joseph Prince defines a possessor of the Christian Faith (true believer) as someone who can leave the Lord and is permitted to live a lifestyle of sin. 


Joseph Prince further said, And maybe he dies young. But in heaven, you’re going to see him… He will never perish,” – implying that even though the person dies before his time without coming back to the Lord and repenting from his lifestyle of sin, he will still go to heaven, as “he will never perish.”


Such twisted teachings are from the pit of hell!


No true Christian doctrine from every theological persuasion that we know ever teaches that.


Whether it is the Apostolic, Reformation, Puritan, Evangelical, Wesleyan, Reformed or Pentecostal tradition – none of these will have anything to do with such a hellish teaching.   


Does that mean that when we sin, there is no hope? Of course not!


We all have sinned and will still sin even after we have become a Christian. That’s what 1 John 1:9 was written for. If we confess, God will forgive us of our sins. God is not a capricious God but a forgiving God. He could even forgive an adulterer and murderer like King David when he repented.


But it is a totally different matter for a ‘so-called true believer’ to be permitted to continue to live a lifestyle of sin and did not repent even at the point of death.


Joseph Prince has defended and will always defend himself with the usual line that he is against sin, and he hates sin.


But these are mere politically correct statements that are made for public consumption and to ‘cover’ himself. So don’t ever be deceived by his flowery and insincere words.


If he is genuinely against sin and hates sin, why is he saying one can still be saved and not perish, even though he has left God, and has lived a lifestyle of sin even at the point of death? (Please see Appendix A at the end of my article for more elaboration.)


By saying that a saved person could still live a lifestyle of sin and not repent at the point of death makes a mockery of the finished work of Christ.


Nowhere in the Bible ever says that one could still be saved even though he has left God and is living an unrepentant lifestyle of sin in rebellion against God.


Many who believe such a twisted teaching of Joseph Prince will continue to live a lifestyle of sin without repenting as they believe Prince that they will still be in heaven.


But they will wake up one shocking day and find themselves in the pit of hell (Heb 10:26-31)!


This point alone which I have highlighted is enough to prove that Joseph Prince isn’t a shepherd but a wolf who has come to destroy you.


The destructive theology that Joseph Prince teaches is the ‘Once Saved Always Saved’ or the ‘Once Righteous Always Righteous’ doctrine.


This is different from the Reformed Tradition. This tradition teaches that one would persevere to the end in his faith and show evidence of true faith if he is truly saved. This is discernibly different from the ‘Once Saved Always Saved’ doctrine of Joseph Prince – that one is saved no matter how he lives his life – even though he may have lived a lifestyle of sin.


The implication of such a doctrine of Joseph Prince can be horrendous.


Let me relate to you a true but tragic story written by an American, Pastor David Servant (italics):


“Last month, George Sodini walked into a women’s aerobics class at an LA Fitness Club. He turned out the lights and began shooting into the darkness, firing fifty rounds. Within seconds, he killed three women and wounded nine others. Then he shot and killed himself.


According to his blog, he had been planning the killings and his suicide at LA Fitness for months in advance. In December, he wrote in that blog of the evangelical church he had attended for thirteen years, saying of the pastor, “This guy teaches (and convinced me) you can commit mass murder then still go to heaven.”


Just one day before his murder spree and suicide, he wrote:


“Maybe soon, I will see God and Jesus. At least that is what I was told. Eternal life does NOT depend on works. If it did, we will all be in hell. Christ paid for EVERY sin, so how can I or you be judged BY GOD for a sin when the penalty was ALREADY paid. People judge but that does not matter. I was reading the Bible and The Integrity of God beginning yesterday, because soon I will see them.”


The book he mentioned, ‘The Integrity of God’, is written by an author who teaches that believers cannot forfeit their salvation no matter how much they sin.


A few days later there was an article in our local newspaper titled, “‘Once saved, always saved’ – Deacon says killer rests in heaven.” Here are a few excerpts:


George Sodini rests in heaven now because he professed a faith in Jesus years before his shooting rampage, a ________ Church leader said.


Jack ______, a deacon at the church Sodini attended for years, said the Bible makes it clear that “professing a faith in Jesus as savior means you will have complete eternal salvation.”


“George is going to heaven, but he’s not going to get his rewards,” _______ said. He said that Sodini won’t be offered all of heaven’s benefits because of his sin.


“George was a professing believer.”


Although many Christians who adhere to the doctrinal position of “once-saved-always-saved” would probably argue that George Sodini was never actually born again in the first place (and they might well be correct), the fact remains that the church he attended for 13 years made it easier for him to murder three women. Worse, that particular church teaches exactly what a large percentage of evangelical churches do, that once a person is saved, he is permanently saved. Believers are supposedly unconditionally eternally secure, regardless of their lifestyles. No sin can keep them from heaven.


One of America’s most well-known preachers, who was twice elected to be the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, who has written scores of best-selling Christian books, and who is heard around the world via his television and radio broadcasts, is a primary proponent of the doctrine of unconditional eternal security. In a book on this very subject, he wrote:


No matter what you do as a child of God, you are forgiven. You say, “Murder?” Forgiven. “Stealing?” Forgiven. “Adultery?” Forgiven. “Worshiping idols?” Forgiven.


Note that he did not write, “No matter what you did prior to becoming a child of God, you are forgiven.” He wrote, “No matter what you do as a child of God, you are forgiven.” His argument is that Jesus died for all our sins, so there is no future sin we can commit for which He didn’t die. Our only danger is that of forfeiting special rewards in heaven.


That is grace gone mad.


And that kind of teaching is what leads people like George Sodini to think they can murder people yet go to heaven, even though Scripture teaches that no murderer will inherit eternal life (see 1 John 3:15; Rev. 21:8; 22:15).


That kind of teaching also leads people to think that their behavior has nothing to do with their ultimate salvation, even though Scripture teaches that no unrighteous person will inherit God’s kingdom, which, according to Paul, includes fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, homosexuals, thieves, the covetous, drunkards, or swindlers (1 Cor. 6:9-10; see also Gal. 5:19-21; Eph. 5:3-6). Jesus’ own teaching certainly affirms this also.


There is a correlation between holiness and heaven because there is a correlation between belief and behavior. We are saved by grace through faith, but faith without works is dead and cannot save us (Eph. 2:8; Jas 2:14-26). I can’t help but wonder how many people, just like George Sodini, are now in hell, when they fully expected to be in heaven, because they were trusting in a grace that God has never offered, a grace that is little more than a license to sin.”


Pastor David Servant:

What Pastor Servant related about George Sodini can also be found on the internet. Please feel free to check this out.


Rev George Ong:


What led Sodini to commit murder is the same salvation and sin doctrine that Joseph Prince teaches – that even though we have lived a lifestyle of sin we are still saved.


You may argue that there are many testimonies of lives changed championed by Joseph Prince and his pastors. Yes, Prince and gang seem to be overly anxious about (over-compensating) belting out testimonies after testimonies every Sunday. These testimonies would always end up with – because of Joseph Prince’s teaching or doctrine, I am healed or I am delivered. And you begin to wonder are they glorifying God or man. Are they driven by the glory of God or obsessed with trying to prove Sunday after Sunday that Joseph Prince’s doctrine is right?


But what Prince and gang have hidden from you are the plenty of other tragic stories of the many who are destroyed by his doctrine.


There are many who have related to me (first-hand stories) about their husbands and sons-in-law, etc, who have committed adultery (and did not repent) and are still worshipping at New Creation Church.


Many have also told me they have witnessed people from New Creation Church buying Toto (lottery) on a regular basis. Please click to read: $2.8 million Toto Lottery


The fall of Hyflux is another sad story that Joseph Prince hides from you. If you have missed the Hyflux fiasco episode please click to read: Joseph Prince & The Hyflux Fiasco


Finally, please read the tragic story of one who had embraced Joseph Prince’s teachings only to commit adultery and died from drug overdose on Michael Fackerell’s website (Italics):


Young Man embraces Hyper-Grace Teaching, Goes on Drugs, Dies of Overdose


“Hello Michael; I just read the article on Joseph Prince and it moved me because I didn’t know anyone else felt the same as I. My son-in-law began following Ps Prince about 2 years ago. He became very worldly after in-grafting himself into the new GRACE movement, that teaches sin has no consequences anymore because Christ paid for it. He committed adultery and produced a love child from it. He got on drugs all while closely following Ps Prince. I tried to talk to him about the God who he once knew, his reply was, ‘I don’t believe like that anymore.’ This started in 2011 and on Jan. 27, 2013, he overdosed. I tried so many times to tell him about the msg Ps Prince gives is incorrect. I can never have another chance to talk to him, but I thank you for exposing false doctrines to the public. Thank you again and God bless.”


Michael Fackerell:


Rev George Ong:


How many of such sad stories that go unreported is anybody’s guess?


In conclusion, let me repeat what Joseph Prince said in the video.


He said that one can leave the Lord and live a lifestyle of sin and still be saved and be in heaven. Furthermore, he implied that even though he has not repented at his death, he will still end up in heaven as he will not perish.


If Joseph Prince claims that he now no longer teaches this doctrine that the 30-second video encapsulates, he needs to come clean and apologise to the world that he has repented and has now abandoned this doctrine.


But if he chooses to keep silent (as he usually does when he is caught with his pants down) and refuses to recant what he said in this video, this plainly proves that this hellish doctrine is what he still holds to.


Appendix A


According to Joseph Prince’s teachings, sin is no more the problem because all sins have been forgiven at the cross. So if sin is no more the problem and believers are forbidden by Joseph Prince from talking about it because it has all been dealt with at the cross, in what way is Joseph Prince against sin? In what way does he hate sin?


Can Joseph Prince go against or hate something that he has been insisting that it is no longer a problem to believers because it has been completely dealt with at the cross of Christ?


Can he go against something when that something is no longer a problem?


Can he hate something when that something doesn’t even present any problem to be hated?


Think with me:


First, Joseph Prince has gotten rid of sin – in his teaching that every single sin has been forgiven.


Second, he has gotten rid of the law – in his teaching that New Covenant believers have nothing to do with the Laws of God as they all have been abrogated.


With a ‘no-sin’ and a ‘no-law’ or an ‘I-have-no-sin-to-bother-me-with-now’ and an ‘I-have-no-law-to-govern-and-control-me-now’ Pseudo-grace doctrine, no wonder droves of carnal people are attracted to his church.


It doesn’t help a tiny bit for Joseph Prince to defend himself that he is against sin. He can shout all he wants that he is against sin and that he is not teaching the people to sin – the fact remains his Pseudo grace teachings would lead and have led to that horrible licentious end.


Joseph Prince is too clever to say upfront that you can continue to sin habitually after you have become a Christian as that will blow his cover.


But he craftily says that

all your future sins are automatically forgiven;

there is no confession of sins required after conversion;

when you sin, don’t confess your sins but confess you are righteous;

and that since you are once righteous always righteous, there is nothing you can do to forfeit your salvation even when you are living a lifestyle of sin because you are forever saved;

God is even blind to your sin after you become a Christian;

the Holy Spirit does not convict you of sin; the devil does a better job at that.


Joseph Prince is so deceptive that his teachings are actually giving the people the license to sin, while at the same time, he can craftily claim that he isn’t overtly teaching it. That’s the kind of crafty wolf that you are dealing with. So, Church, better wake up! Shepherds, keep warning the flock about such destructive heresies!