Joseph Prince’s Teaching On Law & Grace Is Massively Contradicted By Martyn Lloyd-Jones – By Rev George Ong (Dated 8 Dec 2021)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, NCCS office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


The late Martyn Lloyd-Jones is a spiritual giant that few could match. Most Pastors and many older believers would be aware that when it comes to expository preaching, Lloyd-Jones is in a league of his own.


Joseph Prince, too, endears Lloyd-Jones, as a great man of God. But the great irony of it all is that Lloyd Jones, whom Joseph Prince commends as a great man of God, teaches against the bulk of Joseph Prince’s grace and law teachings.


Are you somewhat puzzled by what I have just said? I’m sure you are. Well, I’m going to unfold this puzzle for you bit by bit.


In a one-minute plus sermon video clip, Joseph Prince said, please click to view:


“And I was kind of discouraged, you know, a number of years ago. And I was browsing through; I was in Gold Coast (Australia), browsing in a Christian bookshop there. It was quite a large Christian bookshop. My wife was somewhere else with my daughter, and I was just browsing in a Christian bookshop. And then I passed by a series of books by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones…”


“… So I was browsing through and I picked up a book at random by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones. He did a series on Romans. It just happened that I picked up this book. And I flipped it at random as well. And my eyes fell on this: How come, Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones who is an English theologian, great man of God. And he said this: ‘How come this accusation that was rallied against Paul is not rallied against us today?’


In Paul’s day and age, they accused Paul of saying, ‘Let us sin more that grace may abound.’ How come today as preachers, they are not accusing us of this? And Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones says, ‘If you are preaching grace and you are not preaching grace to the point that you are misunderstood, you are not preaching the grace of the Bible.’ Amen! That’s Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


Can you believe it? I’m discouraged. I’m a bit sad. And praise God, it happened in a nation of Australia, the answer came. Hallelujah! I was browsing through (referring to Martyn Lloyd-Jones book). I mean, this is supernatural. God was speaking to me.”


I owned almost all of Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ books, including the whole series of commentary on Romans, comprising eight thick volumes, written by him. I bought them about 40 years ago in the 1980s and have read through them, a long time ago.


If my memory didn’t fail me, Martyn Lloyd-Jones did say something in one of his commentaries on Romans along the lines of what Joseph Prince had related in the video clip.


But while I agree with what Joseph Prince related about what Martyn Lloyd-Jones said, I strongly disagree with the conclusion he drew for himself (to justify his teachings) from what Martyn Lloyd-Jones said. Since my disagreements on this matter are already covered in one of my 10 volumes of ebooks in my website, and since this isn’t my focus in this article, I will just leave it as that.


The main point I wish to cover is to ask the key question: Is Joseph Prince telling the truth in the short video clip about what Martyn Lloyd-Jones said? Yes, Prince did tell the truth, but the catch is, it’s only a teeny-weeny part of it.


You must remember that the real false teachers are those who are crafty enough to tell you just a portion of the truth to first win you over. They can’t be telling you outright lies, can they? If they foolishly do, even little children could pick them out.


So very often I have naive believers, and unbelievably, even many Pastors, who say to me, “George, why are you taking issue with Joseph Prince as what he is preaching is the truth?” But let me ask these people, “Is it the whole truth or the half-truth or just a tiny part of the truth?”


“Contained in every heresy are some truths that enticingly appeal and that is what which seduces people into its fold.” (George Ong)


“False teachers are identified not by the truth they reveal, but the truth they conceal.” (George Ong)


“The power and lure of deception doesn’t come by telling lies; it comes by telling just a part of the truth.” (George Ong)


By relating what Martyn Lloyd-Jones said, Joseph Prince is telling the truth but it is just a tiny part of it. What Prince didn’t tell you is the much bigger half of the truth, which I’m surfacing to you right now.


What will shock you is that the teachings of Martyn Lloyd-Jones on law and grace massively and totally contradict that of Joseph Prince:


In a Book, ‘Studies in the Sermon on the Mount’ Volume One by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Pages 197-198, He wrote:


“The whole purpose of grace, in a sense, is just to enable us to keep the law.”


“There is nothing more fatal than to regard holiness and sanctification as experiences to be received. No; holiness means being righteous, and being righteous means keeping the law.”


“What is grace? It is that marvellous gift of God which, having delivered a man from the curse of the law, enables him to keep it and to be righteous as Christ was righteous for He kept the law perfectly.”


“Grace is that which brings me to love God; and if I love God, I long to keep His commandments…He enables us to fulfil the law.” 


In a sermon, ‘Not Under Law but under Grace’, based on John 1:17, Martyn Lloyd-Jones said:


“Never interpret grace as that which gets rid of the law.”


In a sermon, ‘The Law and Grace’ based on John 1:17, Martyn Lloyd-Jones said:


“That is where this putting of law and grace as complete antithesis is always wrong.”


In a Book, ‘Studies in the Sermon on the Mount’ Volume One by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Pages 197-198, He wrote:


“That (Matt 5:19) was not spoken only to the disciples for the three short years they were to be with Christ until He died. It is permanent and everlasting; He enforces it again in Matthew 7:21, where He says, ‘Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.’ What is the will of the Father (Matt 7:21)? The Ten Commandments and the moral law. They have never been abrogated.”


Martyn Lloyd-Jones defines “the will of my Father” as the Ten Commandments and the moral law. This means that Joseph Prince who teaches against obeying the Ten Commandments and the moral law as they had gone obsolete, does not do “the will of my Father”.


If Prince does not do “the will of my Father” according to Matthew 7:21, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. If Prince cannot enter the kingdom of God, how can he not be a heretic?


Are you shocked by what you read? I’m sure you are. The teachings of Martyn Lloyd-Jones on law and grace are the very antithesis of what Joseph Prince teaches.


To shock you more, let me highlight more of Lloyd-Jones’ teachings on law and grace.


Martyn Lloyd-Jones said,


“Any teaching concerning salvation which does not express itself in terms of the demands of the law is false teaching.” (In a sermon, ‘Christ; The End of The Law’ based on Romans 10:4)


By the definition of Lloyd-Jones, Joseph Prince is a false teacher as he teaches the false doctrine that the law has no more demands on New Covenant believers.


Martyn Lloyd-Jones said,


“Christ through the Spirit enables us to keep and to fulfill the law. That is the business of grace to enable me to fulfil the law.” (In a sermon, ‘Not Under Law but under Grace’, based on John 1:17)


But Joseph Prince teaches the reverse of what Martyn Lloyd-Jones said – that with the advent of grace in Christ, Christ has fulfilled all the laws on our behalf. So, from henceforth, Prince argues, we have nothing to do with the moral law as it has been completely done away with.


Martyn Lloyd-Jones said,


“So there is nothing that is more foolish than to dismiss the law and say we got nothing to do with law – we are under grace – we have finished with the law.” (In a sermon, ‘He Condemns and Convicts’ based on John 1:17)


According to what Martyn Lloyd-Jones said, we can conclude that Joseph Prince is indeed a foolish man for dismissing the law and for holding to the view that we have finished with the law. How could a foolish man be hailed by the world as the expert on the grace doctrine must make every true teacher of the word stare in utter disbelief? 


Martyn Lloyd-Jones said,


“If grace doesn’t enable me to keep and to live the law of God, then it just means that the devil has triumphed over God.” (In a sermon, ‘Not Under Law but under Grace’, based on John 1:17)


This means that Joseph Prince who teaches against obeying the law, is a tool of the devil. By his teaching that with the advent of grace, the law is no longer to be obeyed, Prince is helping the devil to triumph over God.


Martyn Lloyd-Jones said,


“Don’t you dismiss what was given through Moses, you will never know much about grace if you do.”

“So you see you will never appreciate grace until you have understood the teaching of the law and to see yourself under the law. So a man who dismisses the law he will never know much about grace and he doesn’t.”

(In a sermon, ‘The Law Given By Moses’ based on John 1:17)


Going by what Lloyd-Jones said, this means that Joseph Prince, who dismisses the law as no longer existent, doesn’t know much about grace. What is ironical is that Joseph Prince who doesn’t know much about grace became world-famous precisely because he did the opposite – he denigrates and dismisses the law as no longer existent.


Imagine, Joseph Prince, who speaks as though he is an expert on the grace topic, but knows precious little about grace, is preaching grace to the world and is so well received and much adored for it. This is scandalous! The massive amount of deception that has permeated the world through the false grace teaching of Joseph Prince is unimaginable!


The fundamental teaching of Joseph Prince is about the obsoleteness and irrelevance of the moral law because we are under the New Covenant of grace. It is precisely this core teaching of Joseph Prince that Martyn Lloyd-Jones contradicts. 


There are few who have influenced the Evangelical Christian Church with their Bible teachings more than Martyn Lloyd-Jones. And if Lloyd-Jones totally contradicted and discredited the core teachings of Joseph Prince on law and grace, the credibility of Joseph Prince is damaged beyond repair.


Yet, the multitudes have naively and slavishly chosen to follow the teachings of Joseph Prince. You know what kind of message they are sending? The message is that Joseph Prince has a greater clout on Bible exposition than Martyn Lloyd-Jones. This is almost a joke as Joseph Prince can’t even get the basics of Bible exegesis right!


One thing is clear – if Joseph Prince is speaking the truth, then Martyn Lloyd-Jones is lying. There is no way of getting around this – it is either one way or the other. So, if you insist that Joseph Prince is teaching the true doctrine that the moral laws in the Ten Commandments have become obsolete, you are also saying that Martyn Lloyd-Jones is teaching the false doctrine that these same Ten Commandments are still binding for New Covenant believers. 


Are you prepared to suppose that Lloyd-Jones, who is a giant in Bible exposition is teaching heresies? If you aren’t prepared to say that, then you must logically conclude that Joseph Prince is a heretic.


If you have read through the above, you would have concluded that the bulk of what Lloyd-Jones said, wrote and taught, directly and massively contradicted the teachings of Joseph Prince. (Mind you, what I have given you is only a portion of the teachings of Martyn Lloyd-Jones that contradicted Joseph Prince’s grace and law doctrine. The bulk of the rest can be found in my 10 volumes of ebooks.)


If you didn’t read through these pages in this article, and you just viewed the short video clip of what Joseph Prince had related, you would be misled into thinking that Martyn Lloyd-Jones is supportive of Joseph Prince’s Grace teachings.


You would reason, “Since Joseph Prince openly and publicly quoted Martyn Lloyd-Jones in his sermon, and even called him ‘a great man of God’, Martyn Lloyd-Jones must have endorsed Joseph Prince’s grace teachings.” And many have been deluded into thinking that such is the case. Well, Joseph Prince himself is crafty enough to want to leave that impression in the minds of many.


Joseph Prince had more accolades for Martyn Lloyd-Jones when he wrote in his book, ‘Destined To Reign’, Page 252,


“He (Martyn Lloyd-Jones) was well respected within both the charismatic and non-charismatic circles, and was considered by many as the Charles Spurgeon of the modern church.”


If you have read about this glowing tribute that Joseph Prince paid to Martyn Lloyd-Jones in his book, you would be fooled into thinking that Martyn Lloyd-Jones agrees with much of Joseph Prince’s grace theology and is teaching the same grace doctrine as Joseph Prince does.


But as a matter of fact, the reverse is the truth. Almost all of what I have featured about Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ teachings in this article and on the numerous pages of notes in my website, go head-on against Joseph Prince’s grace and law teaching.


Imagine the irony – Joseph Prince, who calls Martyn Lloyd-Jones ‘a great man of God’ – and yet this ‘great man of God’ has refuted and demolished much of Joseph Prince’s teachings. 


Think with me, would any teacher of the word call a person ‘a great man of God’, if that great man teaches against the bulk of his teachings?


No way!


Then, why did Joseph Prince call Martyn Lloyd-Jones ‘a great man of God’?


It’s all a deceptive ploy of Joseph Prince to give the people the impression that he and Martyn Lloyd-Jones are of the same mind with regards to his grace teaching.


Finally, let me quote a portion of what Martyn Lloyd-Jones said:


“The Ten Commandments are a (reflection) of God’s holy character…”

“…If you resent the commandments of God, don’t talk to me about heaven. Don’t talk about spending your eternity looking into the face of God.”

(In a sermon, ‘The Gift of Grace’ based on John 1:17)


Martyn Lloyd-Jones is making the point that any person, (such as Joseph Prince), who resents the Ten Commandments of God, which is a reflection of His character, has no saving faith. 


What is worse is, Joseph Prince does more than resenting; he demeans the Ten Commandments by teaching that they condemn us, kill us and bring about our death – when sin is the primary and root cause of them all. Prince has even dismissed God’s holy laws as non-existent, and banished them into the dustbins of history.


Martyn Lloyd-Jones went on to say,


“Therefore, if your so-called grace (which you say you have received) does not make you keep the law, you have not received grace. You may have received a psychological experience, but you have never received the grace of God.”

(In a Book, ‘Studies in the Sermon on the Mount’, Volume One, by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Page 197)


By the definition of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Joseph Prince is certainly not a believer as he fiercely teaches against the keeping of God’s moral laws because they have all become obsolete.


“The height of self-deception is when, Joseph Prince, the world’s guru of grace, is self-deceived that he has received grace.” (George Ong)


If Joseph Prince has not received grace because he doesn’t keep the law, do you think the masses of people who embrace his grace teachings would? Yet, unbelievably, the multitudes have continued to play around with their souls by stubbornly choosing to follow the grace teachings of Joseph Prince even though they have been proven by the Lord Jesus in the scriptures, and in particular, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, to be plainly and massively false.


If Joseph Prince, who is teaching grace to the world, has not even received grace because he is against the keeping of the law, how can he not be a heretic?


Rev George Ong