Joseph Prince’s ‘signs & wonders’ to establish the truth of his doctrine is refuted by Derek Prince – By Rev George Ong (Dated 27 Feb 2023)


Don’t miss the Appendix at the end of this Article, which gives a summary of Joseph Prince’s half-truth doctrine, which is his key vehicle of deception.


Don’t miss Pastor Jason Lim’s, (Senior Pastor of Gospel Light Christian Church) sermon delivered yesterday at his worship service. In that sermon, he spoke against Joseph Prince’s doctrines.


Don’t miss the views of these 4 great men of God: Derek Prince, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Michael Brown and David Pawson, who taught against Joseph Prince’s grace doctrine.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)




I have said on this website that Covid-19 was God’s judgement on Joseph Prince and his heresies.


Because people couldn’t go to church physically during the time of Covid-19,


that gave them the time to study God’s words.


Many of them also came across my website, and after perusing my resources,


they came to the conclusion that Prince is a heretic.


The good news is that only a few days ago,


I met up with another Ex New Creation Church member for about 20 years at my home (after he wrote to me through my website).


This person came across my website, and after going through a fair amount of my resources,


was convinced that Joseph Prince’s half-truth teachings about the grace doctrine and the gospel is clearly false.


This person is also consistently and faithfully


forwarding every release of my articles on my website to friends,


so that more and more people would be delivered from Joseph Prince’s false teachings. 


Praise God for what this Ex New Creation Church member is zealously doing!


Before Covid-19, members of New Creation Church would have to book a seat to be assured of a place at the Sunday worship services.


But after Covid-19, Joseph Prince did away with the booking system.


This is because the attendance at New Creation Church has plummeted (from 34,000 before Covid-19).


After Covid-19, they did away with the 4th 5.30 pm service.


This means about 4,000 people are missing from New Creation Church,


(assuming this was the attendance figure at the 5.30 pm service before Covid-19 hits, and the auditorium has a capacity of 5,000 people).


Currently, at the second 11.30 am service, it is only about two-thirds full.


At their third service at 2.30 pm, only about half the auditorium is full.


(Well, I won’t tell you how I know. I have my ways of finding out.)


If you don’t believe me that this is, more or less, the current situation,


please check with Joseph Prince and his Pastors,


and they would be obligated to tell you the truth.


That is why Joseph Prince is so worried to be asked about the current worship attendance figures.


His pride, which I have always said is his number one problem,


would never allow him to tell the truth about the thousands who have left the church ever since Covid-19.


It is also no accident that for the last 3 consecutive Sundays,


Joseph Prince has turned the worship services (besides preaching) into a healing service.


He spent a lot of time giving his so-called words of knowledge to people in his congregation who were sick and in need of healing.


Time was also spent getting those who are so-called healed to testify about how they were healed in the worship service (8.30 am service).


My take is that Joseph Prince desperately wants to draw as many of his people back to these worship services,


and he thought that his so-called dramatic ‘signs and wonders’,


where he could exercise his so-called gift of knowledge and healing


to prove that he is preaching the true grace doctrine,


may do the job. 


But this time, most of those who left New Creation Church are unlikely to be fooled by such antics.


Be that as it may, millions of people in Singapore and around the world,


are still kept under the bondage of Joseph Prince’s heresies.


More work needs to be done in our intercessory prayer to the Almighty God,


and in our contending against his heresies


to smite into the satanic territories of Joseph Prince


so as to deliver more people from his heresies, which lead to destruction.


In a weekly Sunday sermon aired on YouTube on 26 Feb 2023, yesterday, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 1-minute video:


“There’s a liver condition being healed. Recently, you went to the doctor, and you did a CT scan of your liver. I see like a scan. And I see that they found fatty liver and also concerns about the scarring of something like, something dark. God is clearing it. God is healing it.”


“Another person got healed right now. I see a toe, that is all dark and bruised and all that. I don’t know what happen to your toe, but now your toe is clearing up. And you had pain in that toe and that pain is also gone.”


“Elbow condition, whatever it was, you cannot move your elbow in a certain way. Move your elbow right now and see what the Lord has done. Start doing what you cannot do before.


All kinds of neck conditions are being healed. Amen. Some of you, you cannot turn your neck all the way for a long long time, Okay, for a long time. Now move that neck in Jesus’ name.”


When Derek Prince was alive, he was wise enough to issue a stern warning


that truth is not established by signs and wonders;


it’s established by God’s word.


In a video, Derek Prince said;


Please click here to view the 2-minute video:


“And let me point out that the ability to perform dramatic signs and wonders does not always attest the truth.


Satan is capable of many dramatic signs and wonders.


Charismatics tend to have this feeling,


‘Well, if it’s supernatural, it must be from God.’


That is not true. Please bear that in mind.


In Acts 16, there was this fortune teller girl who was a slave, and she followed Paul and Silas in the streets, saying,


‘These men are the servants of the Most High God who show to us the way of salvation.’


She was the first person in Phillipi to know who they were but she was a servant of Satan.


She has a satanic word of knowledge.


How did Paul react?


Did he make her a member of the church at Philippi?




He cast the demon of fortune telling out of her.


Let me tell you all fortune telling is demonic.


And, they do often come out with the truth.


“But see, I want to warn you because I see so many charismatics are absolutely set up for the Antichrist.


There’s only one sure guarantee of what is true, and that is the scripture.


If you go away from that, you’ll end up in trouble and deception.”


“So please do not merely trust the signs.


There are many many signs that are used to confirm the truth of God’s word.


But the truth is not established by signs;


it’s established by the word of God.


Jesus said,


‘Your word is truth.’


That’s all you need to know. God’s word is truth.


Anything contrary to the word of God


is not truth and is not from God.”


The frightening thing about this is that this girl was not only right in proclaiming that Paul and Silas were servants of God,


but she also ascribed God a glorious title, ‘the Most High God’:


Acts 16:17 NIV

 17 She followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved.” 


But what is even more scary is that she even prophesied that both Paul and Silas have come to tell us


the way to be saved.’


On the surface, she isn’t prophesying something bad about God or about Paul and Silas,


but something ‘great’ about ‘the Most High God’


and something ‘good’ about Paul and Silas


because as she said, they have come to tell you, the way to be saved.’


Isn’t her ‘prophecy’ convincing?


Anyone without the gift of discernment would have been deceived by her ‘prophecy’.


That is why Jesus warned us that in the last days, even the elect could be deceived.


So, let us heed the warning of Derek Prince


that scripture alone, not signs and wonders,


is the sole determinant to judge whether one is preaching the true doctrine,


and the same must apply in the case of Joseph Prince.


In a book, ‘Protection from Deception’ by Derek Prince, he wrote;


“Jesus provided distinct warnings against deception by false manifestations that will be ushered in at the end of the age.


Four of these warnings are recorded within twenty-one verses in the book of Matthew.”


“Deception – not sickness, poverty, or persecution – is the greatest single danger in the end of the age.


Anyone who denies his vulnerability to deception is already deceived, for Jesus has foretold it and He does not err.”


“It is also important to realize that signs and wonders neither guarantee nor determine truth.


Truth is established and unchanging; it is the Word of God.


“Many Christians assume that every supernatural sign must be from God,


forgetting that Satan, or the devil, is completely capable of performing supernatural signs and wonders.”


“The only way to know whether a sign or wonder is true is to measure it with truth – with the Word of God.”


“Scripture is the sole determinant of truth or falsehood.”


The warning of Derek Prince


has exposed Joseph Prince, who has tried time and again to use signs and wonders,


and the many testimonies of people who were healed under his ministry,


to prove the truth of his doctrine.


The fact is that many of Joseph Prince’s grace doctrine,


are unambiguously false.


Let’s just take one example – repentance and confession of sins.


In a book, ‘Protection from Deception’ by Derek Prince, he wrote;


“Repentance is first among the six foundational doctrines listed in Hebrews 6:1–2.


Without true repentance, no one can build his life as a Christian on a solid foundation.


I have counseled hundreds of Christians through various problems,


and I have reached the conclusion that at least half of the problems come from the failure to truly repent.


The church has an urgent need to place renewed emphasis on repentance and on the confession of sins.


Years ago, I was invited to speak in Hull, a small city in England…


I preached a straight message, the gist of which was,


“If you need to confess sins, you can confess them to God, but the Bible also says to confess your sins to one another, that you may be healed.” (See James 5:16.)


“Sin that we do not confess becomes a formidable barrier to revival.


Until we confess our sins, all the preaching and praise songs in the world will produce no effect.”


In a book, ‘Protection from Deception’ by Derek Prince, he wrote;


“In 1 John 1:9, we read,


‘If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’


God does not want to hold your sins against you, which is why He provided a way for you to receive complete cleansing and forgiveness.


There is one condition, however: we must confess our sins.


If we do not confess them, they still count against us.


Our sole escape is through confession, acknowledging the ways we have wronged God.”


In ‘An Exposition of Ephesians 6:10-13, The Christian Warfare’, Martyn Lloyd-Jones said;


“But listen to the voice of God!


He is speaking to you at that moment, and this is what He is saying:


‘If we confess our sins’ – and this is for Christian people! – ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness’ (1 John 1:9).”


“But let me remind you of the way in which we must answer the devil.


The answer is:


‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness’ (1 John 1:9).”


“That means that if you should fall into sin be especially careful not to listen to the devil, to his accusations, to his discouragements.


Turn on him and say,


‘You are the accuser of the brethren, and whatever you say is a lie’.


Turn to God and repent.


Express your sorrow, realize what you have done, and how you have not only let yourself down, but also the Church of God, and Christ.


Make yourself feel that you are a cad because you have also besmirched the Family name and the Family honour.


Do not spare yourself.


Then, having repented, believe God’s Word.


Remember, I say again, that you are justified by faith always, and never by your works; therefore believe God when He tells you that


He is ‘faithful and just to forgive your sins, and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness’.”


As pointed out by both Derek Prince and Martyn Lloyd-Jones,


Joseph Prince is clearly preaching against God’s word, regarding repentance and confession of sins.


Pastor Jason Lim also preached against Joseph Prince concerning these 2 issues. See the last point of this article.


You ought to be aware by now that Joseph Prince preaches against true repentance and the confession of sins.


Joseph Prince is a master deceiver, using half-truths, and a mixture of the truth and falsehood, to deceive people.


In a book, ‘Protection from Deception’ by Derek Prince, he wrote;


“Mixtures Create Confusion and Division


A mixture of good and evil yields two main results: confusion and division.


Mixed messages contain grains of truth and falsehood, giving recipients two optional responses:


they can focus on the good, or true, component and accept the bad along with it;


or, they can focus on the bad, or false, component, rejecting the good along with it.


In either case, God’s purposes are thwarted.


In the church, confusion always yields division; fault lines form according to people’s focus.


The recent influx in signs and wonders


indicates a mixture of spirits: the Holy Spirit and unholy spirits.


Warnings against Mixtures


God warns against mixture in the Old Testament. Deuteronomy 22:9 instructs,


“You shall not sow your vineyard with different kinds of seed, lest the yield of the seed which you have sown and the fruit of your vineyard be defiled.”




“You shall not plow with an ox and a donkey together” (verse 10),




“You shall not wear a garment of different sorts, such as wool and linen mixed together” (verse 11).


God prohibits breeding mixed livestock, sowing with mixed seed, and wearing garments made of mixed material.


The principle conveyed by these prohibitions is that when you serve the Lord, you should not mix two different types of things.


Sowing with mixed seed


can represent a message comprised partly of truth, partly of error.


Wearing a garment of mixed material is like living simultaneously in accord with Scripture and in accord with the pattern of this world.


Allowing mixed livestock to breed can represent a Christian ministry group aligning itself with another group that is not Christian.


It is useful to note that when two different species are bred, their offspring is usually sterile.


For example, mating a donkey with a horse yields a mule —an animal incapable of reproducing.”


“King Saul presents a prime example of another biblical warning against mixtures of spirits.


At one time, he prophesied in the Holy Spirit; at another time, he prophesied in a demonic spirit.


Despite his forty-year reign, his victories as a military commander, and his other successes,


mixture proved his death knell.


Just before a battle, he consulted a witch; the next day, he committed suicide on the battlefield.


King Saul’s mixture of spirits and the dire results should serve to discourage us from mixing spirits in our lives.


We must ask ourselves, as individuals and as a church, whether we are sowing with mixed seed.


Have I combined truth and falsehood?


Am I wearing a garment of mixed materials – partly the righteousness of Jesus, partly my own fleshly nature?


The blessing of God will not remain


on that which is a mixture of purity and impurity.”


Michael Brown


also highlighted the mixture and the poison that Joseph Prince, a hyper grace preacher, preaches;


In a video, Michael Brown said:


Please click here to view the 10-second video:


The problem is, the other things they (hyper grace) preach with it


– the additions, the distortions, the mixture, the poison; it does give people licence to sin. 


David Pawson,


too, warned about the poisonous error and mixture of Joseph Prince’s hyper grace teachings:


In a video, David Pawson said;


Please click here to view the 1-and-a-half-minute video:


“We are told in scripture that towards the end of this age, the greatest danger for Christians will be deception.


And we are not deceived by lies.


We are deceived when truth is mixed with error.


The devil if he told outright lies, we’d simply say, ‘no’ to him.


But the devil is so clever; he deceives people by mixing the truth in with it.


And the error of grace (Hyper grace) that I have mentioned


is often mixed in with the true gospel and with many true things that are being preached with it.


And it’s the mixture that deceives.


“And frankly, I’m here in Singapore because of one wrong meaning of that word (grace), because two years I was in South Africa and every church I went to was talking about grace but in a rather unusual way and a way that was dangerous,


a way that was mixing a lot of truth with some poisonous error. 


And it is that mixture which can so easily deceive people.” 


Both Michael Brown and David Pawson


have warned about the mixture of truth with error that is so prevalent in Joseph Prince’s grace doctrine.


The tragedy is that many who are deceived are enticed by the truth that Joseph Prince dishes out,


but are blinded to the poisonous errors that he mixes in.


Food, no matter how nutritional or appetising,


once contaminated with poison, it can no longer be eaten and must be discarded down the rubbish chute.


In the same way, truth can no longer be truth


once it is poisoned with error and has to be discarded.


Poisoned truth is not only distorted truth


but it is also one that can kill.


That’s what the so-called ‘truth teaching’ (that is poisoned and mixed with error)’ of Joseph Prince


will do to you.


Next, let me share a quote from DA Carson,


a well-regarded commentator in the scholarly world,


in his book, ‘Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation with the World’:


“He (heretic) may not be wildly heretical in other areas; indeed, he may set himself up as a staunch defender of orthodoxy.”


“It is even possible in some instances that everything these false prophets say is true;


but because they leave out the difficult bits,


they do not tell the whole truth, and their total message is false.”


Although Prince’s teachings contain many truths,


they are half-truths,


and many of Prince’s teachings, which are truths,


are also mixed and contaminated with errors at the same time.


Mixing errors into truths


is no different from adding a little poison into a glass of water.


Just a drop of poison


would contaminate the whole glass of water.


Once contaminated,


the entire glass of water would have to be disposed of into the rubbish chute,


as it is no longer fit for human consumption.


Not even a single bit of the water can be drunk


without being poisoned.


In the same way, just a little error of heresy


is lethal enough to contaminate the whole doctrine, even though it may contain many truths.


And because the whole doctrine is now poisoned with errors,


it can no longer be accepted as truth,


as whatever is being preached has already been corrupted and distorted.


Last, but not least,


Pastor Jason Lim, the Senior Pastor of Gospel Light Christian Church,


in his most recent sermon given yesterday at the worship service,


talked about such a mixture of truth and error in Joseph Prince’s doctrine,


with regards to repentance and the confession of sins.


Please click on this link below for Pastor Jason Lim’s entire sermon;


The more relevant part where Pastor Jason Lim mentioned Joseph Prince’s false doctrine in the sermon video is at


53.50 – 1.11.15 minutes


My hats are off to Pastor Jason Lim again,


who has the guts to call out Joseph Prince by name


to expose his false teachings in his sermon at a worship service


that most preachers in Singapore, wouldn’t dare or want to. 


Rev George Ong




False teachers would never come undisguised as a wolf or be telling you all the outright lies.


If they do, even a little child can tell they are heretics.


That is why I couldn’t believe that Pastors can be so naïve when they say to me,


“How can Joseph Prince be a heretic when he is not a Jehovah’s witness and is preaching Jesus and the gospel?”


We must remember that we are not dealing with those clear-cut heretics such as Jehovah’s Witness or Mormons.


Even an average believer can tell them apart from True Christians.


We are dealing with the wolf (Joseph Prince)


who has come in sheepskin in disguise as an angel of light, and is operating ‘undercover’ in the Church. 


He seems to be preaching truths but, in reality, they are mixed with errors.


That’s why many Pastors in Singapore and even a Bishop have been deceived by Joseph Prince.


Very few would be deceived by a Jehovah’s Witness, whose teachings are mostly clear-cut false.


But many would be deceived by Joseph Prince who postures half-truths as truths and mixes truths with falsehoods.


Let me give you some concrete examples of Joseph Prince’s half-truth ‘theology’:


– Grace Without Law

– Forgiveness Without Confession

– Salvation Without Repentance

– Blessing Without Suffering

– Prosperity Without Persecution

– Protection Without Martyrdom

– Justification Without Sanctification

– Loving God Without Fearing God

– The Love of God Without The Judgement of God

– The Favour of God Without The Anger of God

– The Mercy of God Without The Wrath of God

– The Comfort of God Without The Punishment of God

– Being Sons of God Without Being Slaves of God

– Being a Christian Without Being a Disciple

– Receiving Jesus as Saviour Without Receiving Jesus as Lord

– Salvation by Faith Only Without a Salvation Proven by Works

– Salvation by Right-Believing Only Without a Salvation Evidenced by Obedience

– A Repentance that Changes our Minds Without A Repentance that Changes our Lives


Let me summarise Joseph Prince’s false doctrine which is built on half-truths in another form,


and give you another more elaborate presentation of it in about 40 phrases as follows:


(As you will begin to realise, many of these so-called half-truths on the left-hand column don’t even qualify to be truths.)


– Salvation by Faith Only Without a Salvation Proven by Works


– Salvation by Faith Only Without a Salvation Evidenced by Obedience


– Grace Without Law


– Grace is the Person of Jesus Versus Grace is an Attribute of Jesus


– Grace is our Mother Versus Grace is Nobody’s Mother except Joseph Prince’s


– Grace is the whole of the Christian doctrine Versus Grace is a part of the Christian doctrine


– Forgiveness Without Confession


– A Repentance that Changes our Minds Without A Repentance that Changes our Lives


– Justification without Sanctification is sufficient for Salvation Versus Justification and Sanctification are both necessary for Salvation


– Blessing Without Suffering


– Prosperity Without Persecution


– Protection Without Martyrdom


– Loving God Without Fearing God


– The Love of God Without The Judgement of God


– The Favour of God Without The Anger of God


– The Mercy of God Without The Wrath of God


– The Love of God Without The Punishment of God


– God will always be happy with us, and He will never be angry with us Versus God is not always happy with us and He can get angry with us


– Law is a greater enemy than Sin as it causes us to sin and sin is no more the problem Versus Law which is not our enemy is there to expose Sin which is our real enemy


– Don’t examine ourselves as it will make us fall into sin Versus We are to examine ourselves to see whether we are still in the faith


– When we sin we are to proclaim we are righteous Versus When we sin we are to confess our sins


– Confession of sins is an insult to God Versus Confession of sins is in obedience to scriptures


– Sin is no more the issue as every past, present and future sin has been forgiven Verses Sin is still the issue as present and future sins which are not committed and confessed are not yet forgiven


– The Holy Spirit always comforts and never convicts Versus The Holy Spirit both comforts and convicts


– The Holy Spirit never convicts sins and always affirms you are righteous Versus The Holy Spirit does convict sins and reveal your unrighteous deeds


– Believers should never feel guilty anymore as every sin has been forgiven Versus Believers ought to feel guilty whenever they fall into sin


– All forms of Guilt are not from God, but from the Devil or Self Versus True Guilt is from God, False Guilt is from the Devil or Self


– Obedience is a focus on Self Versus Obedience is essential to Salvation


– Being Obedient and Holy is reverting back to works-righteousness Versus Being Obedient and Holy is proof that we have the righteousness of Christ


– Being Sons of God Without Being Slaves of God


– Since Christ has done everything for us at the cross, there is no need for us to do anything for Him Versus Since Christ has given His everything for us at the cross, we have to do many things for Him and His kingdom


– Because we are in Christ, Christianity is effortless Versus Because we are in Christ, we are to make every effort


– Being a Christian Without Being a Disciple


– There is no price to be paid for discipleship Versus There is a high price to be paid for discipleship


– Receiving Jesus as Saviour Without Receiving Jesus as Lord


– Everything about Salvation is God’s Part, and Nothing about Salvation is Man’s Part Versus Salvation is a cooperative effort between God and Man


– Everything about Saving Faith is about Right Believing and Nothing about Saving Faith is about Right Behaviour Versus Right Believing and Right Behaviour are both essential for Saving Faith


– New Covenant is about God loving us and not Us loving God Versus New Covenant is about God loving us and Us loving God


– God is Forever Pleased with Man and Man Mustn’t Try to Please God Versus God is not always Pleased with Man and We are called to Please God